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- Hide Preview | 37 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by ex_addict_bro [Post Locked]


A man who has kids with 2 different women shares his thoughts.

"And if you're offended by words like (...), take the tape out now. This is not a pop album".


All what bitches want is to be impregnated. All what sex is about is procreation.

"But, but, but, ex_addict_bro, ..."

Nope. STFU. That's the only thing. That's the basic.

The sexual drive in her and in you, that's what keeps the humanity alive since - as we're told - some long time.

You can hamster as much as you want, you can dress this up in any clothes you need, you can fantasise, you can imagine there's much more to it. At some level, there is not.

A pregnant bitch (or a bitch on birth control, hormonally that's the same thing) will run an innate program, which in the end should betaize you ("Practical female psychology" by those 3 guys, if you didn't hear this word before). This is a wide range of behaviours that has a goal to find your weak spot and milk it. Are you afraid of losing your children? The bitch will tell you you ain't seeing them again. Are you afraid of high child support? The bitch will tell you she'll sue your ass. Are you, let's say, socially responsible? The bitch will blackmail you about it. The solution: give zero fucks, as always.

All those examples come from an actual, married life of a man. Bitches who aren't married to you could probably act nicer. Why? Because they aren't married to you, dumbass. Because you bent over and spread your asshole when you decided to "put a ring on it". Guess what, it was a cuck-ring actually. But I digress.

What are your responsibilities to a bitch you have kids with, including your wife? That's actually codified. There's a law for that. Everything that law says you do - you do. They tell you to pay child support - you ask how much and how often. They tell you to visit your kids every Tuesday? You ask if this also includes important holidays according to your religion. They need you not to give her blue eye? You're sure as fuck you don't. They tell you to bark? You fucking howl out loud first for better effect.

So, that's for the law. What were your responsibilities to that bitch, again?

That's up to you to decide.

You made that schweet schweet young petite virgin pregnant? You want to try that long-term relationship all those losers at MRP are whining about? You want to prove u/Whisper wrong? That's up to you. My suggestion: don't marry. Co-habitate only if this makes sense. To you.

You made that single mother with 3 kids from 3 different baby daddies pregnant? You want to marry her? Well, that's also up to you, but I'd be careful. My suggestion: don't marry. Co-habitate only if this makes sense. To you.

So, you see the pattern, so let me just give up on the next 98 types of girls you can have kids with. They don't actually matter that much. What does matter?



That's how: whatever you do, don't drop your life mission, don't drop your goals, don't stop going to the gym, and if you co-habitate and she becomes a fucking cunt, just fucking leave. Don't drop your mission, don't play a fucking babysitter. Never, fucking ever. You have time, you want to spend it with toddlers, you want to build that schweet schweet kid-dad relationship you've read in "Cosmopolitan"? Great. That's on you.

My model of raising children? I'm their leader, their breadwinner, their caretaker. The plan is not to leave any behind... unless "tough love" is needed. Unless the situation is FUBR, but guess what, guess who owns that? You guessed. The leader. The father. Me.

"But, but, but, ex_addict_bro, she demands..."

You want to give it to her? Good. You don't? Tell her to GTFO, only politely.

"But, but, but, ex_addict, bro, why should I..."

For the sake of your kids.

You can have many different bitches, you can have all the bitches you want. When you hit 70 years old, you can still take some sildenafil and fuck all those grannies from nursing home. Same for them.

But per your kids, the have only one father and there's only one example of a father you can give them.

Not like relationships with women matter at all, but please notice - this may be also a bit important - the man you were when she decided to let you impregnate her - that was the man she wanted. If you suddenly change direction 180 deg, you likely stop being one. If you want to keep things heading in the right direction, don't do 180 deg turn. Not like relationships with women matter. Just saying. But if they do for you, remember that. And if you ever come whining at MRP or AskTRP "she stopped having sex with me when I put on some extra fat, but I don't understand, I'm socially improving, I'm a guild leader in Diablo III", this means that relationship matters for you. But I digress.

If the bitch is nagging and you remove the reason she nags you about, she will usually be still nagging. Why? Because the nagging obviously worked and you're being controlled.

"But, but, but, ex_addict_bro, I don't want to have kids and I decided to cut my balls off and I like it this way"

I don't mind. Perhaps if I analysed and dissolved my innate instincts, just perhaps, they would not make sense, logically. Just like "your grand-grand-grand-children will have only 0.00008% of your DNA". Perhaps in the current situation it would really be better to avoid having kids at all. I have no idea.

On the other hand, what I believe is, that our nature is pretty important. Just like you can't discuss attraction, just like women (in general) prefer good-looking, muscular "Chads", just like women divorce husbands who had vasectomy and were stupid enough to tell wifeys... there's something really, really good about watching your kids nail it, shred it, surpass you in some areas and generally living a better life than you ever had a chance to.

"But, but, but, ex_addict_bro, it's just called ,,oxytocin''"

Yes, it is. I get mine from taking care of my kids. Many people I know get theirs from taking care of their pets. Does this make me better than them? Well, TBH, as I have a few "cat ladies" at work, I'd rather (as a leader) like them to show up and do some job, even if they aren't as robust as men, than to read their obituaries.

But that's me. You do you... but please refrain from eating paint. Thanks!

Lessons learned

Take care of yourself, because no-one will (aka: Lift, read sidebar)

Take care of your mission, see above.


Whatever she says, if she tries to change your behaviour, that's what it is: a manipulation. Think where it leads too. You want it to give it to her? Go for it. You don't? Then you don't.

Embrace the real, unfiltered state of the society. Religious norms, behavioral norms, this is all bullshit. I wouldn't bend over by myself because some guy from the sky told me to do so. The state is your god now, the law is your norm. Keep it tight.