As many of you are aware, we often post "Responses" on WhereAreAllTheGoodMen, which represent men's perspective on The Big Question that women ask. However, most Responses have been from outside the sub. But we've seen numerous comments from our members that qualify as Responses and really deserve more visibility.

Therefore, we created this forum for men to share their stories and perspectives on "Where are all the good men?". We believe many of our members have something to say about the matter, and we'd like them to be heard by the community.

All submissions be in the form of an article or essay that addresses the "Where are all the good men?" phenomenon. Topics may include personal stories, theories and perspectives, rants, mistakes made and lessons learned, the nature of women, women's dual mating strategy (Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks), the friendzone, dating and marriage, the adverse effects of feminism, the Nice Guy™ stereotype and the demonization of Good Men, #MeToo and false accusations, shaming tactics, men's rights, how awesome life is as a bachelor, and the benefits of MGTOW.

Ultimately the reader should be able to grasp from your essay why women can't find a "good man", or why Good Men are avoiding commitment and going their own way. This is important. While many topics are allowed, all writings should at least touch upon our theme. Our Recommended Reading list contains great examples that fit our theme.

Endorsed members may crosspost their essay to WhereAreAllTheGoodMen for greater visibility, but PM the mods so that we can allow the crosspost. Mods may also crosspost a non-Endorsed member's essay if the writing is exceptional or compelling.

Thanks everyone, we look forward to reading what you have to say. And feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts about the sub, or suggestions for improvement.