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- Hide Preview | 51 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by ex_addict_bro [Post Locked]


They have their Patreon now.


Make it rain.


Reddit hosted TRP and let it grow for many years and we should be grateful for that.

As for now, as the sub was quarantined and reddit admins linked to some soy boy university, you now have a mission. Instead of acting like a codependent alcoholic's wife with Stockholm syndrome, instead of doing what you are conditioned to do: talking a lot and doing nothing - I encourage you to lift, read, log in to TRP.RED and tip like a crazy motherfucker.

Yes, TRP.RED is not as fast as it should be and it will probably go down because of "slashdot effect". Yes, RPS and the devs are going to have a lot on their hands in upcoming weeks. Yes, there will be disconnections, failures, all the other usual fuck-ups when a site becomes popular suddenly, yes he should think about DNS / hosting backup and some other donation system instead of PayPal because leftists are against us and they're everywhere.

Fuck that shit, donate and wait.

As for this subreddit, I'm glad it's going down because recently it became a shithole. I'm glad that "TRP knowledge" will be less accessible and that instead of democracy based system we'll probably have something more suited to meritocracy. Instead of doing what all the other subs do (posting "Press F to pay respects" many times), I encourage you to log over TRP.RED and donate like a crazy motherfucker you are.

This bitch is going down and its a good thing. Reddit, thank you for hosting this community and for letting it grow for many years - and I, for one, totally respect the direction you're taking this site to. Cucks - it's time for action. Make that bitch rain. Teach those bank notes how to fly. For once, stand up and stand for your cause.

I'm no way affiliated with u/redpillschool or this subreddit or TRP.RED (and in case any mods disagree and remove this post, I kindly oblige, because I understand we have a hierarchy we need to follow here). Also, as I said before - the only thing you will get in return for your money in the upcoming weeks is a site with much downtime and connection problems because of avalanche of connections to come. Don't expect anything in return. Do something, for fucks sake. Donate.

Lessons learned

Stop being codependent and donate, aka vote with your wallet.