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- Hide Preview | 141 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by KeffirLime [Post Locked]

Consider these questions: Why do you like someone? Why do they like you?

The BP multiverse will spit out shit like: because of their charming personality, or they felt a connection. Some anecdote about love will inevitably creep in there. For the most part, the reasons they'll tell you they like each other are generally the the ones that best fit their BP fantasy.

The RP man will tell you it's because you've got game, you hold frame, you're immune to oneitis, you have abundance, the list goes on and on. Essentially you appear to be an Alpha Chad with hair all the way up his shaft.

All of which is correct, but why does that work as opposed to our blue pill fantasy huggers. To understand that one needs to understand how biological evolution takes place. They will need to understand why nature selects for certain traits and why it pisses on others.

Once they've done that they can better understand the SMP and therefore navigate it a whole lot better as they they've gone beyond the how and understood the why.

Human Nature

The world we live in today is filled with wonder. Concepts such as virtual reality, AI. Complex road networks, a multitude of industries such as science and accounting. Despite our many advancements, the principles that govern the forces that drive our desires towards one another hasn't quite morphed at such a rate. Biological Evolution happens very slowly and changes take many generations to take effect. In fact our desire drivers have changed very little since early man, who before all our agriculture, industrial and digital revolutions were far closer to our nature in it's purest, most untainted, must un-cultured form. Before it was governed by things such as religion, politics, nations and all it's prescribed dogma that follows.

Think how an early group of homo-sapiens may have operated and how the principles of natural selection would affect the group as a whole. For the most part these very principles still govern us today.

Natural Selection

There would be a small tribe of men and women:

As natural selection would have it both the male and the female are looking for the finest possible opposite to pass on genetic material to their offspring. They need to give their little critter the best genetic material to give it the best chance of surviving and keeping the species going. Therefore they need to consider their options, and then select the peak of the opposite gender. Relating this back to TRP, you will see that it's clear to see why certain behaviors/attributes leave lasses dripping or us tucking a rager under the belt and why other behaviors leave her dusty and us playing with a floppy.

For a female it's all about the Alpha. The biggest strongest bad ass in the tribe. One who can impose himself on all the other men in the tribe. She selects for him because if he is the strongest male he could protect her best from sources of danger, like other thirsty men in the tribe or other tribe's coming to ravage theirs. If she is to have a child with him he could best protect her while waddling around during pregnancy and her son/daughter throughout post natal care. His genetic material would give their offspring the best chance of surviving too. Essentially, he increases the chances of all of them(and the species) surviving.

Why does she have to be so much more selective than him? Well the consequences of mating lead to vastly different paths for the male and female. The male ejaculates in his pre-historic princess and life goes on. He can then ejaculate in more fine cave booty shortly after. He can impregnate multiple women along his cave sexcapades. The women however is destined to give birth to only one mans little fella. And she is going to have to go through massive bodily changes along the way and then push an apple through a keyhole to give birth to a child that she needs to care for and breast feed for a long time to come. This is why men are far less selective and why females are far more selective for whom they spread wide for. The amount of offspring they can produce in a lifetime is vastly different, therefore different strategies are required.

For this reason men compete to choose their women, the strongest falls at the top of the hierarchy(Alpha), the weakest sink to the bottom of the pile. Men at the top=best genes and most desirable for female to select. Men at the bottom = worst genes and least desirable genes for her offspring. With the man at the top being the most desirable, he gets first draft pick on all the females. Competition is what keeps the best genes at the top of the pile.

Men spread their seed as far and wide as possible to ensure genetic material passes on, promiscuity is in our nature, therefore men who achieve this are deemed high value (abundance, pre-selection). Selectivity is in a females nature, which is why a Thot with sky rocket n-count is deemed low value. If every man with a salami stick could climb inside her, she clearly couldn't be all that high value after all.

There were no contraceptives, the consequences of being a sloot and fornicating with anything but the best jeopardize her little bundle of joys chances at continuing the long line of proud tribe genetics.

If cave beta suddenly develops a severe case of oneitis for a girl. Starts supplicating, cuts off all contact with the other females of the tribe. A couple problems will arise for this seemingly honorable lad. Firstly by laying all his eggs in unicorn cave princess, he's drastically reducing the odds of his genetic material making it through the harsh battleground of natural selection. If anything happens to her or if the child doesn't make it (premium private medical care wasn't too available back then) there goes his bloodline. Perished.

Secondly cave unicorn will start to see that if this man is willing to sacrifice his and the best odds of his future offspring's place in the gene pool then he can't be all that high value after all.

As discussed earlier the women of cave land are carefully assessing who's seed gets to swim to her womb. If Originally tribe alpha who crushed his opponents and was the best chance of keeping her and her future genes safe comes under threat from another male, she will be watching very closely. If new, younger tribe Chad proves himself to be stronger and more cunning than old cave chad, then the women of the tribe will remain loyal and continue to have Old cave chads babies because they love him so very dearly right? Wrong.

The words love hadn't been invented yet, there was simply tingles. Tingles that arose and dictated for which males the moisture drips. As natural selection would have it, strapping young Chad would now be the best protector of the tribe and give the females and offspring the best chance of survival. Their Hypergamous nature would kick in and suddenly they'll find this desire welling up inside of them for young Chad. They just won't feel the same way for old Chad. Not because they're being mean little ladies, but simply because the future of their species depends on it.

Physical Attraction

If cave chad suddenly developed an overzealous appetite and put on fair few pounds, or alternatively he cut down his calorie intake and became an ironing board, the other in shape members of the tribe will start to take note. This may be their window of opportunity, if he's big and slow they will be able to use speed to out maneuver him, if he's skinny and weak they could overpower him. Either way he's vulnerable and will probably be overthrown, the females attraction too will shift towards the new powers that be.

Larger members are also vulnerable to predators. Without cars or bikes to speed away in, foot speed, athleticism is essential. In defending against other opportunistic tribes. Male or female, leaning towards the porky side and having the genes that show a propensity for enlargement are not at the forefront of Natural selections pile of options. No amount of fat positivity is going to get your dick harder for a baby humpback over a slender feline. Her weight would endanger your offspring, especially when needing to escape predators or face enemy tribes, she would also be an anchor on the tribe in terms of food consumption, causing everyone to work harder.

In males the skinny counterparts too can be overpowered by other tribes or have a slimmer chance against predators. Today we have the luxury of lifting in a gymnasium on every street corner to get ourselves into this prime mate selecting shape. Height plays a role too simply because a tall strong man is generally a stronger safer bet than a short strong man. I'm not even going to go down the consequences of being short and skinny and what that does for a women's attraction levels.

Facial hair and depth of voice are a factor too. Men with thick facial hair and a deep voice would have been considered more dominant, masculine, aggressive and socially mature. This is a far better brute to climb behind for a damsel in distress.

Men when licking their lips at their prospects will always be drawn to the younger, more slender females, ones who could escape danger swiftly. Wide hips show fertility and a small waist shows high estrogen levels(good for production). When estrogen levels are high weight tends to gravitate towards the ass and tits. Which is why most men find themselves feigning after a thick ass and solid pair of knockers. As a women ages and estrogen numbers drop, weight moves to the gut(therefore get larger) and shows less fertility, and a worse option for natural selection. With diminished fertility, the men lean more toward the young chicklings, who have a better chance of continuing the life cycle.

  • So no you're not being a misogynistic pig for not desiring heffalump or that post wall spinster, you're simply being a man in tune with his biology.
  • Alternatively she's not being a vain whore for wanting a well built, strong masculine man, she too is a victim of her biology.

Behavioral Attraction

Underneath the physical attributes lies behavioral attributes. If Mr. Flintstone get's timid and does the chicken dance every time he engages with a female, then he can't be the big strong entitled alpha that's taking what is rightfully his. If the threat of another male sends shivers down his spine and he retreats to safety, he certainly isn't the head honcho of tribe Bedrock because his frame is shattered by tension, danger, women. Alternatively if his counterpart holds firm when challenged by another man, he remains calm in the face of danger, he knows he's the best option for the women of his tribe and has no qualms about taking what's his, then who would be the best candidate to protect the blossoming life of the tribe?. Who would be the better candidate to secure the females while vulnerable or pregnant? I think not Mr. Flinstone.

A strong decisive leader, one who makes decisions and takes charge when need be gets the vaginal water works flowing because quite literally, lives depended on it. Intelligence too, as you would need to navigate the lands and outsmart predators to keep your people safe. A rockhead would put everyones life in danger.

For the man his first option would always be drawn towards a women who shows good maternal instincts. Thus caring, nurturing, empathetic. This will show her ability to keep the life cycle spinning and take care of the genetic material you shoot inside of her. A women acting like a man, with brash, aggressive, confrontational attributes would be repulsive. The men would either take her out for wanting to compete with them or simply put her last on the fucking schedule as she has shown a poor store of attributes needed to raise young.

Submissiveness too, a pre historic women knew full well a man was stronger than her and was not worth competing in that realm, she needed his protection (child birth, that strength to protect tribe) so her best logical bet is to submit and rather focus on putting herself in the best possible position to select the most suitable male.

  • Once again you're not a women hating patriarch for not desiring a masculine, blue haired brute of a human being, you're just a man driven by his biology,
  • Alternatively she's not being a mean, ugly man hater for desiring a strong frame, driven, confident leader over a timid, weak, sensitive gentleman.

Biological Evolution

Ultimately biological evolution is all about the continuation of life. And life chooses for the genes that would give the next life the best possibility to continue life. Attraction and desire are simply by products of this. It is the guiding hand that directs us towards the best options. Learning how the jungle of the the SMP works enables one to manipulate it in their favor. By knowing why nature selects for what it does, we can obtain the attributes that puts us in pole position. Attraction is the unconscious, understanding it is what makes it conscious. As a great saying goes:

"Until you make the ‘Unconscious’ Conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it Fate."