I had a Tinder chat with a girl (28f), and it went well until she suddenly asked me straightforward if I was married / had a girlfriend. I tried to jokingly deflect like "not on Thursdays" etc., but she immediately became very butthurt, saying "I'm not going to be the second", so I said "ok, I'm currently a free man". It didn't help, she said "but I guess you are not without issues in this regard", which I thought was rude, and after a few increasingly rude texts she blocked me.

Technically, I'm in process of divorce, and I'm fine with my status and don't have a problem disclosing it, in a proper moment and tone. However, even if I was single, in this particular situation I would not feel ok to be interrogated like this by some entitled bitch.

So, if I comply and answer this question, I'm entering her frame and feel like I've caved in. If I deflect or refuse to answer, she thinks I'm hiding something and becomes suspicious/butthurt.

It seems I may have this situation again, so I'm wondering what would be the best response?

My own answer to this question is that this particular girl was damaged and bitter anyways, so I should simply not give a fuck. However, I can imagine normal girls may also bring it up.