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- Hide Preview | 102 Comments | submitted 3 months ago by VasiliyZaitzev [Post Locked]

Chatting Her Up: So I Met A Nude Model

So I met a girl this past week who turned out to be a nude model – kids, it’s just my life. She was cute in a “slut pretty” kind of way, i.e. over processed, but would still bang – think Ariana Grande (only normal height and with tits) or Faith Goldy.^1

How do you open a nude model? Well first, you stop giving a shit that she’s got a rockin’ body – which, for obvious reasons, she does. What you don’t do is drool all over her hotness, like a betafag would - “OMGEEEE!!! Ur so PREEEETEEEEEY!!!” Have some dignity. Don’t compliment her on her hair or eyes – on those occasions when I compliment a girl, I do it based on something she’s chosen or did on her own rather than her looks. Also, the best thing to compliment her on is when she does something or engages in some behavior that I want her to repeat….such as cooking me dinner or giving me a blowjob. If a girl behaves in a feminine way, give her a treat, and girls love compliments.

So back on chatting her up. Your move is to flip the script. Even “normal” girls get offered dick a dozen times a day. Hot girls get offered dick a dozen times an hour. The thing is, this is usually done badly by supplicating guys who tell them how wonderful they are and how the guy isn’t worthy.

This is NOT attractive. Bear in mind that girls have their own set of existential problems and coming off as a weak loser doesn’t improve your position - “OMG!!! You’re so beautiful! You could have a thousand guys!”^2

So your move is to flip the script and get her to qualify herself to you. How? The most common technique involves a compliment followed by a mild neg, so something like, “You’re cute, but do you have anything going on besides your looks?”

To me that sounds canned, so I go with something more direct – and minus the unearned compliment – such as, {with an expression that’s half conspirational had half skeptical – remember, I am going for a “mildly subversive” vibe} “So…tell me Your Story.” In this case, I’ve essentially given her a command, so I’m really speaking to her subconscious female brain, which understands that (a) I am not intimidated by her looks at all, and (b) expect compliance, which her “submission” wetware DIGS.

So now I have her telling me all about herself, giving me angles I can use, etc., and she’s qualifying herself to me in terms of what she has going on in her life and, by implication, what value she has to offer, rather than the other way around.

Then she let drop that she’s a nude model. I’m sure she doesn’t want to lead with this, but has to slip it in as a way to get rid of guys who would object to her line of work, e.g. prudish or insecure guys. Actually she said “topless model”. To this I replied “Really?” and ofc, this gave me the opportunity to ogle her to my heart’s content – I had her stand and do a turn for me. Once she re-seated herself, I said, “Hmm. Perhaps you meant ‘nude model’?” - whatever angels are made out of, her ass was made out of the same thing, and there was NFW that, having monetized nudity that she was going to leave her real moneymaker out of the equation. She shyly admitted that yes, she was in fact a nude model. So I carried on the conversation as normal, never judging her – I’m sure this happens a lot – so by and by she got to thinking I was a chill guy, and so my seduction of her continued.


Do not supplicate. It's not a good look, and puts you in an inferior position to your quarry.

Remember that YOU are the Prize and that she should qualify herself to you, not the other way around.

Whatever comes your way, always keep your cool and the rewards can be great.

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^1 I love me some Faith, but you know she’d be a wildcat in the sack. You just know it. Plus you would actually bang Faith, as opposed to Lauren Southern, unless you really really had a blonde fetish.

^2 One of the hottest girls I ever banged told me that some dude attempted to come on to her with this line once. She continued (to me), “But I only need one.”

[-] Kyogata 115 Points 3 months ago

You met a girl who's good looking, and knows it, and knows how to make money from it. Maybe she can't make money any other way. You had a chat and she told you about herself. Then she went away. Is that it? Or am I missing something?

[-] iloveeveryone2020 190 Points 3 months ago

You're missing the part where this became a life affirming experience that transformed this person into a more enlightened being. He no longer walks. He levitates. [edit: levitates is better]

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 63 Points 3 months ago

I prefer the term "levitates"....

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] Deadlybeef 24 Points 3 months ago

Can confirm. I am hovering right now.

[-] itiswr1tten 74 Points 3 months ago

You're missing the entirety of the point, which is guys fail at inception by supplicating instead of getting the girl talking about herself.

This is especially important the hotter the girl is, because 95%+ of attempts to bag her are identical and revolting to her.

When she is talking about herself in the context of a date or being approached, she'll naturally start to qualify herself. This attempt to state her value subconsciously makes her feel like she needs to be valuable for you. That's attraction

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 22 Points 3 months ago

^ This.

[-] pointster_VSK 7 Points 3 months ago

Nice story, def see how this works as i deal with hot women all the time. I work at a concert venue so I’m always chatting up hotties.

Sometimes they have a very big self esteem or inflated ego. Now how would you have responded if she gave you a look of shock or disgust and asked “what story.”

As if to shit test you or question your direction.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 19 Points 3 months ago

Sometimes they have a very big self esteem or inflated ego. Now how would you have responded if she gave you a look of shock or disgust and asked “what story.”

"Everyone has a story. What's yours?"

If she becomes aggressive either make an excuse and depart or simply maintain frame: "Who hurt you?" or similar.

[-] HS-Thompson 4 Points 3 months ago

Love the “who hurt you” comeback.

I’ve had really good experiences at breaking down women by just looking them in the eye and saying “have you experienced sexual trauma” or similar. This tends to work the best on extremely hot girls like models because one, of course they have, two it’s definitely not a standard pickup line or conversation topic the last guy used, and three, it unleashes a torrent of strong emotion and women are addicted to emotion, it bonds them to you.

Won’t work if it’s said with any hint of sarcasm, and of course it’s congruent with my older successful man frame, but it’s a strategy that works.

[-] phibetared 3 Points 3 months ago

I'm not Mr. VZ, but I love and use the "What's your story?" line all the time. I would not expect a look of shock or disgust (doesn't make sense), but if she said "What story?" I would say "Your story? How did you get here (to this way cool concert. I'm skeptical about you, but you are here so maybe you are interesting. Here is your chance to prove it to me)? "

I use the line because I really do want to hear their story. First I want to know if they are intelligent enough to talk. Second I want to know if maybe I want to spend any of my valuable time with them.

[-] kellykebab 1 Point 3 months ago

Yeah, but a "field report" where all the guy does is say, "tell me your story" to a good-looking woman hardly justifies 800+ words of overanalysis.

It's pretty ironic the dude is lecturing us about avoiding the need for a woman's validation when validation from TRP is the only apparent goal of this pretty mundane post.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] HumanSockPuppet 10 Points 3 months ago

The gold is in the details.

[-] odin1111 6 Points 3 months ago

Yes you are missing something. you're missing his approach to conversation and qualifying her instead of the other way around.

this is actually something extremely useful. Its a shame you didnt read carefully enough to get anything out of, you and 36 other people apparently.

But that's ok, uncle Vas doesn't do this for people who wont get it, he does i for people that WILL get it, or at least TRY to get it by reading through it a few times, rather than "u diNt BanG RiGhT DEReE REEEEEEE" like it seems you're doing.

Instead I'd like to say Thank you to uncle Vas.

@Kyogata give gratitude and credit where it's due instead of snark and you'll go far.

Thank you u/VasiliyZaitzev

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 4 Points 3 months ago

As /u/itiswr1tten correctly states, you're missing the point of the post. I combined a piece on "qualification" with a serendipitous encounter to serve as an example.

[-] kellykebab -1 Point 3 months ago

Don't you love field reports where a guy successfully spoke to a woman without making her vomit? Is there anything more inspiring?

[-] Pestilence1911 4 Points 3 months ago

Meditate on it.

What have you learned, how can you apply this?

[-] no_face 33 Points 3 months ago

What the hell is happening to this sub?

[-] redhawkes 26 Points 3 months ago

Ikr, it's strange when you see something of value like this, instead of looks is everything/woe is me/feel good platitudes along with incel/spergs brigades.

[-] KeffirLime 27 Points 3 months ago

I'm glad some of the user base has noticed this as well.

The high level overview posts, discussing ideas and concepts, especially the feel good ones, seem to be received well, and rightfully so. They're necessary.

However, when it comes down to specifics, actionable advice that can be put to the test, some of the readers really shit the bed.

I assume because now instead of circle jerking and walking away with a warm fuzzy feeling, they may actually have to come to terms with doing something, out in the real world.

[-] YasserZe 10 Points 3 months ago

Yeah , it's a bad read if op doesn't have an orgy at the end

[-] odin1111 8 Points 3 months ago

yeah usually im not for what the hell is happening to this sub kind of comments, but recently, the sub has been filling up with snarky faggots in the comment section, usually giving bad advice or putting down those giving good advice in a snarky manner. I cant wait for the forums to go up.

[-] kellykebab 2 Points 3 months ago

How is this valuable? The post can be boiled down to: OP told a pretty girl, "tell me your story." Wow, earth-shattering. No clue if this even lead to getting a number, if the conversation continued much beyond this, if they made out, etc. I think we all know by now that you're not supposed to shower hot women with compliments as soon as you meet them.

[-] redhawkes 6 Points 3 months ago

Obviously you don't understand that this is a series of posts. It's not about what OP said, it's about the underlying dynamics. Learn to read the context, not just words.

I think we all know by now that you're not supposed to shower hot women with compliments as soon as you meet them.

Yea you know my ass, that's why askTRP gets clogged like a toilet with this kinda questions.

[-] kellykebab 1 Point 3 months ago

I understand the dynamics that OP is illustrating. But his interpretation of those dynamics is not particularly credible if he does not show how they actually operated in the real world. Instead, he tells us what the dynamics are and we're just supposed to take it on faith that he interpreted this girl's reaction correctly and that his line was super clever.

But if I don't know what actually happened next (did they make out, did he get a number, did they keep talking, etc.), then I really can't be certain that OP's understanding of the dynamics of the situation was actually correct. Anyone can spin an interaction after the fact to make themselves look wise and clever.

[-] redhawkes 4 Points 3 months ago

You’re missing the most important part of TRP - go out and test it.

Be outcome independent.

There’s no shortcut/cheat code/pussy password here, you’ll get that with experience.

[-] wishiwascooltoo 23 Points 3 months ago

Who knew so much thinking and planning and work went into being a chill guy?

[-] grandmasbroach 21 Points 3 months ago

Hold on. Did you just write a field report about simply talking to a girl? I was waiting to read the, then I took her back to my place. But, that never happened... I don't think having a conversation with someone is field report worthy.

[-] classicverdant 5 Points 3 months ago

Not every interaction you have with a girl has to end in bed. He is addressing a specific issue a large number of guys go through.

[-] grandmasbroach 0 Points 3 months ago

Well, on a sex strategy sub I'd say it's a little bit important. The whole, sex thing that is.

[-] Questionnaire7 2 Points 3 months ago

This is a positive masculinity sub. It does deal with sex a lot but its not a sex sub. As in the action. Clearly men and masculinity is a sex lol

[-] grandmasbroach 1 Point 3 months ago

Pretty sure it's a sexual strategy sub for men there buddy... Straight off of the synopsis on the sidebar of what this sub is.

The Red Pill: Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 3 Points 3 months ago

You are missing the point. I was using it as an illustration of "qualification". I could write "adventure porn" ofc, but wasn't the point here.

[-] Atheist_Utopia 17 Points 3 months ago

Dear Chairman Zaitzev,

From what age did you become a pussy slayer?

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 29 Points 3 months ago

Any wisdom I have is the product of long and difficult experience...but for you guys, it's free.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] atticusfinch1973 14 Points 3 months ago

Curious how you actually met her in the first place - through work or in a social setting. This is the type of girl that most guys would be way too insecure to actually approach directly.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 15 Points 3 months ago

Curious how you actually met her in the first place - through work or in a social setting.


This is the type of girl that most guys would be way too insecure to actually approach directly.

Remember who you're dealing with: Mr. Level 99 DGAF. I have zero approach anxiety and I go after the dime pieces, because (a) I like hot women, and (b) I have a much clearer field precisely because other men are afraid to approach them.

Girls have their own set of existential problems, and a lot of hot girls realize that they may be giving up things in the "looks" department to get other things they want in a man. Plus this girl was "Group 3", i.e. prefers older men.

[-] pre-death 7 Points 3 months ago

Damn.....I can only imagine having a bulletproof frame like yours....soon......

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 4 Points 3 months ago

If you can see it, you can be it.

[-] tranquil_af 2 Points 3 months ago

Uncle Vasiliy, can you please make a post about building and maintaining frame? I would be extremely grateful.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] vandaalen 13 Points 3 months ago

The most common technique involves a compliment followed by a mild neg, so something like, “You’re cute, but do you have anything going on besides your looks?”

Coincidentaly I witnessed a friend of mine opening a stripper this weekend, with a line following the same principle:

"Nice tits! What's the weight of one of them? One kilo?"

Dude's a natural by the way. Skinny fat, 5'6" at max, balding hair, but high-energy, and a creator, not a consumer who's dreaming big and always got something going on, and he is slaying left and right.

[-] markinsinz7 1 Point 3 months ago

What kind of shit does he usually have going on?

[-] vandaalen 1 Point 3 months ago

I won't go into detail, because it's a very unique niche, but let's say that he is running a rock opera.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] markinsinz7 10 Points 3 months ago

What a life you've lived and continue to do so. I know getting laid with pretty girls is something quite simple. In fact when we look around in crowded cities and even urban towns there's so many pretty chicks. That just going by law of numbers almost any normal decent guy that approaches girls should be getting laid with decent looking girls.

I've been at the redpill for 4 years now. And no one has stuck around like you have for this long to continue to provide inspiring posts and gentle mindset reminders.

Which begs the question of your story in a way. It'd be nice to know how things started for you - first lay first gf so on...and what brought you here. How you continue to view life when so many Chads are around lining up with Instagram profiles in the 10k plus and basically able to steal that hoe of yours.

[-] Da_RectumWrecker 7 Points 3 months ago

Where is the rest of the story? Breaking it up into multiple posts?

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 26 Points 3 months ago

Nope. The point of this was not to write "adventure porn" it was to illuminate the importance of "qualification."

[-] Da_RectumWrecker 4 Points 3 months ago

Maybe story was the wrong word, not accusing you of making anything up. I just thought that the post ended early and wanted to see it go further so there was more to discuss.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 17 Points 3 months ago

Oh, I didn't take it that way. My point was that PiV wasn't the point, it was using the right tool for the job to get a girl to qualify herself rather than pedestalizing her. Whether I smashed that night (did not) or later (did) was immaterial to the discussion.

[-] odaklanan_insan 3 Points 3 months ago

Dude, I've just approached a girl with showing zero anxiety and nearly ended up being an abuser from her perspective. I feel like shit right now. But at least I've re-evaluated the conversation and detected some certain things that I've done right and wrong.


Next time maybe...

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 7 Points 3 months ago

Unless you are somehow outside the parameters of civilized society, that seems like she's defective.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] Self-honest 5 Points 3 months ago

Excellent post. It's important to set that dynamic and then maintain it. To me it's that simple. Any shift in dynamic should be initiated by you. If anyone tries to change the dynamic on you recognize and don't let it happen.

Set correctly. Maintain.

[-] itiswr1tten 5 Points 3 months ago

Is she A Rear Of The Year candidate? There's only 28 days left in that competition.

Solid FR. I do something similar to your opener that works on just about everyone, which is to ask an impossible question like "tell me your life's story" or "so what's your deal".

They'll chuckle, protest the inquiry, or sputter a bit. I'll interrupt with a goofy expression and say "No. Tell me the whole thing RIGHT NOW!"

This approach keeps the mood light but is very engaging and makes people feel like you're interested in them.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 7 Points 3 months ago

Is she A Rear Of The Year candidate? There's only 28 days left in that competition.

That booty was Right, Tight and In The Light.

Solid FR. I do something similar to your opener that works on just about everyone, which is to ask an impossible question like "tell me your life's story" or "so what's your deal".


[-] buttgoogler 5 Points 3 months ago

I'm amazed by the amount of "what's the point?" comments, holy fuck. Are you guys fucking retarded?

[-] mette13 5 Points 3 months ago

This, and all the content linked, is not even gold, more like unobtainium. It's priceless advice and religiously reading it gives me a satisfaction greater than watching the matrix working in all its beauty.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 3 Points 3 months ago

I try to help when and where I can.

[-] X-Trem0 4 Points 3 months ago

So your move is to flip the script and get her to qualify herself to you. How? The most common technique involves a compliment followed by a mild neg, so something like, “You’re cute, but do you have anything going on besides your looks?”

I love to use the "Dear God you're lucky you're pretty!" when she says something silly, while I kiss her head.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 14 Points 3 months ago

A couple of years ago, I was traveling with OLTR1, and we were in a hotel suite that had his/her baths. There was a trick to the hot water faucet, and my Superior Masculine Brain found the engineering solution quickly. I washed up and came out as she emerged from hers - "The hot water doesn't work!"

Ofc, I got it going, came back out 20 seconds later and said, "The hot water works just fine - and it's lucky you're so pretty", and then swatted her ass as she went by.^1

Her brain :(

Her pussy :)

^1 "Possession of the Ass is 9/10^th of the Law" - From, The Sayings of Chairman Zaitzev.

[-] domoli 11 Points 3 months ago

This reads like a scene from one of Connery's Bond films.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 12 Points 3 months ago

The old Bond films are a master class in "Amused Mastery."

[-] trpthrowaway80 6 Points 3 months ago

Which is a great mindset. I've used this line a number of times and she laps it up.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] MentORPHEUS 6 Points 3 months ago

There was a trick to the hot water faucet

Let me guess, bilateral asymmetry was too much for her?

Reminds me of the time 25 years ago I was painting my kitchen so had the handles off everything. My GF calls me at work with a pissy tone, "Your SINK won't go off!" I leave work and drive over, 20 minutes after the fact her and two vapid friends are sitting in the living room laughing and chatting while the sink runs and runs. She had taken pliers and stripped most of the splines off the brass stem. I used my fingers and turned it off counterclockwise, then ran the three of them off.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 5 Points 3 months ago

I don't recall what the exact trick was, but the possibilities were finite so I solved the problem using "Calculatus Elminatus" - it's the best friend that you've got.

[-] kellykebab 4 Points 3 months ago

So... don't freak out while talking to a model because it will turn her off. Just save it for a long-winded post online? Got it.

Did you even get this chick's number?

[-] KeffirLime 4 Points 3 months ago

How many models have you banged? Or even spoken to? This is a place for men to trade notes, so please tell us how it's done, we're all ears.

[-] kellykebab 1 Point 3 months ago

What does the analysis add if it isn't clear what the effect of the comment, "tell me your story" actually was? He's claiming that it was a really suave thing to say for reasons a, b, c, and so on, but did he get this girl's number? Did they make out?

I don't know from the story whether the line was actually successful or not, so it's not particularly convincing to me that it was all that epicly genius of a line. For all I can tell, this girl may have talked to OP for 3 more seconds and then hopped back on her phone.

I also find it a little silly that this guy cautions against obsessing over a woman's looks to her face, but gushes like a teenager to a bunch of strange guys online. What's the difference, ultimately?

[-] KeffirLime 1 Point 3 months ago

It could have ended in an orgy, it could have not, that's not the point. The focus is on one particular aspect of an interaction, that directs it on a favorable direction. It's not a guaranteed lay, which is why OP is not selling it as such. He's not a salesman.

"Do this one thing and get laid"

He's giving you a tool, that you can use to direct interactions in your favor. Whether you do all the other shit you need to do to close a woman is entirely up to you.

He's given the reasoning and psychology behind why it's successful, which you're welcome to disagree with, but to expect it to end in online erotica when discussing any useful aspect of any contact with females is just adolescent.

[-] kellykebab 1 Point 3 months ago

My point is that I don't know how reliable the tool is if I don't have a better indication of what effects it actually produced in practice.

A bunch of analysis of the technique don't mean much to me if the writer can't also illustrate how those dynamics played out in way that was advantageous to the writer.

It's really simple. If 2 minutes after this guy's line, "tell me your story," the girl turned away and stopped talking to OP for the rest of the night, would you say his line was very effective? Would you say it was really worth repeating over any other possible line? I wouldn't. So it's worth knowing what actually happened.

I also think the guy exaggerated the novelty and impact of his line in his analysis, which is one of the main reasons why I'm curious what the end result of his exchange with this woman was. His line does not strike me as being as clever as he claims, so that's why I'm somewhat skeptical that it was really all that effective.

I also think nonverbal communication probably accounts for a good 60-70% of effective socializing, so anytime I read a story that leaves those details out, I feel like I'm missing more than half the picture.

[-] donkeydodo 3 Points 3 months ago

Reminds me of a story of my own; I was at a rave, and a girl I had been messing with all night without any real interest came up to me, gave me xtc and said; you and me are gonna party tonight, 1 hour later I was fucking her brains out

The girl turned out to be a Cam girl / ex stripper; she can literally fuck who she wants, orbited by betas

The reason I got to tap her was because as mentioned, I didn’t even want to fuck her at first - I treated her like a human. The keypoint here is be the prize, don’t pedestalize pussy and it’ll come to you

Gj OP!

[-] BewareTheOldMan 3 Points 3 months ago

"Do not supplicate. It's not a good look, and puts you in an inferior position..."

This is good advice for use toward any woman - super-hot or not.

[-] SpecialistParticular 3 Points 3 months ago

WTF, there's a huge swing between tiny underdeveloped Ariana Grande and Faith Goldy.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 1 Point 3 months ago

They don't look like each other but they're both "slut pretty".

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[-] suxxos 2 Points 3 months ago

Is being a nude model such a big deal, though? I had a few girls who posed for nude pictures/paintings, not porn or anything, very subtle artistic stuff. And it was cool, they had beautiful bodies; not necessarily huge tits or anything, just very pretty. Nice skin, fit, nicely shaped and so on. Lost of artistic girls do this stuff I think, as long as they are sort of good looking.

[-] New_Guard 2 Points 3 months ago

I dated an internationally recognized erotic nude model for a year. It was quite an experience. It taught me a lot about the female psyche. I didn't need to actively play frame games on her a ton, because she made a full investment in me quite quickly, but for the first month or two, I had a lot of behind the scenes psychological work to do. She was outrageously beautiful, as well as having a super hot bod, so she got intense attention everywhere. Guys would ask for her number almost daily. I'm a good-looking guy, but nonetheless, all this potential competition had me pretty worried that she would slip from my fingers. Fortunately, I tried my best to hide this feeling from her and never discussed it with her. I quickly realized that stressing over whether I "deserved" her or "matched up" to her was counterproductive. She had clearly decided I was worthy, and there was no other metric that was more important than that.

On this forum, we spend a lot of time thinking about how male and female psyches are different, and strategizing how to use our awareness of these differences to our advantage. This is valid and important. But don't forget that women are also just people who want genuine interpersonal connection. And especially in the case of very beautiful women, they are very rarely treated as normal humans. She and I dated for a year in large part because our interests and values highly overlapped, and we really stimulated each other's psyches as one interesting human interacting with another interesting human. I might even say that talking to her till 5am about abstruse intellectual topics was just as fun and rewarding as putting my body inside hers.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 3 Points 3 months ago

I have a "Miss September" in my notch count. We were together, then we weren't, then I was getting her and her friend, then I wasn't. She was really mental - it was a classic "Anna Karenina" situation - toxic level of narcissism. When I broke up with her, she went berserk.

Me: "I'm breaking up with you."

Her: "Guys don't break up with me!"

Me: "I just did."

[-] New_Guard 1 Point 3 months ago

Yeah, mine was bipolar. She was upfront about it from the beginning, and symptoms were pretty much nonexistent for the first three months. They progressively increased from there, and ultimately, at one year, the opportunity cost of her incredible beauty and hypersexuality was no longer worth the bullshit. Breaking up with an incredibly beautiful woman definitely pulls the rug out from under her feet!

[-] lux_7 2 Points 3 months ago

Sounds good.

I think it's also OK to tell her, in a subdued fashion: "wow, cool" when she says "nude model". Simply because it's not something you meed every day and it is interesting.

Pretending it's nothing might seem like you're trying too hard to make it seem "normal".

[-] frooschnate 1 Point 3 months ago

Nothing new under the sun in the sub these days

[-] DropDeadTyrant 1 Point 3 months ago

random question, I've been doing the whole "get a girl to talk about herself" during cold approaches. But, when I go to talk to a girl a second time(because she was either neutral or recipient), is it ok to repeat the same stuff? For instance, I cold approached a girl and asked her about track, because she's on the track team. She instantly went into "talk about myself" mode. But, if i approach again, could I mention track to open her up, or is it one time only?

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 2 Points 3 months ago

You could ask her how track is going, so it's a continuation, rather than a repitition.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] UnbreakableButts 1 Point 3 months ago

I bet the thot doesn't report her taxes. Report her to the IRS and collect that cash.

[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] [deleted] 3 months ago
[-] cuteshooter 0 Points 3 months ago

So she models nude. So fucking what.

Unless that was your objective going in who gives a shit.

I have targeted specific types using online ads worded to attract specific personality types I'm interested in, and have placed myself in situations where the types I want to attract are available for interaction.

Doing this just once in awhile has kept my funnel to speak.

[-] scromboidfish 0 Points 3 months ago

My god, is this what it has come to...

[-] Radioactivebuny -1 Point 3 months ago

Her post: “When I stood up to show him my butt he said he wanted a better view and I stood there as he ran 500 meters down the street and looked at me through a PU scope.“

[-] Nexurius -1 Point 3 months ago

Since when is this just a big circlejerk?

[-] 3amDinner -3 Point 3 months ago

TLDR.....she gets naked for strangers on the interwebs, does she drink babies though?

[-] JonathanMekerset -4 Point 3 months ago

No need for this complicated shit just go in with abundance and the mentality that you’re better than her in every way and she’s a cute little kid who you dominate and whose comments mean nothing to you. That’s how you get laid.

[-] flapjacksrbetter -7 Point 3 months ago

What was the line the guy told the hot girl? What