Hello everyone..

i need to post this somewhere ... i am not a native english writer but i will do my best, I have known about the red pill for 6 years or a little more, I discovered it that at the moment in which I was improving myself, exercising, meeting girls, speaking more to strangers etc, between those energy streaks that I moved home , I arrived at a pension where I met my current girlfriend.

I have had my girlfriend for 5 years, sex was always great, I had no problem making her feel good, dominating her in bed and doing basically what I wanted, however, despite knowing that a good part of The relationship is not to deceive her, anyway I have been with at least 5 others, of which she knows at least 1, of which she was injured since she found out and has led to quite strong fights .. we moved together a new city to the 2 years and 2 years after living together and no weekend without fights I asked her to find another place to live, she moved a couple of blocks from me, we have never lost contact and we have continued seeing each other, she coming to me home and being together, however increasingly distant from each other, different points of view, fights. she left her pills after moving out and as we continue to see each other she is now pregnant despite taking the morning after pill.

She wants to have it, I after getting excited and feeling, I thought that this is not the time and that our relationship has several red flags, which we both know exist, she had an abortion before meeting me, that I did not have a very good time that I was alone all the time.

Although many feelings of protection are awakened and I really continue to move forward, I also have this ghost that I will continue to seek to be with other women and eventually it may affect the son, which I do not want at all.

My girlfriend, although she is willing to take an abortion pill, also hopes that after that we will separate for good, but if we continue forward it will seem that everything is fine.

Do you have any comments, I should take the option of abortion with pills or continue to have the baby in spite of things .. currently you have the right weeks to get one .. I need an advice, I just want to improve as a man.