First read the Source

The Clueless:

"Incels assume that women have the same single minded obsession that they do (sex). Sure, if a woman is a sex addict/nymph she has a much easier time. For those who aren't, it's not easier at all."

1) Incels are not obsessed with sex. They are not getting any attention, or they get plenty of the wrong kind of attention. Anyone can purchase a hooker. If a woman wants attention, she posts a dating profile. If she wants sex, she picks from the hundreds of men that message her. If she wants a relationship, she goes out of her way to message guys that she thinks are good candidates for that.

2) If a woman wants sex, she has a much easier time. As in, she just posts her boobs and scrolls past her options as they flood her inbox. That isn't easier, it is all together a completely different strategy.

3) For those who aren't just looking for sex, they actually have to vet guys! Woahh, I didn't know that was "so much work". Literately all the woman does is message a guy she likes and gauges from his energy and responses if he will make a good partner. She doesn't even need pickup lines, wit, or humor. She can just say, "hey" and the guy will message back, as long as he doesn't have a baseball team of other women also looking to batt around his balls. It is easier if she uses the male mating strategy.

The Cuck:

"I have 25 likes on OKCupid right now. She has hundreds and hundreds of likes. A few women have contacted me here and there. She gets contacted constantly over and over again."


"Meanwhile, the few women who contact me are genuinely interested, and when I contact women, I'm smart enough to know who's more likely to write back."

1) This is actually a great example of a more attractive male in the dating scene. Any man above the 80% of males in the population will receive likes and messages from females. The bottom 80% will receive none; they are invisible. Obviously, this man is completely clueless about where he stands in the dating market, as he has a bleeding edge on nearly all of the competition. Especially, since he has already agreed to take on the responsibility of another female and is now looking to compete for only sex with other males.

2) He recognizes that his wife gets far more contacts and attention than he does, but attributes that solely to the fact that her options are shit. What he doesn't realize is that the reason females are contacting him is because they recognize the value in initiating conversation with the male first, as males will undoubtedly pay more attention to her. This is verified further down where he says, "I am smart enough to know who will contact back". He is smart enough to know that if he finds a woman who he is interested in and tailors a well written comment to her, that she will be more likely to write back to him, but he is not smart enough to recognize that if his wife applied a similar strategy, then she would be on the receiving end of the type of conversations he is having!

3) The woman getting contacted is a measure of success in the dating pool, because it shows the options she has. Having too many options is a psychological conundrum in that the brain has an easier time with comparisons when the features/traits are easily recognizable and distinguished. The cuck doesn't realize that the wife is seeking a sexual relationship only, and because of that, only men that are interested in sex, exclusively, will be contacting her. Men know that women are most likely not going to message back in this situation, so they have to play the numbers game with regards to the amount of contacts they make to ensure a reasonable amount of success with it. She isn't getting contacted by good men, because good men are looking for actual relationships, not promiscuous butter beavers that cuck their husbands.

The Conclusion:

If you are wondering where the good men are, you are not looking for them. Women that fail at finding a good man, expect a good man to just fall into their lap. They are used to being privileged to male attention, so they rarely think outside of that comfortable little box. Even when their object is only sex, an especially easy task for them, no matter how ugly or fat they are, they still complain how all that attention is just from losers they wouldn't want sex from anyways. It doesn't even get brought to their minds that if they wanted to be successful at something, they have to put the work into it to ensure its' success. Women largely do not grasp this because they don't handle rejection well and they are much more comfortable with rejecting other people. Most women expect their lives to be ran for them, so they can just assume auto pilot and take no responsibility or accept no accountability for the way it is handled. The smart women out there will engage their environment by first working on themselves and figuring out who they are and how to compliment a partnership. They will discipline themselves to grow a thick skin, so when rejection comes they will not take it personally, but use it to become stronger and better at their strategies. They will seek out men whom they know they want and will make good partners and strong/united families. Essentially, an intelligent female will utilize the male mating strategy to eek out a greater advantage over her complacent, comfortable female peers. Good men are out there, not getting any attention of females, and becoming burdened by messaging endlessly to women with no response or lazy conversation. No good man is going to put all the work into having a committed relationship with a female if he doesn't see a willingness on her part to accept responsibility for the life she wants to live. He knows that a woman who expects the man to do everything, including initiate conversation, figure out dates and activities, and make all arrangements for their future, will be met with all the negative qualities of a controlling partner with none of the positive traits of her taking control and being assertive.