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- Hide Preview | 225 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by BadBoyProgrammer [Post Locked]

Many years ago, when I was about 18 years old, I knew a guy. I refer to him as 'the rat' as this is an accurate description of both his looks and personality. Back then I was still trying to be a typical 'good boy', until 'the rat' showed me the flaws in my ways.

The rat was a short guy. He was ugly as well. His nose was crooked and too long for his face. His hair was greased and always unkempt. He owned two pair of clothes. His clothes had holes in them and barely got washed.

His room only had an old dirty mattress and a chair in it. He did not own these things. He borrowed them. His only possession was an old ashtray that he likely stole at some point in time. He was a thief and regularly stole stuff.

He did not have a job and when he on occasion got one he was fired within a week. He did not care and had no ambition whatsoever. He was always broke and the little money he got his hands on was spend on alcohol.

Most of the time ‘the rat’ smelled like piss and beer. He did not take many showers. He did not clean his bed sheets. He did not iron his shirts. He did not comb his hair.

The rat did not have much charisma. He was generally an unlikable person. He did not have any friends either.

At the time he was the perfect opposite of myself. I had a similar room and it was decorated with tasteful furniture. I had a whole dresser filled with brand name clothes. I ironed my shirts, combed my hair and took care of my shoes. I made sure to be polite, nice and friendly to people. I took showers. I had a good job and a wallet filled with money.

Almost every evening he did have a girl in his room. And every evening I did not have a girl in my room. I could hear him have fun with a whole bunch of girls while I did nothing but masturbate to my extensive porn collection.

One day I decided to figure out what I did wrong. How could a loser like him get this many girls, while I, as a decent guy, got none?

I made friends with him and asked to go out with him. I offered to pay for all his expenses and he happily agreed. And so we went out into the city.

When arriving at the first venue he was not allowed inside by the bouncer. I could go strait inside if desired, but he was not. Not weird considering I dressed in my best outfit and had well maintained shoes on my feet. My hair was combed. I looked like a ‘good boy’. He obviously looked like a homeless guy or perhaps a drug addict. Only at the thirth venue we visited he was allowed inside.

Once inside I walked strait to the bar trying to get the attention of the barkeeper. It took a little while for me to order two beers. And when I finally turned around with beers in my hands ‘the rat’ walked up to me and said; "This place is dead, lets go."

A little confused I looked around. Plenty of good looking girls in this venue. I could not understand why he would call this place "dead". I stared at the beer I just got for us and suggested to first drink the beers. He took one and swallows the beer away like only a proper alcoholic can do. It was gone within a seconds.

After leaving the venue and trying to get inside another I decided to not buy another beer. Good chance that he would decide to leave just after I bought more beers. That would be a waste of money. Instead I focused my attention on him.

What I then observed blew my mind.

When I went to a venue I always walked strait up to the bar to order a beer. Then I would stand and look around for someone to talk to. Hopefully a pretty girl. In most cases I had to drink a few beers just to get the courage to talk.

This is not what he did.

Once he entered a venue he walked immediately up to a girl and said to her: "Hey babe" or "Hi cutie". Most girls instantly rejected him. They made sounds like: "Eeewww" or "Ugghh". Most girls would roll their eyes.

His answer to these girls was one word: "slut" or "whore". Then he would move on to the next girl in his vicinity. It never took long before he had "talked" to all girls in the venue. And in most cases he only got "ewww's" or "ugh's".

However, once in a while a girl would react positive to him. She be drunk most likely. But that did not matter much. He made some jokes, whispered something in her ear, squished her ass and then a few minutes later they would leave the venue. He takes her home. Sometimes he took two girls home.

And this is why ‘the rat’ got laid while I did not. He approached girls. He approached a great many of girls. He did not have any special technique. He did not have any witty stories to tell or status to show off. Basically the only thing he did was saying "Hey babe", without any care in the world.

I did not. I barely approached a single girl. And if I did it was while being drunk. I would never say words like “Hey babe” or “Hey cutie” to a girl. I was told this is impolite behavior. I always tried to make a good impression. Always trying to show myself in the best light as possible. Trying to impress a girl with my career prospects, my good taste in home decoration or my fashion sense.

This guy, who I like to refer to as ‘the rat’, is a perfect example of what guys do wrong. You can be a complete loser, without any ambition, friends, money, hygiene, morals or status and still get plenty of girls in your bedroom.

You do not even have to comb your hair or take a shower. You do not even have to own a bed or your own sheets. It does not even have to be clean. All it takes is the balls and carelessness to approach a whole bunch of girls. One of them is stupid enough to have sex with you. She will likely be simple enough to enjoy it as well. She will come back for more.

Every time you are thinking about not looking good enough, or about not having good clothes, or about being without a job, just think about this ‘rat’. He was not a cool guy. He was not an alpha male. He was not a leader. He did have no status. He was not good looking.

His only possession was a stolen ashtray.