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- Hide Preview | 485 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by KeffirLime [Post Locked]

I recently went to a family gathering where my 17 year old cousin gave me a crash course in Gen Z. (the jury is still out on the name). This is the post millennial generation. I don't generally like to package things into neat little boxes but for the sake of the post let's go with it.

She was showing me some "huge" boxing match between two YouTube "celebrities". Apparently YouTube and Instagram personalities are replacing film and music stars as the the big draw cards, welcome to the virtual takeover.

While she was showing me this whole boxing match saga we stumbled on to this video: "Why Do Girls Dump Their Boyfriends?"

The video shows some young fella interviewing Gen Z girls on a popular nightlife street in the US. Being a millennial myself and having endured a large part of my generation driving feminism to the heights we see today, I was still somewhat surprised by the state of affairs. It's a jungle out there to say the least and I pity the horde of programmed Soyboys coming off societies production line, that have to co-exist with these Vag-Lords. I can only hope that one day they may stumble upon a Sub such as this to (reluctantly) liberate themselves from the tyranny of a gynocentric haven.

The video starts out with the Interviewer asking young "Living my best life" thots why girls dump their boyfriends. I think their inebriated state assists in the truth they spit when answering the question, but their answers point to a much larger, gloomier problem for young men growing up today.

The glaringly obvious thread that ran through most of the answers was how men have become needy bitches, and woman just can't stand it. Ultimately the feminization of men as a whole.

In the intro one of the girls proudly boasts:

Her: Every guy I've broken up with has threatened to kill himself

As if it's just another feather in her cap. This is a far cry from the prehistoric days where a woman losing a man was a tragedy, like she had just lost her meal ticket(because she had). Or the stereotype of a woman sobbing at the loss of her beau, but here we have poor Billyboy's employing the dramatic(typically feminine traits) in an obscene display of oneities. Threatening to trade his own life for a c-grade clam in an attempt to negotiate attraction. She looks truly moved.

The same girl later on goes on to complain that:

Her: I make em comfortable and they cheat on me *and then shakes her ass at the camera*

It's truly a riddle as to why they struggle to settle with such a wholesome princess.

The next girl tells a tale of how she's dumped every boyfriend she's ever had with a snide look of accomplishment. She goes on to say the reason she dumped them:

Her: They were all way more obsessed with me than I was with them, It was gross.

Interviewer: They probably wanna share their feelings with you?

Her: Yeah, it's like stop, I don't wanna hear that

It seems our dames are more in tune with their sexual nature than ever, and why wouldn't they be, feminism has given them the platform to express it as freely as possible. Note the disgust a woman has for a low value man who hands himself over to a woman, she simply cannot harbor feelings for such a needy scrap of filth.

The BP notion of share your feelings and showing how much you care quite literally repels women. She goes on to say...

Her: I don't wanna see you all the time, maybe twice a week, don't be obsessed with me, thats disgusting. Let me go out, let me wear whatever the fuck I want.

Interviewer: And If I happen to make out with someone..

Her: Who cares, it was a slip up, shit happens.

Translation, be my little bitch, get comfy in my frame, I'm gonna go shop at the meat market as much as I want and If a sausage happens to land in my mouth, well then oh well shit happens.

More concerning is the mentality of these women. Our gynocentric oasis of a civilization has literally drilled into these princesses the entitlement that men exist to serve women. Funny, I've heard that one somewhere?....oh yeah, feminism used to say that about men. The script has well and truly flipped.

Lastly she goes on to say:

Interviewer: Men should focus on building themselves?

Her: Yeah, you gotta be 100% good with yourself, you confident with yourself before you get a girl.

It's gotten to the point that women are literally starting to tell men how to be men. Just be yourself, women will love you for who you are is the most cancerous statement for a young man to hear.

The next girl drops ancient wisdom:

Interviewer: Do you have a friend you keep in the friend zone to buy you dinner, but then you hit up another dude when you wanna get real?

Her: Yeah, thats exactly how it goes

The joke is, you don't even need the Red Pill to tell you this anymore, men have become such worthless rags that woman will boast about using them an interview. This is normal Gen Z behavior, it serves women, so why would we expect anything else? Woman are so aware of blue pill nature, and will milk it for everything it's worth. Don't be the butt of this joke.

Then an HB6 goddess adds:

Her: He was telling me he loves me, and I didn't like him, so I had to cut it off

The same guy who comes on here: "But you guys over at the Red Pill are such mean woman haters, you don't know what love is all about", while he drowns his sorrows in a masturbation binge.

The hypergamy bunny chimes in:

Interviewer: Do you think the grass is always greener?

Her: Yeah, always

While society shouts from the sidelines: "You go girl, you can do better, that man don't deserve a princess like you"

Then our self aware hood rat brings some sense to all this:

Her: It stresses me out because WTF, this guy is giving me attention, why can't I love him?

Interviewer: But then theres that guy who like spit on you at the bar...

Her: Yeah and then it's like hit me up

It's called AF/BB sweetheart. You get the tingles for the alpha, and the beta's dry your cooch faster than a Sub-Saharan summer. They're quite aware aware of this dynamic, do they care? No.

Last one is my favorite, this little meatball barks into the camera with a cigarette dangling out her hand that men need to:

Her: Workout, go swimming, take her for a walk, take her for dinner, have sex, I don't know just stop playing video games

Telling of her desires for an alpha man, every word dripping with entitlement as her stomach hangs out, and lungs fill up with tar. She does however do a great job of telling men how to be men again I'll give her that.

Now these woman will almost certainly ride the carousel with vigor for the next decade or so and then splat against the wall with ravaged lady bits. I pity the poor blue pill save a ho that offers them a ladder to climb it, but I have no doubt that this generation of white knights will be lining up for the opportunity.

They'll do that because these women are not the exceptions, they are a representation of the attitude of the median woman coming off the Gen Z production line, and the median man coming off it is the most feminized schmuck in history. Every one of these responses drip with feminine superiority, repulsed by the needy, clingy devoid of Alpha trait males. With masculine traits labelled as "toxic" it's no wonder these men they speak of are so lost. A portion of the millennial's held this notion but the vast majority of Gen Z is more widely infected with it than ever before.

The Nett result: A generation of men behaving more feminine than ever, society filtering the presence of (toxic)masculinity. With men adopting a feminine approach we get females behaving more masculine than ever to fill the man void.

Why is operating society on feminine empowerment values a problem?

Well as packaged so nicely in a CH post. Men compete, then cooperate. Women compete, then cast out.

Vertical male hierarchy ensures a place for everyone. Order is kept via rules-based discipline and the threat of demotion. Allows for graceful losing and peaceful surrender. Stable.

Horizontal female hierarchy causes massive churn, clique formation, uncertain and shifting status and frequent change of allegiance. Zero sum. Highly unstable.

Try and Imagine an interview like the one above being conducted 80 years ago, under a male dominated society, women would quiver to address men in such a manner on a public platform.

So lets just go back?

Well for starters those banking on a return of the TradCon Values should jump ship now or alternatively learn how to navigate the current climate. No amount of Jordan Peterson videos is going to change the course of modern culture back to their TradCon paradise. Society is galloping away from TradCon values and not looking back(well besides the hopeful BP idealists doing the ostrich).

Why wont a reversal work?

This is a really complex multifaceted issue that would take a lot longer than this post is intended to be to really get stuck into, but as a brief introduction, conservative values wont work today because of the same reason they did work. Faith. The breakdown of a faith driven community(or even nationalism) tribalism approach to a more secular diverse globalism approach.

Faith was the glue that held conservative values together. There was a man in the sky watching over every woman's behavior. If she wanted to be in prime alpha selecting position she had to be a good, faith holding woman. Behavior swaying too far from the doctrine was condemned and shamed by society, no man would tolerate it.

Advancements in Science coupled with liberal dogma has left the institutions of marriage and religion more worthless than ever before. Many still hold onto faith for comfort but very few are internalizing that there is truly a deity watching over us and judging our behavior. I can count a total of zero people I know who live by the prescribed doctrine, it's simply not compatible with modern society. The closest I've met is a married pair of Jehovah's Witnesses, they live a very TradCon life but only interact with Jehovah's Witnesses so as to not interfere with their faith.

This is why the most religious(or strong cultural influence) countries, still hold the most TradCon values. E.G Saudi Arabia, North Korea etc

So where does that leave us now?

Without gods to judge us and direct our lives, humans become the gods of their own lives. What do gods do? Well, whatever they want. Add in a few wars, women entering the workplace, contraceptive pills, feminine law protection, globalization, the internet, cellphones, welfare and we have a society where woman are as free as they've ever been. And what does a free woman do? Well sample every Alpha penis that lands in her snatch of course.

Gen Z cheers and pats them on the back: "YOLO, strong independent woman!" while the saddest and unhappiest generation of men and women unfold in our recorded history. Woman not satisfied with their newfound empowerment because It just so happens that woman don't really like behaving like men. Like every cohesive, natural selection driven species they still need and want men, and not men behaving like woman type of men, biologically alpha men, so that natural selection/biology can take place effectively.

Societal pressures have pushed both men and women to stray further and further from their biological nature. Men adopting more feminine traits, with woman becoming more career driven, providing for themselves, providing their own(or potential to) food and shelter, not settling down, not having kids. Compound this with women not having the consequence of having a baby after spreading her legs and it's opened up sexual promiscuity instead of strict selectiveness. The Alpha traits they would have selected for are labelled as toxic so they become more dormant in society than ever before. The less we are aligned socially with our biological nature the less happy we become.

I learnt from my cousin that she can't help but attract fuckboys. It appears that they are some of the last bastions of masculinity, now given a derogatory label in an attempt to shame Alpha behaviors. Her description of a fuckboy: Gym guys who fuck, but don't ever commit. It's truly one of lifes greatest riddles why they won't commit and settle with one vag in the greatest vag buffet in history. They're called called fuckboys because well, they fuck. And then all the "nice guys" of Gen Z offering commitment are the guys you heard about in our lovely short film.

So what to do?

No matter what direction we go in it will simply be another society, one we will need to learn to navigate all the same, so I'll open that discussion to the floor.

My last thought, TRP is going to be more relevant than ever with Gen Z. With a free and unregulated sexual market, it's the Alpha that is once again king. No more supposed one for one marriage, in a free market AF/BB is the order of the day. The Top 20% will be drowning in it while the remaining 80% go hungry, at least until they're established and even then they'll be picking from the post wall pool. It's like we've gone back to the principles that governed early man.

In the absence of stable women, plating is more relevant than ever. With the pussy buffet pumping, vetting is of paramount importance. With unregulated hypergamy a man needs to be outcome independent and willing to drop his treasured unicorn more than ever.

The market can still work for the individual, as long as he doesn't expect whats not being delivered and knows how to navigate the murky waters of the SMP that lies ahead.‚Äč