There was a post at the main subreddit. It was "I'm tired of guys wanting me but not wanting to date me".

I'm gonna do her a solid. I'm going to explain to her why guys just want to fuck her and don't want to date her. Sweetie, good old Uncle Al will set you straight and explain to you why you're little better than a piece of ass to most men. All this is true for almost all women who find themselves in this situation. It could be one, or more, or all of the following.

1) You're a slut. You're the town bike. Every other guy's already had a ride. You're shallow. The guys you're sexually attracted to and who you fuck are the kinds of men every other woman is attracted to. You fuck those guys fast in hopes of keeping them around, but because other women offer more than you, you can't keep them.

2) You're a bitch. You're mean, you're angry, you're bitter, you're difficult to deal with. You're too demanding. You expect the world from everyone, and you won't give anyone anything.

3) You're crazy. You're mentally ill. You have a character defect, a personality disorder, or some other kind of mental or emotional maladjustment that resulted from some childhood trauma or neglect. Something somewhere in your childhood went very wrong and it's manifesting itself now in your conduct and outward behavior. Slightly related but a corollary: You're socially awkward. You're uncomfortable in your own skin. You don't know how to have relationships with people. You don't know how to act, you don't know how to be, you don't know how to let people close to you.

4) You don't look your best. You aren't looksmaxed. You're overweight (almost all the time this is more than half the problem). You don't have long hair. You don't wear decent makeup. You dress for shit. Your posture sucks.

5) You're unavailable. You have made it clear that relationships aren't important to you. You're too busy with other things. You don't give of yourself.

6) You hang around horrid, dysfunctional people. Your family is shit. Your friends and coworkers are shit. You hang around lowlifes, junkies, morons, criminals, shitbags, and mental cases.

7) Your life is in constant chaos and drama. Trouble, drama, failure, and chaos are all around you. Something is always wrong. You don't have enough money. You owe someone else money. You're constantly cash poor. This or that friend is talking shit, or you're talking shit about them. You are causing social media drama for them, or they're causing it for you. You live in a shithole. You drive a piece of shit that never works right and is unreliable. You can't hold down a job. You can't stay in one place. You are constantly losing this, replacing that, or taking care of the other thing. You can't go here or there. You don't have time for this or that.

8) You're a social media/OLD addict. Your entire life, and your own self worth, are based on the pixellated opinions of people you don't like or know. You can't get through a day without checking online. You can't put your phone down for more than 15 minutes. You have 8 different OLD accounts and they're the entire basis of your social life. You've been on 50 first dates and can't get to a second, because none of the men are "good enough".

9) You're an unmarried mother. You're a divorced woman with kids or you're a baby mama. Either you picked a good guy and drove him away; or you picked a shitbag and he took off. Either way, you fucked up the most important decision of your entire life - you did not or could not stay and make it work with a man you chose to reproduce with. And it's on you, because you picked him. This is important for two reasons: First, it shows you have shitty relationship skills. Second, it means your time and ability to develop and conduct a relationship with a man is severely limited. Cuz your children are your world, amirite?

10) Because of the combination of items 1 through 9, all you really have to offer is a vagina. Most of us men know that because most women tell us they don't have to bring anything to the table. Because "I am the table!" Uh huh. You have no skills. You have no social graces. You have no personality worth having or knowing. You're unpleasant. So all you really have is a functioning reproductive tract. And because of items 1 through 9, and all I get is a vagina (if I will get even that), all you're worth is sex.

And that, my dear, is why men just want to fuck you and don't want to date you.

EDIT: A few other people pointed this out:

11) You have no domestic skills. You can't cook, clean, or take care of a home. You have no marital or maternal instincts. Not only do you lack these skills, you show no aptitude or desire to learn them. You aren't a helpmeet. You're WORSE than not a helpmeet; your lack of ability in this regard makes you a liability. You are literally useless in a relationship. You bring literally nothing a man values to a relationship. Other than relieving sexual urges, you can't help him or improve his life in any appreciable way.