I’m not one to follow the crowd. I am 25 years old, have never had a sip of alcohol. I was the only person in my high school graduating class to go farther than 2 hours away to college. (I went 22) I live my life different than most people my age.

But with that being said, I also didn’t do a lot of things people my age did either, in a negative sense.

I plan on making a full post on this one day, but let me illustrate to you what TRP has given to me. Before I found TRP:

  • virgin (failed attempts at sex due to ED)
  • addicted to pornography with porn induced erectile dysfunction
  • blue pilled Disney faggot that was highly prone to ONEitis for the first girl that showed interest in me.
  • unemployed
  • suffering from depression and an extremely severe form of anxiety called Depersonalization/Derealization (the cause of my unemployment)
  • no license
  • no car
  • Skinny fat due to weight lifting injuries

After TRP:

  • I am the manager of a gym
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Blocked and ghosted my biggest ONEitis
  • I got my license
  • I got a new car
  • I have overcome my severe pornography addiction, with only jerking off 12 times in the past 285 days.
  • I lost my virginity (with a fully hard D)
  • Began meditation as a habit and completely recovered from depression and depersonalization/derealization
  • I upped my wardrobe, styled my hair, improved my teeth, and drastically improved my physique.
  • I have read 25+ books since January 1st

I would consider myself a loner. But the ban on TRP has me borderline feeling like grabbing a pitchfork and flame. I feel like this is one of few things where I am comfortable in being apart of it.

The fact that reddit went out of its way to take this away, and try to stifle men from waking up from the blue pilled dream is disgusting.

I don’t know about you, but I personally feel like contributing to something bigger and better than ever before. As Andrew Carnegie once said:

“Take away my people, but leave my factories and grass will grow on the factory floors...take away my factories but leave my people and soon will will have a new and better factory”