The question is: Where All The Good Men Are and the Answer is MGTOW, Checking Out, Avoiding Women and Marriage, and ultimately refusing to "Man Up" because they have assessed that this requirement is a terribly hard piece of fruit that today produces little juice. With no reward for "manning up" the "good men" are checking out. That is /r/WhereAllTheGoodMenAre !!

This is one example I posted on TRP a bit ago:

I had the misfortune of seeing yet another CNN special on "Human Trafficking" and, once again, the bias and misinformation triggered me. THIS is the definition of "slavery":

A relationship characterized by coercive control and a loss of freedom of movement such that the person is not able to freely move about and/or is unable to leave their employment. So according to the SJW lying fucks we have THREE elements of a "slave":" Subject to coercive control Unable to move about freely Unable to leave their employment.

As soon as I saw the definition flashed on the screen I recognized it immediately as a TYPICAL divorce for men.

Coercive control: Men are subject to the coercive control of an emotional terrorist in the home. In a divorce the woman will use the children, she will lie about sexual assault, she will withhold the children from the man, she will alienate the man from his friends and even his family. This is the essence of coercive control! If her power slips in any way, she can call in the White Knights in Blue with big guns, small dicks, and billy clubs to pummel her husband into submission, chain him up, and throw him in a dark cell where we laugh with great delight about his risk of being a victim of sexual assault. I have seen MORE THAN ONE woman taunt her husband as he was being taken to jail for non payment of support: "Don't bend over to pick up the soap." Even the female judge smiled.

Unable to move about freely: A man with children in divorce is NOT free to move. He is not free to take his kids to the park. He is not free to find a better place to live. A man with children is literally held hostage by the woman. Eshar Villar talks about children as adorable but that women use them as "hostages" and it is sadly true. Divorced men almost never get custody so if they wish to see their kids they are literally held prisoner in the location where the wife decides they are going to live. The husband has almost no say whatsoever.

I have seen SEVERAL cases where the man is trying to see the kids and the wife continually thwarts his visitation. Nothing is done no matter how much money the man spends on motions and lawyers. Then a couple months later (after the husbands motion to enforce visitation is denied or delayed and deferred) the woman comes in with a motion to change domicile. The man argues that she just wants to move to a different State so she can take the kids away from the father and move in with a thug boyfriend who has a record of child rape.

The man almost always loses no matter what evidence is produced. The kids go wherever mom decides no matter how bad it is for the dad because THE DAD DOESN'T MATTER. ONLY THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILDREN WOMAN MATTERS.

Unable to leave employment: I worked at a legal aid clinic for a year and represented men thrown in jail for nonpayment of support almost every day. These were men who lost jobs or were fired. They looked for work and could not find it. None of the reality mattered. All that mattered was they owed a woman money. The State enforced this at the point of a gun. No man is free to leave his employment once his wife files for divorce else he be thrown in jail for nonpayment of support. Then while in jail, he obviously can't make any money but the amount owed continues to go up. None of that matters. The State WILL force you to pay at the point of a gun and under threat of being reduced to chains.

They whine almost every week on CNN about the so called 40 million human "slaves" that are victims of "trafficking." Of course this only counts women. If we count the REAL slaves in the world, the figure is closer to 2 billion. Don't expect to see any CNN stories on the plight of REAL oppression in the world today.

With boys seeing how their fathers, uncles, and brothers are treated in family courts you are still free to ask Where the good men are? But answer will be stay the same until society changes. The "good men" are where the Women Aren't.