We are logical creatures and I like to do an assessment of what I did right and wrong to take stock. This isn't a hater post.

After my fwb->ltr->fb/plate broke whom I had developed Oneitis for, I decided to review what worked and what didn't. It's strange but when I was blue pilled/unaware of the red pill and didn't have any idea, I was actually spinning her as a plate far more successfully (around a year ago).

I can pin point almost to the week I started my red pill journey and things starting to get wobbly on an otherwise amazing situation which had me not giving a fuck yet having the time of my life and her chasing me...while I was still ignorant... to today, a horrible convulouted mess after months of reading, improving and applying.

You could argue that I came looking for the pill when things started to go wrong, but that wasn't the case. I was introduced to it by a friend whom I'd been having conversations on these topics for weeks before.

On the other had, I was winging it with this chick and just taking it one day at a time and it was probably the apex of the entire time I had with her.

What gives?