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- Hide Preview | 457 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by GodOfDinosaurs [Post Locked]

I've known Ashley since about Freshman year of high school. I always thought she was cute (fat ass, nice tits, pretty good face, HB 7.5ish), but never really talked much to her. She was always on the periphery of my friend group. The kind of person I might smile or wave at in the hall, but not hang out with after school. I never thought much of it other than she was hot.

Anyway, last week I get a text out of nowhere from her saying she thought she saw me at a bar (it wasn't me). We start talking and find out we're working in the same city and live about 20 minutes away from each other.

At this point, TRP knowledge kicks in automatically. She's pretty and has a forceful personality so she's used to guys just going along with whatever she says. I make a point to disagree in a way that playfully belittles her. E.G:

Her: X bar is the best in the whole city

Me: Yeah haha I also liked X bar back when I was using a fake

The conversation turned to politics at one point and I discovered she's now a full blown "men suck" feminist type. I'm pretty left-wing myself (probably closest to libertarian socialist), but we disagree on pretty much everything, so I ratchet up the tension a bit by making playfully sexist comments and not taking her seriously. Think: father-daughter attitude.

As a side note, not every message was like this. The "pull" is almost as important as the "push". Otherwise it just becomes annoying and you end up being the one who looks childish.

Fast-forward to Saturday night and I'm out with friends in the city. She texts me asking what's up and I find out she's with her friends just a few bars down the street.

Then comes the shit test: "I'd ask you to come see me but my boyfriend wouldn't like that".

At this point, I know it's pretty much in the bag. I choose the 'ignore' option and say "we've already been over that way but you can come to X". She says something about how this is so bad and how we shouldn't see each other etc. I withdraw attention and actually forget about her because it was getting late. I take an uber back to my house which was like a mile away. When I get home, I open my phone to another text from her asking where I am. I invite her over to my place and witness an absolute Olympic-caliber hamster performance:

She shows up to my place, I fuck her in the ass (she loves anal, lucky me), and I send her home. She says she'll kill me if I tell anyone. Yesterday she asked me to fuck her again and I declined; too busy. Boyfriend of 3 years looks like a nice guy on FB. I wonder when they'll get married?

EDIT: Lots of good discussion on the post, but I’m also getting a ton of comments asking what the fuck libertarian socialism is. If you’re interested in talking/debating about it please at least read the wiki first and then message me or we can discuss on another public forum. I’d rather stick to TRP concepts on the TRP subreddit.