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- Hide Preview | 37 Comments | submitted 11 months ago by ex_addict_bro [Post Locked]


A man who has kids with 2 different women shares his thoughts.

"And if you're offended by words like (...), take the tape out now. This is not a pop album".


All what bitches want is to be impregnated. All what sex is about is procreation.

"But, but, but, ex_addict_bro, ..."

Nope. STFU. That's the only thing. That's the basic.

The sexual drive in her and in you, that's what keeps the humanity alive since - as we're told - some long time.

You can hamster as much as you want, you can dress this up in any clothes you need, you can fantasise, you can imagine there's much more to it. At some level, there is not.

A pregnant bitch (or a bitch on birth control, hormonally that's the same thing) will run an innate program, which in the end should betaize you ("Practical female psychology" by those 3 guys, if you didn't hear this word before). This is a wide range of behaviours that has a goal to find your weak spot and milk it. Are you afraid of losing your children? The bitch will tell you you ain't seeing them again. Are you afraid of high child support? The bitch will tell you she'll sue your ass. Are you, let's say, socially responsible? The bitch will blackmail you about it. The solution: give zero fucks, as always.

All those examples come from an actual, married life of a man. Bitches who aren't married to you could probably act nicer. Why? Because they aren't married to you, dumbass. Because you bent over and spread your asshole when you decided to "put a ring on it". Guess what, it was a cuck-ring actually. But I digress.

What are your responsibilities to a bitch you have kids with, including your wife? That's actually codified. There's a law for that. Everything that law says you do - you do. They tell you to pay child support - you ask how much and how often. They tell you to visit your kids every Tuesday? You ask if this also includes important holidays according to your religion. They need you not to give her blue eye? You're sure as fuck you don't. They tell you to bark? You fucking howl out loud first for better effect.

So, that's for the law. What were your responsibilities to that bitch, again?

That's up to you to decide.

You made that schweet schweet young petite virgin pregnant? You want to try that long-term relationship all those losers at MRP are whining about? You want to prove u/Whisper wrong? That's up to you. My suggestion: don't marry. Co-habitate only if this makes sense. To you.

You made that single mother with 3 kids from 3 different baby daddies pregnant? You want to marry her? Well, that's also up to you, but I'd be careful. My suggestion: don't marry. Co-habitate only if this makes sense. To you.

So, you see the pattern, so let me just give up on the next 98 types of girls you can have kids with. They don't actually matter that much. What does matter?



That's how: whatever you do, don't drop your life mission, don't drop your goals, don't stop going to the gym, and if you co-habitate and she becomes a fucking cunt, just fucking leave. Don't drop your mission, don't play a fucking babysitter. Never, fucking ever. You have time, you want to spend it with toddlers, you want to build that schweet schweet kid-dad relationship you've read in "Cosmopolitan"? Great. That's on you.

My model of raising children? I'm their leader, their breadwinner, their caretaker. The plan is not to leave any behind... unless "tough love" is needed. Unless the situation is FUBR, but guess what, guess who owns that? You guessed. The leader. The father. Me.

"But, but, but, ex_addict_bro, she demands..."

You want to give it to her? Good. You don't? Tell her to GTFO, only politely.

"But, but, but, ex_addict, bro, why should I..."

For the sake of your kids.

You can have many different bitches, you can have all the bitches you want. When you hit 70 years old, you can still take some sildenafil and fuck all those grannies from nursing home. Same for them.

But per your kids, the have only one father and there's only one example of a father you can give them.

Not like relationships with women matter at all, but please notice - this may be also a bit important - the man you were when she decided to let you impregnate her - that was the man she wanted. If you suddenly change direction 180 deg, you likely stop being one. If you want to keep things heading in the right direction, don't do 180 deg turn. Not like relationships with women matter. Just saying. But if they do for you, remember that. And if you ever come whining at MRP or AskTRP "she stopped having sex with me when I put on some extra fat, but I don't understand, I'm socially improving, I'm a guild leader in Diablo III", this means that relationship matters for you. But I digress.

If the bitch is nagging and you remove the reason she nags you about, she will usually be still nagging. Why? Because the nagging obviously worked and you're being controlled.

"But, but, but, ex_addict_bro, I don't want to have kids and I decided to cut my balls off and I like it this way"

I don't mind. Perhaps if I analysed and dissolved my innate instincts, just perhaps, they would not make sense, logically. Just like "your grand-grand-grand-children will have only 0.00008% of your DNA". Perhaps in the current situation it would really be better to avoid having kids at all. I have no idea.

On the other hand, what I believe is, that our nature is pretty important. Just like you can't discuss attraction, just like women (in general) prefer good-looking, muscular "Chads", just like women divorce husbands who had vasectomy and were stupid enough to tell wifeys... there's something really, really good about watching your kids nail it, shred it, surpass you in some areas and generally living a better life than you ever had a chance to.

"But, but, but, ex_addict_bro, it's just called ,,oxytocin''"

Yes, it is. I get mine from taking care of my kids. Many people I know get theirs from taking care of their pets. Does this make me better than them? Well, TBH, as I have a few "cat ladies" at work, I'd rather (as a leader) like them to show up and do some job, even if they aren't as robust as men, than to read their obituaries.

But that's me. You do you... but please refrain from eating paint. Thanks!

Lessons learned

Take care of yourself, because no-one will (aka: Lift, read sidebar)

Take care of your mission, see above.


Whatever she says, if she tries to change your behaviour, that's what it is: a manipulation. Think where it leads too. You want it to give it to her? Go for it. You don't? Then you don't.

Embrace the real, unfiltered state of the society. Religious norms, behavioral norms, this is all bullshit. I wouldn't bend over by myself because some guy from the sky told me to do so. The state is your god now, the law is your norm. Keep it tight.

[-] itiswr1tten 14 Points 11 months ago

the man you were when she decided to let you impregnate her

This was the crux of the post. What most men fail to realize is that this is the underpinning of every relationship.

The reason it's "hard to get girls" is because the stakes are high. When she lets you in that pussy, she's taking a big risk. A potentially permanent risk, in fact.

This post is less about managing her than it is not un-managing yourself. I'd say one of the absolute most important trp aphorisms is don't change. Like all good trp aphorisms it's a paradox. You have to improve as a man to be happy, but you can't stop being the man you were in your relationships, or at least the man you appeared to be to her.

Changes must start and end with you. Go to the gym to be healthy and look good naked. Don't do it for her. Be the leader because otherwise some lesser man would fuck it up. Don't do it for her. Remain the type of man who inspires lust in women. I don't feel like repeating myself again

[-] nebder 6 Points 11 months ago

don’t change

I’d phrase that as dont degrade

[-] SKRedPill 2 Points 11 months ago

Today women have no risks in 1st world feminized countries in comparison to antiquity. That hasn't changed us on a cellular level though, but still.

[-] LokiWantsToPlay 10 Points 11 months ago

For an EC who usually posts (roughly) the same kind of message but without such seething anger, i can only assume this was more for your benefit (And a few others) after a run in with the ex?

[-] ex_addict_bro 7 Points 11 months ago

I don't have any beefs with exes and never will. If you have any kind of "a beef" with a woman, you're doing it wrong.

If you see anger in my post... cool, but I don't have any. For me, what I posted... that's the truth. My truth, at least. For me, when I wrote this I rather felt resignation with a little taste of bitterness than anger.

If I had a run-in with ex, I'd rather describe it, as you say - for benefit of others. I had none.

That's just who girls are. That whole disguise, no matter what you do together - that's just all set up for one plan. And whatever comes next... that's also typical. That's what I wanted to write. That's what I wrote, I guess.


[-] LokiWantsToPlay 0 Points 11 months ago

Whilst not necessarily a beef, the opportunity for female jealousy to arise between ex's when kids are present happens far more often than it should. (Unless a man's ex has such little respect for him which is quite an achievement or failure, depending on how you look at it)

That's just who girls are

I have to disagree, at least for the majority of women. To grant women a level of malevolence to that degree disadvantages you. I speculate the main issue between the genders is the clash of narratives in regard to relationships.

Both sides have it wrong, and when reality seeps in, shit arises. Hence why the start of relationships are great, both parties uphold the narratives told, but the act can only go on for so long. Petty or cruel behaviour from either parent comes after a certain amount of damage (or jealousy later down the line). Very few genuinely start out looking to destroy another for shits and giggles.

[-] ex_addict_bro 7 Points 11 months ago

I have to disagree, at least for the majority of women. To grant women a level of malevolence to that degree disadvantages you

Mate, disagree all the way you want, but that's not up for a debate.

Women don't matter. What matters is the state. The law. That's all we are, 1984 already came and guess what, it is not about Chineese social credit system and cameras. We're 1984 already.

There is no human-human relationships. Everything is state-controlled. All over TRP you can see examples of women bending the state for their own profits. "Oh no this could not happen to me", "my unicorn is more unicorny". No, it is not.

The sole fact you view a relationship with a woman as a relationship and not as state-sanctioned contract clearly shows you're living "in the old days". Please don't take this as ad-personam, I actually genuinely like the fact we exchange thoughts now.

[-] HeadingRed 2 Points 11 months ago

Everything is state-controlled

I'll give that 50% - maybe 49%. I'll go higher if we can agree that the state includes or has wall street as the majority shareholder. SJW's, the Evangelicals and other special interest groups get a bone thrown their way every not and then to get their people to the voting booth.

What 1984 got wrong was the idea that everyone will be an unwilling subject to an all-powerful government. People in the US and elsewhere "opt-in" and get enough (or think the get enough) to keep playing along.

Big brother did not take over - the people signed up for this. People don't vote for something - they vote against what they don't like. We have talking heads everywhere scaring and angering people with 1000's of "Emanuel Goldsteins" who are coming for you unless you vote for me.

[-] LokiWantsToPlay 0 Points 11 months ago

Everything is state-controlled.

Agreed, but as George Carlin stated (well, paraphrased for my argument) the state of the State is a reflection of the society from whence it came. Unless society changes and more people have a philosophical shift as to the nature of societal behaviour/structure, nothing is going to change.

And, until ideological/Utopian dreamers stop trying to play with biological behaviours as if it's clay to be moulded, there are always going to be those who desire power to abuse societies fears for their own gains. Masculinity, at least the half of it's dualistic nature which desires freedom, is the most powerful enemy of the state, testosterone-fuelled anger is the greatest threat to a woman's survival (nowadays anyway), plus, throw in governmental acknowledgement of female personal agency (a gender well known for desiring safety and security), ofc it was going to get this way.

However, luckily i'm not debating with a guy with no experience of women or life as a whole (ex-addict too), it's not going to stay this way. Women seem so crazy because the state controlled story for how life should be doesn't match her biology. If society listens to the softer nature of MRA's and acknowledge that there is legal bias against fathers/ex-husbands, (coupled with the bullshit behaviour everyone is seeing from the progressives/feminists etc and their immature/nonsensical arguments makes this far more likely to occur now), women's boredom with the Beta narrative/behaviour and the rocketing of "Positive Masculinity" from people like Jordan Peterson, the guys here etc, the status quo can't remain.

[-] Standard_Nebula 2 Points 11 months ago

I hate back and forths like this. Contributes not one thing

[-] itiswr1tten 6 Points 11 months ago

It can be useful when they're taking each other's points at face value. Here both are going out of their way to miss the point of the other

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] TokugawaSamurai 6 Points 11 months ago

I don't see the benefit in referring to women as 'bitches' or 'hoes'. It comes off as unintelligent, biased, and emotional.

[-] ex_addict_bro 11 Points 11 months ago

Unintelligent, based, emotional. Exactly who I am.

[-] Mangasbzo7 5 Points 11 months ago

lol this guy doesn't get it. you still have a long way to go, my friend

[-] Jfc_Manners 2 Points 11 months ago

Well, what's left to call them? Bitches ain't nothin' but hoes and tricks, after all.

[-] ImHerWonderland 1 Point 10 months ago

You're focusing on the strokes of the brush and missing the Mona Lisa.

[-] empatheticapathetic 1 Point 10 months ago

Call them sunflowers instead.????

[-] fairydust91 1 Point 10 months ago

It's okay, they probably had a weird relationship with mommy.

[-] nebder 3 Points 11 months ago

Your point will be missed by the young and childless

At the end of the day you must lead your family. The state has a gun to your head. Doesn’t mean you get a free pass on being a bitch. Leaders are respected whether you’re still together or not. Its a risk minimization strategy.

[-] ex_addict_bro 2 Points 11 months ago

It was already missed, nothing new here. I’ll make sure to post “straight from horses mouth: what my ex told me about her new boyfriend” for karma.

[-] SKRedPill 3 Points 11 months ago

TL : DR - Be fearless in the face of death. All fear is some fear of death.

But seriously, if someone is going to threaten you to get what they want, you should know how to punish them for it.

This might kick off a shitstorm if I was a public figure and said it on Facebook or Twitter, but a good leader must know how to punish trouble makers. He should become very creative at it. You must learn how to punish her, not to abuse it, but to set boundaries, as you do with your children.

[-] peskysquirms 2 Points 11 months ago

Why are you all working within the confines of the existing setup instead of seeking to change it? Sure, not giving a fuck is an optimal strategy for you if you were foolish enough to impregnate a skank who just wants to be able to abuse the children freely and engage in chaos skankery and cigarettes, she'll be fine with it as long as you give her the freedom to torture the children, but real men don't allow their children to be tortured, and don't help sustain ugliness and a broken system. They change it, or destroy it.

[-] sadomasochrist 1 Point 11 months ago

You'd have to elaborate on this.

[-] peskysquirms 1 Point 11 months ago

I wouldn't have kids, I wouldn't cohabitate, I wouldn't chase sluts. If the women here are shit, I would not seek after shit, and learn of more important things than acceptance by the lowest of creatures.

The assumption that the system must remain the same and there is nothing we can do to shift it is not correct. We do not have to have a world where sluts choose males based on muscles and stupidity and money rather than substance and intellect. That means boycotting those who are not up to our standards and the systems that support them, instead of continuing to feed the system, in a slave job, and feeding off scraps. How are women worth it? And are those who settle for such really Men at all?

[-] ex_addict_bro 1 Point 11 months ago

And what exactly are you doing about that?

Edit: all you do now is drugs and playing some stupid games for kids. And talk shit over here ant there about things you have no idea about.

[-] peskysquirms 1 Point 10 months ago

Give me liberty or give me death they say.

But then they go on "living".

So strong.

Liberty is earned.

And sellouts are cucks.

Whose cocks do you suck?

[-] ex_addict_bro 2 Points 10 months ago

So many words

So little sense

Unless on shrooms

Tried autofellatio? I did.

Am I gay or just lucky?

Still makes more sense than your comments

[-] peskysquirms 1 Point 10 months ago

You're just not intelligent enough to understand it. And I don't do psychedelics.

Hearthstone is a game of math and logic, by the way.

They say Alice in Wonderland is gibberish. What sort of fool thinks fools' voices aren't worth hearing?

Ask Ser Dontos. Go read something, reddit is dumbing you down.

Or maybe it's the chasing trite tail, where the goal is to be as genuinely without substance as possible. Surface, surface, superficial junk your focus.

You've earned an honorary vagina. Congrats.

How does it smell?

[-] ImHerWonderland 2 Points 10 months ago

Dude, I play hearthstone too, but you're literally being retarded right now, do not group me with you.

[-] AmeriStasi 1 Point 10 months ago

Systems change slowly over time, for example, as demographics shift. If you think the majority of the population has some flaw in their genetics that you don’t have, reproduce at a high rate and replace them. With 25% of the each generation of the population being childless in the West, getting eliminated/filtered from the gene pool at a high rate, it should be relatively simple for a group of individuals to have a significant and impact over just a few generations.

Have 8-9 kids. Lots of women willing to have them. Then raise your girls with the constraints necessary to create the type of women you’d like to exist today (minimal tv/media influence, no smartphone gifts, promote her ethnic identity and teach her her native language - if you still remember yours). There is a large pool of conservative women in America. Find one, knock her up, and don’t get divorced like OP. Divorce is for degenerates. It reduces the fertility rate of both partners as they have to reinvest time to rebuild new relationships (and we all have a limited fertility window before we start producing retarded, autistic unfit offspring).

Urban Center’s are magnets for degenerates, gay people who will never reproduce and straight, “child free” types. Probably also a magnet for over-educated feminist women who will never settle down. If a woman is willing to have a large family, she’s willing to be a good wife, as you can’t have 4-5 kids and have a career. So she doesn’t have to make that trade off. So find someone who isn’t in an urban center, potentially.

In 2-3 generations, our society will rapidly change. At the rate of genetic population shifts towards conservatism we’re undergoing, it’s impossible for status quo to continue. The dumb liberals that built the world we live in have been self-genociding themselves out of existence from the 70’s onwards.

When you combine the childless population of liberals, and the sub-replacement segment of liberals, what was 40% of one generation is only 15% of the next generation. The math on this will change society rapidly, it’s the equivalent genetic effect to having a world war in every generation, without a bullet fired. This is probably the fastest period of evolution we’ve ever gone through. There is a rebalancing that will come once the genetic tipping point is reached.

[-] peskysquirms 1 Point 10 months ago

I don't do drugs. I utilize weapons. Drugs are that which numb one to the truth. I open my eyes.

When you work 24/7, it's fine to take some vacation to rest your mind a bit.

And what is it I know nothing about? Is your world perfect, no. Are cunts to be trusted? Are you a dog or a man?

A Man seeks the truth. Because it's too uncomfortable and dishonorable not to.

Is pussy your last call, your golden nugget, your highest achievement? For what? To be honored by men? To be worshiped by dogs?

Aim higher.

[-] ex_addict_bro 1 Point 11 months ago

“Real men” can suck governments dick. You’re living in a fantasy world, kid.

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