Title speaks for itself, 20yr old here already accumulating high income via business been redpilled since 2018.

Have had previous experience with LTRs and currently run plates

However, the question of how to raise my future children without being married has plagued my mind and honestly have no idea what to do. Seeing kids my age start to get married is madness. I know this is so far in the future but I’m in the process of creating generational wealth for my future children and don’t want fucked up kids destroying, misusing, and abusing the money/everything they have been given/earned which will be in the Trust.

Likewise, I don’t want some feminized female imprint on my children (Unfortunately have to deal with westernized women where I am) which would cause massive problems.

The bottom line is marriage sounds TERRIBLE (https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/4qy6vt/im_in_a_happy_successful_marriage_and_want_to/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) and the way US law is regarding divorce and how anti-male it is, NO THANK YOU!

I was thinking to stay single until 35-40 while grinding the business and be fully financially free before that age then spend all the time with my kids. Have the kids via a surrogate and having plates galore. MAYBE have the best vetted plate provide some female support if I have a daughter (Periods and shit like that)

What would be your take and the best advice on how to raise my future children without being married or with any risk of an asset grabbing divorce? Feedback on what I mentioned would be massively appreciated preferably from gents who have been married, would redo marriage, or are.

SIDENOTE: Any dude trying to convince me to get married is a clown and I will not even bother responding. Marriage is the death of a free man and I’d rather have dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

Thanks bros