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- Hide Preview | 156 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by itiswr1tten [Post Locked]


The amount of defeatist noob posting appears to be exponentially increasing, probably because the kiddos are back from school on break.

So your boy is writing a meme title post about why being on the spectrum is good to communicate a critical point in your own retarded language:

Thinking in binary extremes is the fast track to doing nothing, and continuing to hate yourself.

Here are some examples.

Alpha and Beta

The Virgin Binary thinker creates a large spreasheet that looks like an accounting ledger. A third column is filled with various behaviors like "wearing a leather jacket with a scorpion on the back", "trying to AMOG dudes at the gym", and "aggressively insulting women without being funny about it".

The Virgin posts five asktrp threads a day asking about whether individual behaviors are alpha or beta, and over analyzes responses from unflaired users to categorize the behavior in his spreadsheet.

The Chad spectrum thinker reminds the Virgin that alpha and beta are adjectives, not nouns and verbs. The Virgin asks Chad if girls think it is alpha when you flex your cheek muscles. Chad sighs and closes his browser window.


The Virgin insists that at birth you are assigned a set of genetics that allow you to fuck anyone and everyone or live a life or total celibacy. The Virgin is a sexual Calvinist espousing predestination

The Chad spectrum thinker knows that while Looks Money and Status are important, they can all be improved. Chad also contemplates the many types of Game he has seen succeed - funny, cocky, confident, and more. Frame also enters his mind. Chad knows there are myriad ways to improve any man's situation and works on himself first, knowing the results come after.


The 18th Ultimate Guide To Tinder recently came out. The Virgin Binary thinker claims he works out, dresses well, and gets no matches because only the top. 0001% of men match with land whales now; and besides, some minor asymmetry in his jaw is definitely the reason Women Won't Fuck Me. Another Virgin suggests he do complex tongue exercises for years to fix this (this literally happened, apparently it's called "mewing" Jesus christ).

The Chad spectrum thinker asks the Virgin to reconsider - if he lifts and is as put together as he thinks he is, wouldn't he be top 20%? Perhaps working the sidebar and developing your game is the real solution. After all, attraction is complex and you can't win them all.

Conclusion and tldr

  • OP wants YOU to get on the spectrum and stop being binary

  • By thinking in extremes, you'll miss the nuance and probably continue your grand plan of total inaction. Later you will masturbate

  • OP achieves the point ironically, since his teaching platform is a binary borrowing a meme template