Link is here. Jump forward to about 6:30 where she recounts 3 instances of men attacking women in public while men do nothing.

It's really funny that women won't just come out and say it, instead they passive-aggressively dance around it. Ingraham decries "where were the men" when these women were attacked.

Here's what she really means:

It is men's duty to protect and defend women, all the time, everywhere. If a woman is being attacked or brutalized, it is the duty of whatever men are around to intervene and to stop it. All men are under a moral duty to protect and defend all women against any and all threats.

All men are required to put themselves in harm's way for all women, at all times, everywhere. All men are required to expend their own personal blood and treasure to protect and shelter and defend any woman anywhere who needs it, without any expectation of recompense, respect, or even thanks. And any man who will not do so or refuses is not a "real man".

That's the message.

I say, FUCK YOU.

No. I'm not doing it. If you're not fucking me, related to me, or paying me, I have no duties to you. I am NOT required to stick my neck out there to protect just any woman and every woman, everywhere.

Here's what's missing, single mom Ingraham: There's no community for which to do this anymore. Women don't even so much as show any goddamn GRATITUDE for men's defense and protection. They - and you - view the use of men as your birthright. You demand that I put myself in harm's way to protect you, and you won't even say "thank you". You just see it as "that's just what you're supposed to do". Men are little more than public utilities to women like you.

No. That's not how it's going to be. If you aren't fucking me, related to me, or paying me, you get nothing from me. It is NOT my duty to protect random women from anything or anyone.

Also, Single Mom Ingraham, you don't get to tell men what "real men" are supposed to do or be. You don't get to decide what "real men" are.

Women have spent the past 60 + years screaming about their "strength" and "independence". Women have been shouting at men to go away, that they're not needed, not wanted, not attractive, and to be avoided for everything, especially for relationships, sex, and marriage. Well, you women are getting EXACTLY what you said you wanted - the men went away. You wanted to do it all yourself. You don't need men. You want men for fun and fucking.

Fine. Get Thugnificent to defend you. Get Fuckbuddy Rockbanddrummer to walk you to your car. Get Harley McBadboy to buy your houses and cars. Get Frank Fratboy to protect you against subway attackers and rapists and mentally ill boyfriends.