November 17, 2021

A couple of days ago I put up this post entitled Don't Help Women: This Advice Might Just Save Your Life. I told the story of Michael Bankston, a well meaning but misguided man who tried to play White Knight and got murdered for it. His life was stolen from him because he tried to "help" a woman being brutalized by her punk criminal boyfriend. Mr. Bankston didn't recognize that said woman wanted to be there and picked that punk criminal all by her bad self. Unfortunately, he paid for that misjudgment with his life.

I pointed out in my article that men should stop "helping" women because women don't want help. Women fought for the right to fuck whoever they want. Women said they were "strong independent women", so we should let them suffer the consequences of "strength and independence" - one of which is that when you fuck up or it doesn't go well for you, you own it, you fess up to it, and you live with the fallout.

The usual hue and cry rose up from women and from their sycophants: "WTF is wrong with you! Our society is falling apart! We have to do something! You can at least call the police! It's your DUTY to defend women!"

Nothing's wrong. I don't care that society is disintegrating. No, I don't have to do anything. No, I don't have to call the police in defense of others. And no, I have no duty to defend anyone.

We are tired of helping women and then getting shit on for it. We're tired of their ungrateful entitled attitudes. We're tired of women demanding that any man just leap to any woman's aid, whenever that woman feels like she needs it. We're tired of them treating us like public utilities they can simply use whenever they feel like it or they need us. We're tired of the shaming, the insults, the guilt trips, the arguing, the contentiousness, the fraud, the deceit, the entitlement, and the ingratitude.

I personally am tired of helping women at work or out in public and then not getting even so much as a "thanks" in return. I personally am tired of women thinking they can summon me at their option to move this, lift that, carry this, fix that, or solve the other problem, merely because I am a man and I happen to be in the vicinity.

I've stopped helping women. If I'm not related to them or banging them, or getting paid for it, they get nothing from me - not even if it will not inconvenience me to help them. They're "strong and independent" - let them move it, lift it, carry it, fix it, or solve it themselves. I won't even so much as call police or others to help them. They can stop posting their idiotic videos on TikTok for 30 seconds and call police. They can close out of Tinder for a minute and call Triple A. They can fix their own flat tires, lift their own suitcases on commercial flights, and do their own work.

I'm also not putting myself in harm's way for any woman I'm not related to or banging. They picked that punkass abusive boyfriend. They sure love fucking him. So when he shows his true colors, they can deal with that themselves. When he starts smacking her around in public, she can deal with that herself and figure her own way out of that mess. They got themselves into those situations because that's what they wanted. They can get themselves out of it, on their time, their dimes, and their own asses.

It's not going to be my ass on the line when Mr. Thugnificent decides to get fistalicious with his flavor of the month. She can deal with that herself- after all, she's "strong and independent". I don't have time to deal with her mess. I'm on my way to make bank, or relax, or do my own thing for myself and mine. She's got Thugalicious smacking her around? That's her problem.

Why should I intervene? Will I get a "thanks"? Will I get anything for my trouble? No. I'll get yelled at or beaten myself. Or I'll get robbed. Or I might end up like Michael Bankston, who no one will remember and will be forgotten by Christmas. And then I'll just get scolded that "it's your duty" and "you're supposed to help" and "you are supposed to call the police" and "you're a man and she's a woman and it's just every man's duty to help women all the time everywhere".

Well, I'm not doing it. I'm not even going to so much as call the police to intervene for you. Solve your own problems, "Strong and Independent women". I'm tired of your ingratitude, your entitlement, and your abuse. Take care of it yourself. Because we men are done.