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- Hide Preview | 90 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by omegajelly200 [Post Locked]

I am living in Malaysia, and I just have to let this off my chest of how bluepill male-shaming is very, very real here.

An instant example that I can think of is how every time a male expresses a desire to seek a mate, he is immediately branded as perverted and desperate. Worse still, he is immediately accused of only wanting to get involved in something to seek girls - and even the seeking girl part is instantaneously substituted with soliciting for sex.

Me: Hey there. I would like to join this cycling club.

Them: Oh cool. What made you interested in joining?

Me: Well, I have always liked to cycle, and by joining this club I am hoping to make new friends who share the same interests, and maybe if possible find a girl who likes to cycle too!

Them: GTFO.

Me: ...what?

Them: Fix your attitude. It seems to me that you just want to get laid.

Me: didn't hear the part about me saying I love cycling and want to make friends, didn't you?


In a blue pill hell, it is sinful and disgusting for male to even show sexual desire. I'm not even talking for just straight men. The same goes for bisexual and gay men too.

If you glance at a woman and comment on how pretty or sexy she is, you are a pervert. You are not actually doing anything to her. You are not even touching her.

Make a move and you are desperate. Say you are single and you are desperate. Say if you want to exchange numbers to a girl and you are desperate. Say hi and good morning even with NO intention of hitting on a girl and you are desperate. Hell, indicating in your social medial profile that you are single and looking makes you desperate.

The D-word is thrown everywhere, shaming, shaming, shaming, and shaming men. How dare they let their emotions and desire show!

What is the blue-pill solution then instead of men honestly showing their desire to find a mate? Easy, they say "Be yourself and let things happen." Yes, because the blue-pill logic is things happen without a catalyst. They just simply happen because...reasons!

The blue-pill ideal is to have a man just pretend to not be attracted to a girl, not state that he wants to get acquainted with her intimately if possible, and just orbit her endlessly until stuff just happens out of pure chance and luck.

I can vividly recall that one time I had in a relationship with a most wonderful girl in my life. Breaking taboos, making bluepilers cry in their sleep and plot to murder me, I met this girl in a bus, and pushed myself to say hi to her.

"OMG SPEAKING TO A TOTAL STRANGER TO LOOK FOR A GIRLFRIEND! CREEPY! DESPERATE! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Bluepillers would say. But as I did it with full honesty, confidence and innocence behind my actions she returned my greet and we went off nicely to a lively conversation.

Then shortly when I needed to get off the bus I honestly said to her something along the lines of "By the way, you probably know this, but I am attracted to you. If possible could we share numbers so we can get to know each other, hang out and go out together?" Not even a maybe in my words. I want her to either be interested or not. And she actually said yes!

So we went on a short-term relationship, short-term unfortunately since she was actually a college student on a '2+1' program for studying overseas, but it was absolutely beautiful. Away from the bluepill bullshit of acting dishonest, timid and passive with a girl, I got myself one who was just like me as well, straightforward with me, confident in the way she carried herself and assertive in her own way as well.

She never tried to shame me in any way, saying that I am desperate or needy or rude in wanting to say or do anything. I still remember her saying something like "If you wanna do something, you just do it. Don't give a damn about what other people say about you." She embraces and encourages masculinity in a man. What a rare catch.

Imagine if I had followed bluepill advice on that fateful day, chatting with her but just pretending that I just wanted to chat to kill time. Or worse, just keeping my mouth shut out of fear of being labeled a pervert. I wouldn't have ever gotten myself into a relationship with a wonderful catch of a girl. It was brief but worth all the time it lasted.

Anyhow, this is my first post here in this sub. Hello everybody.