I'm in a wierd situation where I hit it off with someone over the internet and she invited me to fly over and stay as long as I want, with conditions

she's scared of corona and really all illnesses so she doesn't want me shopping or visiting indoor sightseeing stuff. an anxiety disorder gon ary amidst corona madness.

were working out shit we can do and brainstorming business ideas. she doesn't mind driving places and her comfort level is increasing daily

The whole situation is weird because she basically wants me to move in upstairs rent free, to keep an eye on her, as long as I don't do anything remotely risky for diseases. she lives with her mom and her mom is okay with this (she's done this before, the other guy is moving out, because he's getting a b&m day job)

I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend time with someone I like, and at this point it's 50/50 weather it becomes and fwb situation. it was not with the current tenant, but we connected more deeply over the phone.

The danger here is I feel weird staying at someone's place for free while her mom pays all the bills, I already feel as though I'm an employee and control is creeping in. im likely to slip up as far as frame because

a) my current living with my parents is worse

b) I actually like her

c) I have a boatload of health problems myself making it unlikely that I'll put my foot down on any issues , especially if the relationship becomes physical

basically I want to avoid the following 2 scenarios

1- becoming a doormat as far as what I can and cant do, once a reasonably quarantine distancing ends

2- running back to my mother too early because she gave me a weird look about borrowing her mustard

There's opportunity for growth here but at minimum I have establish clear ground rules, as a people pleaser myself in likely to drive myself to a breakdown when I disappoint people or clash on house rules

feel free to comment on anything. if you think I'm an orbiter that's fine, but understand the context of broke pandemic math and a free vacation from narc parents where I was rotting away slowly and safely. we've already established that she's not getting any and she wants a "safe" person to quarantine with. she already proposed hot tubs and massages once her 7 day 6 foot rule lapses

the slow progress is fine with me (I actually have. skin condition that makes traditional sex painful, which she's aware of) but of course I don't want to drive myself nuts trying to play chess instead of just having a good time. I went from totally in the zone yesterday to paranoid and stuck in my own head because of a comment she made about how much I toss and turn in bed is gonna wake her up (same room, seperate bed)