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- Hide Preview | 288 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by ebaymasochist [Post Locked]

Natural selection fascinates me. Recently I heard that soon, the only factor that will decide "survival of the fittest" is choosing to have children or not. This is fucking depressing, but we see it in action all the time.. Smart, fit people deciding not to have kids, or to only have one, who might not have turned out so well.. Physically repulsive people breeding like rabbits..

Do I think people should just have as many children as possible? Fuck no. Absolutely not. I don't care if anyone here has kids. The world doesn't need more people.

Do I think casual sex has no value? Couldn't be further from the truth.

Do I think "nature" decides winners and losers based on passing on our genes? Yes. We all die eventually and the only way to "win" is if your particular combination of DNA is out there somewhere.. (According to nature)

We can say that the red pill is understanding evolution and psychology and building sexual strategy for men, but if you're drawing the line at getting laid, and not actually spreading seed, are you actually following your natural "alpha" programming or just finding a really fun way of faking it?

"Everything humans do in life is just to have sex".. Yes and no.. I mean that's kind of like saying "every job exists just to have money to go to the grocery store" and leave out the part of actually eating the food. Everything humans do in life is just to have sex, because sex makes more people. (I hate the word babies)

Is "fuck a bunch of women, but don't get anyone pregnant" the blue pill of TRP? Is it just an elaborate of jerking yourself off?

I am thinking about this because I am in my late 20s, have one son, will not be able to have another kid with his mother, but we live together.. I don't want to fuck around for too long and look back on it and think "I really let society decide this huge part of my life.. I really chose having money over having more kids. I chose one night stands over my true biological imperative."

I mean maybe it comes down to "choose your illusion"

Mods, if this belongs in another sub or something, just let me know and I'll move it