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- Hide Preview | 102 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by VasiliyZaitzev [Post Locked]

Chatting Her Up: So I Met A Nude Model

So I met a girl this past week who turned out to be a nude model – kids, it’s just my life. She was cute in a “slut pretty” kind of way, i.e. over processed, but would still bang – think Ariana Grande (only normal height and with tits) or Faith Goldy.^1

How do you open a nude model? Well first, you stop giving a shit that she’s got a rockin’ body – which, for obvious reasons, she does. What you don’t do is drool all over her hotness, like a betafag would - “OMGEEEE!!! Ur so PREEEETEEEEEY!!!” Have some dignity. Don’t compliment her on her hair or eyes – on those occasions when I compliment a girl, I do it based on something she’s chosen or did on her own rather than her looks. Also, the best thing to compliment her on is when she does something or engages in some behavior that I want her to repeat….such as cooking me dinner or giving me a blowjob. If a girl behaves in a feminine way, give her a treat, and girls love compliments.

So back on chatting her up. Your move is to flip the script. Even “normal” girls get offered dick a dozen times a day. Hot girls get offered dick a dozen times an hour. The thing is, this is usually done badly by supplicating guys who tell them how wonderful they are and how the guy isn’t worthy.

This is NOT attractive. Bear in mind that girls have their own set of existential problems and coming off as a weak loser doesn’t improve your position - “OMG!!! You’re so beautiful! You could have a thousand guys!”^2

So your move is to flip the script and get her to qualify herself to you. How? The most common technique involves a compliment followed by a mild neg, so something like, “You’re cute, but do you have anything going on besides your looks?”

To me that sounds canned, so I go with something more direct – and minus the unearned compliment – such as, {with an expression that’s half conspirational had half skeptical – remember, I am going for a “mildly subversive” vibe} “So…tell me Your Story.” In this case, I’ve essentially given her a command, so I’m really speaking to her subconscious female brain, which understands that (a) I am not intimidated by her looks at all, and (b) expect compliance, which her “submission” wetware DIGS.

So now I have her telling me all about herself, giving me angles I can use, etc., and she’s qualifying herself to me in terms of what she has going on in her life and, by implication, what value she has to offer, rather than the other way around.

Then she let drop that she’s a nude model. I’m sure she doesn’t want to lead with this, but has to slip it in as a way to get rid of guys who would object to her line of work, e.g. prudish or insecure guys. Actually she said “topless model”. To this I replied “Really?” and ofc, this gave me the opportunity to ogle her to my heart’s content – I had her stand and do a turn for me. Once she re-seated herself, I said, “Hmm. Perhaps you meant ‘nude model’?” - whatever angels are made out of, her ass was made out of the same thing, and there was NFW that, having monetized nudity that she was going to leave her real moneymaker out of the equation. She shyly admitted that yes, she was in fact a nude model. So I carried on the conversation as normal, never judging her – I’m sure this happens a lot – so by and by she got to thinking I was a chill guy, and so my seduction of her continued.


Do not supplicate. It's not a good look, and puts you in an inferior position to your quarry.

Remember that YOU are the Prize and that she should qualify herself to you, not the other way around.

Whatever comes your way, always keep your cool and the rewards can be great.

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^1 I love me some Faith, but you know she’d be a wildcat in the sack. You just know it. Plus you would actually bang Faith, as opposed to Lauren Southern, unless you really really had a blonde fetish.

^2 One of the hottest girls I ever banged told me that some dude attempted to come on to her with this line once. She continued (to me), “But I only need one.”