I don't mean the Fetlife crowd. I'm thinking more in terms of a Pussy Posse. See, I've never had sex, and most "Fetlifey" people don't see the urgency of my situation. I need people who understand that I have decades of a sex life to catch up on, and know how to make that happen. People who live an active sex life. People outside of college, because while I wish I could go back to college and do it all over again, I'm too old. So I need the closest social environment/community to college.

Some have said the nightclub industry is that kind of community. But I kinda tried to pursue that back in 2018. The guy I talked to owned a place in Chicago and from his point of view, there was no "slaying" for him. There was barely a community for him to earn a reputation in. He was just constantly committed to keeping his business afloat. So if the nightclub industry is where I'll find the people living their best sex life, what did this guy do wrong?