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- Hide Preview | 30 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by ex_addict_bro [Post Locked]


Doesn't look like we actually "own" anything.


I own a small piece of field about 50 kms from where I live... or do I? As an "owner", I am legally obliged to pay small rural tax, about $20/3 months. Not much, isn't it? Piece of cake, right... but let me think what happens, when I stop paying those money. At first, I owe it to local authority. They sent a call for payment or two... then, they call a repo man and what he legally does? Under the law, he sells "my" land to cover the debt.

So am I the owner? Doesn't look like it. I'm rather a subscriber.

This is the same for flats in the city - taxes, mortgages and rent are obviously higher. This is the same for "my" MP3 music "in the cloud" or some software I use. This is slightly less obvious for Kindle ebooks that I "bought" (I actually paid one-time fee for renting them and the right to read them can be revoked at any time). Etc, etc, etc.

Lessons learned

If there is a tax on something, this means that a given thing can not be "owned" by an individual but is merely rented, at the legal will of the government and one's privilege to rent can be revoked at any time. This is just another fake layer of the Clown World: "you're an owner and you need to pay tax". The truth is "you're actually a subscriber, this is not yours and will never, ever be yours".

What does this post have to do with sexual strategy?

Not much. I'm reporting myself to the mods, if the post stays, that's on them. EDIT: looks like I'm not able to report my own post as breaking "rule zero". Oh well.