We here at WATGMA and the parent subreddit have been criticized because we allegedly "hate women". Even some Red Pillers criticize us because we focus on what women do and who they've become, and we won't beat up on guys who have been beaten down and taken advantage of.

We serve one very vital function: We teach and train men how to identify bad women, and how to avoid them. We help men see what women are doing in today's world. We help men identify what women say and do that give them away. We help men see what kinds of women they will find in the world, and how to identify and avoid the bad ones.

And we try to laugh a little while doing so, too.

We here at WAATGM can do that, you see, because we've been there. Most of us have worked with, dated, had sex with, reproduced with, been married to, or been divorced from, bad women. Hell, you can't swing a dead cat in today's society without hitting a "bad woman". We've all been through our own special kinds of hell with bad women. What we hope is that through our experience, younger men will avoid the pitfalls we fell into.

"Well, you are demanding that women change!" No, no we're not. Women will do what they will do. Women will be what they'll be. All we're doing is shining a light on women, telling you what we see through the prisms of our considerable experience, and letting you make your own decisions. If people ask me for my opinion on what women can do to "be better", I'll tell them. Otherwise, I'll just sit back with my bourbon and have a chuckle.

"Well, you just hate women!" No, no we don't. All we're doing is putting today's modern woman on display, and laughing a little.

"Incels!" No, no we're not. We all have experience with women. First hand. We are experts at this with decades of real world, hands on experience among us. Even if we were incels, we'd still be right.

"You need to call men out for this! It's their fault women are like this!" No, we don't, and no it isn't. The entire world "calls men out" 24/7/365. This is one place they won't get that kind of maltreatment. Women are like this because they can be. No one "makes" them do any of this. No one puts guns to women's heads and makes them sleep with lots of men, drink lots of booze, shove drugs into their lungs or veins, or act like bitches. It is what it is.

"Men need to be responsible for their own lives!" Yes they do. This is part of it - learning to identify and avoid bad women.

If you want your own self improvement, if you need a Red Pill properly shoved up your ass, head on over to The Red Pill, Married Red Pill, and all the other Red Pill community sites. As for us, we're just here to help you identify and avoid bad women. And entertain you, and ourselves, in the process.

And, oh yeah - that's "who hurt" us. You can shame us all you want. We are still right.