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- Hide Preview | 495 Comments | submitted 2 years ago by GayLubeOil [Post Locked]

In the movie The Matrix, a man named Neo is floating around in a giant tub of pink semen while robots harvest his asshole for energy. Neo doesn't know about the energy harvest taking place, because the assrobots have sedated him with a virtual reality called the Matrix. Neo thinks that he's working in an office wearing a suit when in reality he's a naked guy floating around getting his ass drilled by robots.

The problem is that the robots are so busy drilling everyone's assholes that they forgot to fix the glitches in their virtual reality program. Neo notices the glitches and begins to think that something is weird. Wanting to get to the bottom of the situation Neo goes to a mysterious hotel within the Matrix. There he finds a Black guy named Morpheus. As is customary among the Blacks, Morpheus offers Neo some drugs: a Red Pill that allows him to see the truth and a Blue Pill sedative probably xanex.

Neo decides to take the Red Pill and honestly who could blame him? If you are being offered free drugs you obviously go with the most expensive option. Anyway The Red Pill is so fucking strong it immediately wakes Neo up from his 26 year slumber. He sees the Real. Robots are ass harvesting everybody. It's fucking crazy as fuck. He starts freaking out and the robots get rid of him so that they can assharvest someone more chill.

This community has chosen to call itself The Red Pill. In other words by its name alone, this community is implicitly making a very big promise to its readers. That promise is to deliver truth so potent that it will wake the reader from his pink semen tub slumber and allow him to save himself from exploitation by assrobots.

Allright so how do we deliver on our promise? Every Endorsed Contributors has their own unique answer to this question. Rollo Tomassi belives that by showing men the map of the Sexual Marketplace he can help them understand what is happening and avoid the roborape of becoming a beta provider. Archwinger teaches men the micro strategies of intergender relations in the hopes that they will extrapolate up and see the big picture. I GaylubeOil have taken the classic Spartan position, that by putting a man through physical hardship it is possible to reprogram his mind. All of us have our own unique process by which we take men from one state and transform them into a stronger state. So for example if a Red Piller's girlfriend accidently on purpose sits on a strange dick, he will be well prepared. Rollo taught him the hypergamous nature of women. Archwinger taught him about the female rationalizion ego preservation tactic. GaylubeOil has given him the physique to be competitive on Tinder and the will to persevere during stress. This is our hope as ECs and this is how we justify our content as Red Pill.

Unfortunately there is another group of men claiming to be the Red Pill. Lets call them the Counterfeiters. The Counterfeiters are quick to point out whats wrong with society but at no point do they offer a solution. Being angry at society for valuing women above men as it has done since the beginning of time doesn't accomplish anything. Being angry at women for forsaking logic in favor of emotion doesn't change anything. Yelling at the ocean for being salty and undrinkable doesn't transform it into fresh mountain spring water. However, that is exactly what Paul Elam MGTOWs and MRAs are doing. The tragic irony of the Counterfeiters is that by pretending to offer a solution they prevent men from finding a real solution. Venting frustration at women is not self improvement. It's one thing to discuss flaws in female thinking with they aim of greater understanding and perhaps sexual exploitation. It's another thing complety to write off all women and live in a pleasure cave of alcohol, masturbation and self inflicted victimhood.

At the end of the day men are masters of their own destiny. If a man wants to live his life in a virtual reality of video games, alcohol and increasingly bizarre pornography that's fine. There is nothing I or anyone else can do to stop him. However hiding from reality is by definition not the Red Pill. Anyone telling you otherwise is a counterfeiter selling Blue Pills painted Red. What I'm saying is that Paul Elam wants you to get assraped by Robots and that you should buy Rollo's book and lift.

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