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- Hide Preview | 199 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by AllahHatesFags [Post Locked]

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This is straight from the whorses mouth, let me translate:

I was that girl who loved the bad boys. My nice guy had been my best friend for a number of years and I always knew he liked me but I was busy chasing assholes. 9 years we were best friends and grew up together and he watched me pick all the wrong people and get hurt.

I had a beta orbiter for nine years who I used for favors and as an emotional tampon in between getting pumped and dumped by Chad and Tyrone.

Other friends kept telling me to give it a chance etc. Two years ago he asked me to come over for dinner - it seemed fairly casual until I realised he’d asked me for Valentine’s Day. I can’t say I was guilted a-such but it still felt a little awkward. I was mega nervous thinking it was gonna be so awkward but when I turned up it was fine he’d cooked me a meal, bought flowers, a bottle of wine and chocolates and lit candles on the table.

The Chads weren't committing and my friends were encouraging me to settle down so I wouldn't end up as a spinster, so I agreed to go on a date with my favorite orbiter. He proved that he was willing to spend lots of money on me so I decided to make him my beta bucks provider.

We’re now headed towards our 2nd anniversary, have a lovely home together, a beautiful (but evil) Egyptian mau cat and couldn’t be happier. Because we were friends first we know we get on, we finish each other’s sentences and never run out of conversation. Yet to have one argument that goes beyond whose turn it is to wash up lol. He is genuinely the best thing to happen to me ever.

My beta bucks simp bought me a house and a cat and does whatever I tell him to without question. I am happy because I got to have my cake and eat it too, and if I get bored I can always divorce him, take half his shit and live off of alimony while I go back to getting pumped and dumped by Chad.

Sometimes the nice guy does win!

What exactly did the poor simp "win" here? A used-up, post-wall skank who has seen miles of dick and will do nothing for him but spend his money and occasionally give him duty sex with her twat that has been cummed in by dozens of other men.

This is textbook AF/BB. Men should stop rewarding bad behavior; if she didn't give you the best years of her life, don't pay her for the "privilege" of getting the worst. These desperate beta males are too thirsty to listen to reason, sadly, and the other commenters were cheering her on.

EDIT: The thot's post has now been gilded. We are in trouble as a nation.