Title says it all; I'm super confused and don't know what to do next. I met this girl about a year ago. She had a boyfriend and her and I didn't get along super well but us and another guy friend hung out a lot.

Jump to several months later, and we are getting along really well. She had also been broken up with her ex. So, I start dropping subtle hints that I liked her for a couple months, but with no reciprocation. (Not sure if my hints at flirting were too subtle so she didn't pick up on it or just ignoring them).

Finally, after a couple months of that I decide to be straight up, to the point, and told her I think she's hella rad and cute and that we should hangout sometime. She ignores it and acts all dumb. Then she says she thinks I'm also super cute but didn't say anything about hanging out. Later, she said she wasn't really looking for a relationship or anything but she would be down to chill. I hit her up twice, to go out and to just hang at my place another time. Both times she had super weak excuses. So I just let it be and took the loss.

Jump to last night, we were hanging out at a kickback in our apartment type building where we live. I went go grab a beer and she followed. We then start making out in the kitchen while everyone else was in another room. Super hot, passionate makeout. Nothing else happens, as her friend walks in on us. We kiss a couple more times and she says that I'm super hot. Anyway, we go back to the other room with everyone else. (Note* At this point, it's still pretty early and neither of us are sloshed by any means). Time passes, and I had to be up in about 4 hours for work at this point so I called it. I told her to come downstairs to my room after she's done with the party. She says "bet". Left my door open for her and texted her when I got to my room. That was almost 10 hours ago and shes been ignoring my text ever since and didn't come by.

I have never been more confused with a female. She doesn't like me, then she does, then she blows me off, then she likes me again, then she blows me off again. Was there something I should have done differently? What do I do now?! Please help, anything is appreciated

Sorry for the long post.