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disabledtrp about a week ago

@destraht You are right, my bad. English is not my native language, so i didn't even knew there was a gender variation.

destraht about a week ago

@disabledtrp Its protoge. I think that with two e's its a woman.

disabledtrp about a week ago

@adam-l nah, this is not the case. This is a fake alpha in the end. He is just a billy beta that can't handle loneliness, to be with himself. He want to be loved for "who he is". For fuck sake.

adam-l about a week ago

@disabledtrp There are those Natural Alphas that have the alure of natural aloofness, they are effortlessly hard-to-get, exactly because they cannot form deep connections. Hence, truly lonely. They feel that "there must be something more", and go the other way around, from Alpha to Beta.

disabledtrp about a week ago

So, the protegee i have, that had a lot of success, decided to quit the "alpha" life, to settle with a 21yr single mom, attention whore with a minimum wage job, no education at all, that goes to party every weekend. Why he feels too lonely, he wants a partner & thinking about having kids with her. I don't have enough facepalm for this situation.

iLLprincipLeS 2 weeks ago

@disabledtrp no logistics, date directly.

destraht 2 weeks ago

@disabledtrp It seems baffling but its a classic. In my days of hard approaches it was just the wrong number. Same thing really except I guess that it gives her more power that she can show you that she is "real" but without letting you in so that you sit there pining like the puppies in the window. I'll take a false number any day. Why do women do this? Well, I'm not a woman but don't ask one.

disabledtrp 2 weeks ago

@TheStoicCrane No, at this point so many has ghosted me that if a date IRL doesn't happen, IDGAF & only text for logistic. Is weird why is always the oppossite. I follow and they don't follow back (they want me in the orbiters gang. Not today.).

TheStoicCrane 2 weeks ago

@disabledtrp what's so weird about it? She has you thinking about her doesn't it?

disabledtrp 2 weeks ago

Today i had a nice talk with a sales girl in a store (HB7). She asked me for my IG (first she done it indirectly & i didn't catch it, i'm pretty burn out from a hard week, then she just ask it). She writes in a paper, so i believed that was just bluffing. Surprisingly, as i walk out the store, she follows me.Follow back but account protected. Sees all my histories, but doesn't accept me. Weird.

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I was actually wondering the same thing. I don't distrust TRP truths, but maybe they are not absolute? (in terms that AWALT exists and is present in every women, but on some can be on a lower percentage of their personality? And the context where you meet this womens has to do with that? )

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Thanks for your words ! is what i have been doing all my life really, i wouldn't be standing where i'am if not. Not gonna lie, with women is a bit heavier in my mind than in other situations, but mostly why by nature i'm an introvert (even if doesn't look like). I usually use it for a good jokes material, so is handy to break the ice in most situations :)

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