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- Hide Preview | 232 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by FuckboyAWALT [Post Locked]

This is not my native Language however lets go.

First of all I am not the creator of the Shit-Test buster round, all credits go to u/OmLaLa who created it around 2 years ago.

24 days ago u/redpharma7789 asked on asktrp if we can have those buster rounds again. There was a lot of positive feedback and responses. I have not seen a buster round on the main sub yet so I decided to launch the "Shit-Test Buster Round 2".

I will try to release a new "Shit-Test Buster Round" every Sunday evening. I only made 3 tests per section instead of 5 to keep it more lucid in the comments. All tests in this round are shit-tests I got from girls in real life. If you have a good shit-test you once got from a girl feel free to hit me up so I can include it in the next round.

We play by u/OmLaLa rules:

The Rules of OmLaLa

Let’s play a little game.

I've listed several shit tests of varying difficulty and severity in this article.

In the comment section below, any Red Piller playing provides a response/action they would take as a **”Shit Test Buster”**in order to pass each of the listed shit tests.

Then, by upvoting/downvoting these answers or by replying in the thread below the answer, his fellow Red Pill peers will ultimately decide how effective the "Shit Test Buster" was, which of their answers were the best and why.

The shit tests are split into 3 sections: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

You can choose to respond to 1 section, 2 or all 3. Same goes to those critiquing the answers.

The final "score" will come down to the upvote/downvote of the answers.

The judgement/critique of said answers are both to explain to the others why the answers should be passed or failed and to aid the Red Piller in bettering his approach to shit test busting.

I’d encourage those of who are playing not to look on other posts, threads or sites for the best answer. The idea here is to gauge one's ability to answer these questions and not how effectively they can do research.

Answer each shit tests as best as possible as if in the heat of the moment.

We will start with Round 1, which focuses on conversation-based shit tests. The top 3 commenters will win the round. There will be 3 rounds total, or more/less depending on how well this all goes.

So let’s begin.

Examples (by u/OmLaLa)

Question 1: “Are you a player?”

[ - ] Kevin_the_Beta -213 points 2 hours ago

  1. Oh of course not, m’lady! Why would you ever think such things of me?! I’ll have you know that I treat my women with the utmost respect!

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     [ - ] GayLubeOil 57 points 30 minutes ago

     Failed. Keep that shit up and your girl will disappear faster than a Homosexual in Saudi Arabia.

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       [ - ] Archwinger 43 points 23 minutes ago

       Failed. She's asking "Are you successful with women, you fucking chump I'm hoping to manipulate?" You've just identified as the latter.

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Shit-Test 1: ”Bring me my shoes!!" // LTR, ONS, Plate

Shit-Test 2: ”Who are you?” // Cold appraoch

Shit-Test 3: ”Do you have a girlfriend?” // Cold approach, Plate


Shit-Test 4: Your plate: ”Josh asked me to hang out with him at the beach and offered me free gym lessons."

Shit-Test 5: Your LTR: ”Josh asked me to hang out with him at the beach and offered me free gym lessons."

Shit-Test 6: ”I am not that easy!" // Cold approach


Shit-Test 7: ”I like you but lets just be friends." // Cold approach, ONS

Shit-Test 8: ”You are disgusting!” // Cold approach, LTR, ONS, Plate

Shit-Test 9: ”We either become offical and you commit or we should not see each others anymore.” // Plate

Bonus Round

Bonus: You are in the city with your Plate (A) / LTR (B) and a guy hits her up. She knows him, now they are hugging, he touches her and she reciprocates (light kino), they are bantering and it seems this guy is not going to leave and she is enjoying the conversation. What are you going to do?

See you next Sunday.