November 4, 2021

Number 4 in the "Beware of Women in...." Series.

Today we will talk about female teachers. Why should men beware of them?

They tend toward the slutty. Look, I don't really know why. But teachers and women who want to go into education and its adjuncts (guidance counseling, school psychologist, speech therapy) just tend toward the promiscuous. I think it could be that they meet the attractive fathers of their students. They just fuck their way through the men they went to school with, work with, and work around.

They fight with the men they date for power and control in their relationships. They're used to being 'in charge' where they work, so they carry that back to their relationships. They're accustomed to running a classroom for 7 hours a day, and they can't let that go when they come home.

They condescend to their men. They try to assume the role of "instructor" and treat their men as their "students". This aspect of teachers really burns my ass. They especially do this when in a conflict situation with a man. In the course of discussion they start using disciplinary and educational strategies. They interrupt. They use the Socratic method. They start lecturing. They answer questions with questions. They refuse to take positions but demand that you take positions. They use logical fallacies. They deflect and evade. Their voices start pitching upward and louder as they get increasingly animated and agitated. They start taking aggressive stances with feet apart, eyes open, foreheads furrowed, leaning slightly forward, fists clenched.

In reality, they don't limit this to their men. They do this to everyone they have relationships with.

It's all an attempt to gain the upper hand and part of fighting with you for power and control, and to minimize and downplay your positions and concerns. The way you handle this is to interrupt and say "you will not lecture me. You are not my teacher, and I am not your pupil. You need to stand down RIGHT NOW." And then walk away. Or, just say "No, I'm not doing this, you don't get to talk to me like this" and walk away.

Women in higher education are the worst at the above. By this I mean women with advanced or terminal degrees in their fields who teach at colleges and universities. They're tenured or adjunct faculty with "Dr." in front of their names. These women are absolutely insufferable for relationships.

They incorrectly assume their advanced "educations" mean they're smarter than most other people, which in turn in their minds makes them better than most other people. They have inflated views of their own intelligence and significance. They really do believe their educations make them more sexually attractive to men. They are literally walking, talking conclusive proof of Dunning Kruger (look it up). These women are the worst at lecturing and condescending. They are impossible to have relationships with or even to have more than passing acquaintance with. They think they know everything about everything. They think their degrees qualify them to express opinions on everything.

And yet, on the flipside, they bear most of the worst characteristics of women. Behind closed doors, they're insecure little girls trying to overcompensate for their inadequacies. They will dissolve into puddles of emotion when directly confronted, and do that "raised voice/aggressive stance" thing. Most of them have been sexually promiscuous as younger women, or are now. They almost all adhere to liberal/"progressive" ideology not because they actually thought it through or have principled positions, but because it feels good and because everyone else believes it. They embody the very worst of women, though they're more "educated" and ostensibly more intelligent than most men.

"Strong Independent Woman" my ass.

Beware of women in education.