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- Hide Preview | 133 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by Thisismybot8 [Post Locked]

I've noticed some guys on here can get laid a decent amount but often have a hard time finding quality women. This post is simply a list of my personal requirements that I have used in the past to avoid toxic women and find someone that's worth keeping for an extended period of time.

To clarify, I am not saying that you try to force a woman to do these things. I am saying the woman you pick should meet these criteria without intervention from you. Without further ado, here is a list of 10 things to look for:

• She's not huge on social media: She should have under 1,000 followers on Instagram, under 1,000 friends on Facebook, and not have a Snapchat score that indicates that she might be a Snapchat slut.

• She's not protective of her phone: She shouldn't be worried about your eyes looking at her screen. She shouldn't be hiding her phone password from you. She should be comfortable doing things like having you use her phone to navigate somewhere. These things indicate that's she not worried about a text/snap from Chad popping up on her screen.

• She has a good relationship with her family: Ideally, if both her parents are alive, they should still be together and she should have a strong relationship with both of them. She should also have a solid relationship with her siblings, cousins and extended family.

• Friends: She should be able to get along with a variety of people from different backgrounds but keep only a few select close friends. Even then, her loyalty for you must be stronger than her loyalty to her friends.

• Nights out: Again, the less of this the better, no more than once a month, if that.

• Money: She should be offering to split the bill and actually follow through on a somewhat regular basis. Gift giving is reciprocated.

• Sex: It should be pretty good but with plenty of room for improvement and exploration in the future. If she's wilder than you, it should be a no go.

• Low maintenance: Generally speaking, she pays for her own clothes, her rent etc. She doesn't spend a fortune on clothes, hair, accessories etc.

• Intelligence/personality/politics: She should be pretty flexible with trying new things and evaluating new ideas. She shouldn't be stubborn or prideful and willing to apologize when it is appropriate. In this day and age, the more right wing she is the better but centrist or mildly liberal will also do.

• Habits: She shouldn't have shitty ones like smoking or excessive drinking. She should have good habits like exercising and reading for pleasure.

Feel free to evaluate these criteria in the comments and to bring up important ones that you think I missed.