I have written previously about a subtle, but noticeable change in the femosphere: The Rise of the NeoTrad.

Women who asked the big question (WAATGM), after a decade or more of "finding themselves", actually DID find themselves - unhappy, laden with debt, working a job they hate, and without a family. Many of these women now realize that they are screwed and their only way forward is to rebrand themselves (i.e. Lie to prospective partners). Some have even gone so far as to have their hymen surgically "restored". Others simply claim to be "born again virgins". Whatever the ploy, it is all spin and marketing.

This video signals what seems to be the next ideological phase for Western women: Feminism has failed women.

Not only that, but it was all a lie to begin with.

If my predictions are correct, we will begin to see more old school feminists come out in an effort to distance themselves from the consequences they have caused. Perhaps they hope to avoid blame. Perhaps they fear retribution of some sort. Some, however, are simply trying to exploit the burgeoning NeoTrad movement so that they can once again prosper from the suffering of others.

As more women catch on to this, you can expect to see a growing number of women claiming to be traditional in the coming decade. They will lie like never before about their past. They will deny ever having been a part of feminism. They will say whatever it takes to lock down a man, so that she can have her children, secure child support, and lock down some assets.

Be mindful of this as you make your way out there.

Women should be very angry at these old feminists. Let's see if there is any accountability.