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- Hide Preview | 318 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by Hencley [Post Locked]

Title says it all, one of the richest women in the world will now have gotten there by marrying and divorcing someone. Apparently she "co-founded Amazon in the beginning by doing accounting for it for awhile" but I think this is his wife's lawyer speaking. Can't wait to hear how the media defends a billionaire for once, ironically one that didn't earn a penny of it.

Here's where it gets scary... [Here's the article about Jeff Bezos and his wife divorcing.]( And [here's an article about Judge Judy divorcing 3 times...]( The situations are similar, one person made incredible monetary gains based off of smart work and innovation in their respective industries. Both people were very rich, and wanted divorces. You'd think that society would naturally side with either the "earner" or the "victim" (being the person losing their cash cow.) Society instead, will always side with the woman.

I'm guessing all we are going to hear is how Jeff Bezos wife was there in the beginning, and Amazon might not even exist without her and therefore she deserves her money. She will be defended and branded "brave" for divorcing someone as successful as Jeff. Judge Judy divorced her ex husbands because "men in this generation are different. They expect to be taken care of even if they have no right." The article implies Judy was brave for divorcing the men and she basically tossed them aside to focus on herself, making her a strong independent woman.

Here's the thing, I admire Judy a lot and shit if her husbands were not up to her standards and she wanted out, good for her. Her husbands don't deserve to have paid settlements because of her success as a TV Judge. She even scoffs at the implication that she's a feminist just because she's a successful woman. I also feel the same way about Jeff, he created his own success and status beyond anyone I can even think of. He should be able to divorce his wife the same way. Society will always cater to women in these events though, which makes marriage a very unfair arrangement as a man.