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Chaddeus_Rex about a day ago

@disabledtrp who are you talking about

disabledtrp 2 days ago

Of course, he still has some BP behavior from time to time, less recurrent as time passes, but i'm amazed by his transformation. He is the first real and close proof that all that TRP teaches is real. On my case, there are a few things that doesn't click and i'm in hard mode as i'm disabled, but i haven't given up yet. I keep grinding.

disabledtrp 2 days ago

I successfully introduced a friend to TRP. I haven't give him direct access to TRP, simply why i agree that a sudden disconnection doesn't work, but i explained all the terms, culture, behaviors, etc.. in our casual talks about women and life. He lost 10% fat, started a new business, quit weed, has 3 plates HB7, and is approaching continuously, everything in 6 months. Happy for him.

disabledtrp 2 days ago

@destraht @MentORPHEUS being assertive was the move, but i didn't see the opportunity in the context and i was too tired & i didn't had the will to pursue really. He distracted her on purpose by showing himself in a video as he works in a national TV network, then went back to workout but then she was just only focused if he was actually working there etc.. Lazy from my part really too.

destraht 2 days ago

@MentORPHEUS @disabledtrp Extra tricky because you need to have the right moves and dude has some serious cover since he is pulling the gay move. You can't be squeamish about his position. You have to find a way to smash through an appeasement culture based around victim status, then get to the issue at hand.

MentORPHEUS 2 days ago

@disabledtrp It's easy to assume your choices are to passively accept it OR respond with aggression and see how far it goes over an interrupted conversation. With assertiveness in your mental toolbox it's a lot easier to keep the convo in your frame and even turn the interlocutor into an ally.

destraht 2 days ago

@disabledtrp Sucking "dick" is painless and the cleanup is minimal. Its not my thing to claim such a bold position but damned if I didn't notice dudes doing that (and I'm old as fuck). Every other dude has a weirdo shtick which is half of the reason that I bailed on that shit over there. Get bigger tattoos, be gay, Rastafarian, etc.

disabledtrp 2 days ago

@destraht Not my thing, but i laughed hard, thanks

destraht 2 days ago

@disabledtrp Hey sometimes you have to suck a little "dick" to get a little pussy.

disabledtrp 2 days ago

Today a gay man cock blocked me when i was having a casual conversation with the only girl at the gym. I was too tired after 2hs of dying in the chest routine and just left. I'm still surprised by how evident it was, holy fuck. i'm the only bastard that this happened to?

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03/02/19Vasectomy: 1yr Postmortem

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I was actually wondering the same thing. I don't distrust TRP truths, but maybe they are not absolute? (in terms that AWALT exists and is present in every women, but on some can be on a lower percentage of their personality? And the context where you meet this womens has to do with that? )

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June 22 - Weekly Improvement & Progress Thread

Thanks for your words ! is what i have been doing all my life really, i wouldn't be standing where i'am if not. Not gonna lie, with women is a bit heavier in my mind than in other situations, but mostly why by nature i'm an introvert (even if doesn't look like). I usually use it for a good jokes material, so is handy to break the ice in most situations :)

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