I've talked before about women in hospitality and in the beauty industry. Today, we will focus on women in healthcare.

1) They're not all "nurses". Any woman in this field below a registered nurse calls herself a "nurse". What a load of shit. Here are the titles, in ascending order:

Certified Medical Assistant - the girl who takes your vital signs at the urgent care place.

Certified Nurse's Aide - when you're in the hospital, these are the people who move you, walk you, bring you your food, bathe you, change your bedpan, walk you to the toilet, and wipe your ass. They're CNAs because they can't handle any real science courses. Oh, but they're always "studying for their RN".

Licensed Practical Nurse - they can do everything RNs can do except handle and dispense medications. Take vitals, check for any changes in your condition. The reason they're LPNs is because they flunked out of RN school, couldn't handle organic chemistry, or didn't have the money to keep going in RN school. They also are "studying for the RN" frequently.

Registered Nurse - usually after a two or three year course. RNs are educated and trained heavily in human biology, chemistry, and pharmacology. Most of them specialize in some subfield, like trauma/emergency/critical care, cardiovascular, psychiatry, or surgery. More and more of then are getting BSNs, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees. Still more are getting more advanced degrees, the MSN (master of science in nursing) or doctoral degrees (PhD or DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)). Nurses are well compensated - a nurse starting out can earn well over $60,000 a year. They are always employed - even the least competent nurses can get and stay well employed.

Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) - these are RNs, usually with advanced degrees, who have specialized training in one or more subfields, usually general family practice, pediatrics, gynecology, or pulmonary/sleep medicine. They can function as MDs used to in an office practice -- treating things like colds, flu bugs, common medical problems, STDs, general care, general gynecological care, and medication prescription. The reason APNs have come into vogue is because it's cheaper to pay an APN to do the simple, routine, day to day diagnostic and treatment work of an MD in urgent care facilities and general family practices. You can get away with paying an APN less than you'd have to pay an MD or a DO (doctor of osteopathy). Simple as that.

But, everyone below an RN likes calling themselves "nurses" because it sounds better and more impressive. Well, no. They're not nurses. They're glorified orderlies, gofers, and note takers. They are not treating you or helping you with health care. They're taking notes. They're taking your weight and temperature. They're getting your insurance info. They're giving you Tylenol. They're wiping your ass. They're doing shit you can do yourself, but you can't because you're in a doctor's office or a hospital. They're not nurses.

2) Their hypergamy is turned up to 11. This is especially true of nurses who work in high volume, fast paced, high stress work settings like emergency/trauma/critical care and the surgery fields. These nurses work around hypermasculine men like emergency first responders (police officers, firefighters, rescue personnel, paramedics/EMS) and wealthy physicians (usually surgeons). Cops and paramedics are salt of the earth no bullshit type men. Surgeons are fantastically wealthy, intelligent, ambitious, and driven men who are accustomed to getting their way and being catered to. (For some reason; women just love men like that.) So, they sleep their way through the men they work with.

Most RNs on up outearn most men their age, so they've effectively priced themselves out of their own sexual and relationship markets. They just can't date the average guy they went to high school or college with, because they outearn him. Because of that, they think they're better than those men.

3) They're accustomed to "independence". They have no time or energy for relationships or dating. Nurses (and "nurses") work insane hours. They have no time for dating. Their independence and "self reliance" disincentivizes them to the compromises and give-and-take necessary for relationships. They're accustomed to doing things their way, all the time. They're accustomed to their own lives. They don't want to, and many times simply cannot, bring themselves to be one-half of a relationship with a man who has wants, needs, and desires of his own, and who expects her to do and be things for him. Nurses just can't or won't do it - they don't have the time, the energy, or the inclination for it.

4) It's even worse with female physicians with training beyond that of nurses. Female MDs, DOs, certified physician assistants (PA-Cs), and chiropractors - it's even worse with them. They're accustomed to dating and fucking the guys they went to medical or chiro school with. They're high earners and don't need men. Their hypergamy is in the stratosphere. Their work hours are worse than that of nurses. They have even less relational and sexual energy. They give so much to their careers they have nothing left for their men.

With school, training, residencies and internships, and then getting a practice going, they're in their early 30s before they have time even to go on a date, much less have a relationship. Your average physician coming off a pediatrics or general practice residency is around 28 or 29, and her career is just getting started (and that's assuming she stayed on schedule : Graduated college in 4 years at 22; graduated med school in 4 years at 26, residency 2 years, post-doctoral internship or fellowship another 1 or 2 years - which gets her to at least age 29). You think she's going to be looking for a serious relationship? Or even have TIME for a serious relationship? The most "relationship" these women have time for is casual sex.

5) Women in mental health care? Forget it. Our last stop in women in healthcare is a whole new level of hypergamous crazy. These are female mental health counselors. LCSWs (licensed clinical social workers), master's degree level counselors, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists (MD or DO level physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders). Psychiatrists today really do nothing other than monitor inpatients in hospitals, mental patients in need of long term institutional care, and prescribe and manage medications. Men still dominate MD level psychiatry. But women vastly overpopulate the mental health care field. And they are batshit insane.

You haven't seen crazy until you've dated or interacted with a woman who works in mental healthcare. They're as unhinged as the patients they treat. They're manipulative, devious, cunning, and will gaslight the ever loving fuck out of you. They know how to do it because they've studied it in great detail.

A lot of them suffer from their own disorders, usually depression, anxiety, or a cluster B personality disorder. Most therapists are themselves in therapy. I am convinced women like this went into mental health because they're looking for the solutions to their own problems. They know deep down something's very very wrong with them, and they went into their fields hoping to cure themselves.

Whatever the motivation, the woman who works in healthcare is the extreme female brain. These are women who have their "woman" settings turned up to 11 with the knobs ripped off. Their hypergamy, crazy, maladjustment, and maltreatment of the men in their lives is epic and has to be seen and experienced to be believed. Avoid women in healthcare at all costs, unless you double bag it and record all interactions with them.

Beware of women in the healthcare industry.