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Defend, Explain, Excuse, Rationalize...

The Four Horsemen of the argument apocalypse.

The surest sign of doom's arrival is the scornful tongue lashing from a toothed vagina. Once a woman in your presence argues with you, or tests you - the horsemen are coming to your doorstep.

When you feel the tremoring gallop of these riders approaching, you'd best close the white gates of your mouth, and seal them with your lips.

If they've already arrived, the conversation, as you know it, is over.

The mighty tides of white colored pussy cream, dried in an instant - rendered into friction filled dunes of dry-crusted sand.

The tingles, are gone.

From there, the arousing conflict transforms into a contest of how much power you will surrender to your adversary, the fair-faced, bearded clam.

The sin of entering arguments, or DEERing with women, will happen in 4 ways - each unique in both appearance and punishment.

Learn them well, and avoid them.

Defend - The first Horseman

^Being ^defensive ^is ^NOT ^to ^be ^confused ^with ^defending ^oneself ^from ^a ^real ^threat, ^like ^a ^physical ^attack, ^an ^attack ^to ^your ^character ^by ^ad ^hominem, ^or ^an ^attack ^against ^your ^ideas ^or ^beliefs. ^Defensiveness ^is ^a ^psychological ^response ^to ^perceived ^or ^imagined ^threat ^or ^attack ^to ^one’s ^sense ^of ^self.

  • What "Defend" Looks Like

^Examples ^Are ^Italicized

"I bet you say that to all the girls." --- "What, are you calling me a man-whore or something? I don't do that!"

"How could you not know where the spoons are?" --- "I looked fucking everywhere for them!"

"Dude, are you mad? Your face is all red and you're foaming at the mouth." --- "I am NOT angry! Why would you assume that! Maybe YOU'RE angry!"

"You really suck at having sex, babe." --- "What? But every other girl I've been with said I'm amazing! You're the one who sucks."

"You went and bought WHAT without talking to me about it?!" --- "But baby, I know I made the right call, look at all the benefits of this decision, don't you agree? Tell me why you disagree!"

"Only an idiot reads the red pill." --- "What? How DARE you question the red pill?! You're just a bloopie faggot!"

"I wish you would start doing the dishes." --- "I wish you would stop being so goddamn annoying!!"

"You suck." ---- "Why would you even say that about me? I'm fucking awesome! What did I do to you?"

Arms folded across your chest.

Eyes darting around. Rubbing the back of your neck or head in nervousness.

Strained facial muscles. A feigned smile.

Shifting back and forth in position.

  • Why People "Defend"

People become defensive because they aren't confident in their own decisions, and they don't believe in who they are. They feel guilty, ashamed, and timid about their choices. They question their sense of self. A defensive man is not an immovable mountain. Instead, they are an ungrounded castle, built upon pillars of sand, waiting to wither away and topple.

When you feel the urge to be defensive, you may believe what the other person (the female) says about you, and you must defend the validity of your inner sanctum from this attack. You question your internal beliefs, start to believe what the outsider is saying about you, and then you defend yourself to convince yourself of your own truth and beliefs. You feel that you are being personally attacked, and you are protecting your sense of self. Terrible, ain't it?

Even worse, some people experience the urge to be defensive when an attack isn't even intended! This is the result of upbringing, and unconfidence - perhaps policing parents who harassed their child, leading to a grown man becoming defensive and confrontational when a woman asks "Hey honey, where were ya last night?" Maybe you were actually out there doing some shady shit, and your guilt about doing what you were accused of leads you to becoming defensive.

We want people to see us the way we see ourselves - or at least not see us negatively - and we spend immense time and energy debating and defending ourselves and our decisions to others, because we want them to approve of us, and to see us in the same light we grant ourselves. We try to convince them that their perceptions of us are flawed - or incorrect.

If you are unclear about who you are, you start to believe what other people tell you, and feel the need to defend yourself by resisting your accusers arguments and attempting to prove yourself - A fencer, ferociously swatting every potential stab away from themselves, when in reality they are an enigma that can be penetrated by sword without suffering so much as a puncture wound. Being defensive is unnecessary, and a foreign notion to a grounded and confident man.

  • How "Defend" Punishes

Defensiveness validates accusations. It turns your vagina play toy into a threat - making a woman into an enemy by defending yourself from them. As the woman realizes they have gained the power to "get to you," and evoke feelings of defensiveness in their man, the Alpha-To-Beta shift begins in the sexual relationship.

By letting the sin of "Defend" pillage your conversation, you create an air of tension and social awkwardness. The girl will give you strange looks, and doubt your capabilities of authority and leadership as the captain of y'alls relationSHIP. This sin will arouse suspicion, and contempt in even the strongest of partner pairings.

Frequent defensiveness leads to women simultaneously shit-testing you more often, and distancing herself from you as she starts to lose attraction.

Explain - The Second Horseman

^If ^it's ^simple ^things ^that ^make ^people ^curious, ^or ^just ^conversational ^"stuff" ^in ^general, ^it's ^okay. ^Never ^explain ^the ^choices ^you've ^made, ^or ^the ^way ^you ^act ^and ^behave.

  • What "Explain" Looks Like

^Examples ^Are ^Italicized

"So, what are you looking for here on tinder?" --- "I'm really trying to find the one, I've been looking around for a couple years and kinda had a dry spell. What about you? Oh she unmatched."

"Why did you ask me out?" --- "Well because you're reeeeally pretty and you're my oneitis so I figured, hewk, might as well give it a shot! Hey wait where are you going?"

"Why don't you go make a move on her bro, c'mon?" --- "What? Why should I? You know I'm shy bro, I haven't asked out a chick in like, 5 years, I'll look like an idiot!"

"Why haven't you taken out the trash?" --- "Because babe, it's hot outside, and I've been looking for my sandals, I'm going to get around to it."

"Where did you put the car keys?" --- "Well babe, I was in the shower, and then I went downstairs, and then I pet the dog, and now I can't find them!"

"Why did you leave the TV on again? --- "Well, honey, I was downstairs, then I went to grab a beer, then I saw you laying on the bed and we got busy, then next thing I knew we fell asleep. I hope you understand why I left the TV on now."

I did this, this, and that, what do you think?

I did this this and that, did I do a good job?

Puppy dog eyes, eager for direction and approval.

Numale soy grin.

  • Why People "Explain"

Humans have a need to be understood. Many men have made the mistake of continuously giving a woman one more bit of info, so they'd just "get it."

This is because when it's a man to man conversation, explaining normally works - one friend explaining to another why they did what they did, that friend nodding and saying "Ahh," then moving on to talking about something else.

Then we go and try to explain ourselves to women - forgetting that they don't communicate through reasoning, and we don't explain ourselves to our subordinates. You put her into a position to judge you - like your mother would.
That's right, you explain yourself to your girl because you want to get your surrogate-mother's approval.

Finally, people think aloud in a concealed attempt to convince themselves that their decision was the correct one - hoping that by explaining themselves to someone else, they can get reinforcement of their choices through another's approval. She isn't your mother, nor on a pedestal, so stop looking up to her. Make a statement and shut the hell up.

You don't have to justify a reason for every action you take. Let others make their assumptions. Your actions will speak for themselves.

  • How "Explain" Punishes

Would you explain yourself to your 3 year old cousin, or daughter, or random snot-nosed kid on the street?

By committing the sin of explaining yourself to a woman, you instantly throw her into the role of authority. You give her the sub-communicative position of approving or disapproving your decision, and squander your credibility.

Even after hearing your well-thought out reasoning, women will still find a way to blame or chastise you. "Well you shouldn't have lost your sandals in the first place!" Explaining only welcomes drama into your life. Women will stand and stare, waiting for you to finish your explanation, then nod in approval or give you a verbal spanking like your mother would. Then they expect you to forever maintain this "bridge of open communication," with her, which really means they grow accustomed to you giving them status updates on your life, giving you shit if you ever stop seeking counsel with her, while they grow a side life of their own, in eager search of a new mystery.

The more you explain yourself to women, the more they will intentionally misconstrue your words and confuse themselves, because they want to keep the conversation going and eventually, as they grow bored, cause drama for your weak-ass. You're going to be hearing a lot of "so, basically what you're saying is..." until it leads up to yelling and arguing.

Excuse - The Third horseman

^You ^know ^what ^you ^did, ^but ^you ^reject ^responsibility.

  • What "Excuse" Looks Like

^Examples ^Are ^Italicized

"Why were you late to our date today!" --- "Babe, I was stuck in traffic, it wasn't my fault!"

"Why don't you go flirt with that girl?" --- "Psh, she's not my type, plus she's probably a slut anyways. And besides, I'd have to walk all the way over there. It's not worth it."

"Okay, well why don't you go ask that girl out?" --- "What? C'mon man, I'm not Red Pilled enough yet. Once I can squat 225, and I know all the iron laws by memory, then I'll ask her out. I'm just not ready yet!"

"What! That girl is so your type!" --- "Yeah well I don't feel like going over there man, my legs are numb! I had leg day today!"

"Why didn't you try to close that sale?" --- "Dude, you KNOW that guy wasn't going to close - I couldn't have changed it, guys like him never wanna buy."

"Weren't you supposed to pick up the kids an hour ago?" --- "I didn't do it on purpose, I just so much other stuff to do!"

"Why did you jump off the cliff?" --- "Everyone else was doing it!!"

"Why did you cheat on me?" --- "She made me do it!"

"Why didn't you go to the gym today honey?" --- "Ahhh babe you know how tired I get from work... then I gotta come home, take a shower, change my clothes, I'll go tomorrow - twice as hard."

"Didn't you tell me you were a rich club owner with a fancy condo suite, wheres your nice car?" --- "No no no babe, I said club PROMOTER... trust me the money is coming... I just uh... gotta cash in on a few investments first."

"Why did you get fired from work?!" --- "Jesus, I knew I shouldn't have worked with that BASTARD! This is all his fault! He's the cause of all this!"

Frightened face.

Look of anguish, worry, possible sweating.

Sleight of hand misdirection equivalent to a top tier magician - anything to keep attention off oneself.

Avoidant eye contact, shrugging shoulders, high pitched voice.

Looking like a bitch for using a bitch's communication tactic.

  • Why People "Excuse"

We make excuses when we want someone or something else to be responsible, rather than claiming that responsibility for ourselves. Often, it is to avoid uncomfortable feelings of overwhelming pressure - and a feeling of being attacked. They fear failure, and are deathly terrified of confronting failure. People will quickly shift the focus of the attack to someone or something external to feel a sense of relief, or absolvement.

This is because they live inside of a victim-mentality - where they are a pawn in the game of life that other people take advantage of, or cosmic circumstances screw them over regularly.

Or, it's because they realize some people actually do have problems, and fake a "woe is me" attitude to weasel their way into sympathy, attention, and forgiveness. Another excuse maker's rationale is because they are just lazy. Their priorities are not aligned, and rather than accomplishing what needs to get done, they procrastinate and then blame their failures on the sky wizard.

  • How "Excuse" Punishes

When you give a woman an excuse, you are subtextually screaming "I can't handle the responsibility! Please forgive me!" Essentially, you tell her that you're a child. Once that's been said, you surrender power and give her the opportunity to accept or reject your excuse.

Give excuses to anyone enough times, and they start to figure out your word means jack shit - that you are not reliable, untrustworthy, and ultimately full of shit. But this isn't just about other people - the sin of excusing ruins YOUR life. You lose your initiative, and let opportunity slip away.

Not only do you repulse the woman by putting her in a position of power over you - you also frustrate her with your inability to accept responsibility and lead. The woman will lose respect for you, and you can say goodbye to her tingles.

Rationalize - The Fourth horseman

^The ^fucking ^hamster. ^The ^more ^you ^try ^to ^convince ^yourself ^of ^some ^bullshit, ^the ^more ^the ^hamster ^wheel ^spins.

  • What "Rationalize" Looks Like

"Why haven't you paid the bills?" --- "Well you see, I was going to pay the bills, but I was waiting for YOU to come home first! Yeah, that's it, totally not my laziness."

"Are you available?" --- "Ooh, I got my aunt coming over, then I gotta mow the lawn, then I gotta get ready for my dogs funeral, she was a shitzu, then I gotta do all sorts of things, I'm really busy I just can't make it!"

"I thought you were going to quit shooting heroin!" --- "Babe I couldn't do anything to stop it, my friend brought over the needle and it just happened!"

"Why did you do that to me?" --- *"I wasn't trying to hurt you, I was just trying to teach you a lesson! Besides what I did is better than what I WOULD HAVE done."

"So, did you get accepted into that college?" --- "Nah, they rejected me, but honestly I didn't even like that school that much anyways. They were a backup plan."

"You're such an idiot I'd never fuck you!" --- "Oh there must be something wrong with me if my oneitis won't fuck with me what will I do!?"

"So you smoke weed for the medical benefits?" --- "Yeah man, it like, cures seizures, and makes anorexia vanish, and it makes anxiety go away, not that I ever had any of those symptoms, but weed makes sure they never happen in the first place!"

Dazed look of confusion.

Genuine fireworks going off in one's eyes.

Breathing from mouth and gazing into the distance.

Shocked look on face. Open and surprised posture.

  • Why People "Rationalize "

A person rationalizes AFTER the fact. A decision or choice is made, then the rationalizing happens afterwards.

This is because of a human need for consistency - we need to have things align in our lives, so if we've made a bad decision based on an emotional state of mind, we will rationalize why it was the right decision afterwards, to remain congruent and consistent with our beliefs.

People want to feel justified, and righteous of their decision, no matter how bad, in order to preserve internal integrity and outward appearances. This is the height of convincing oneself through mental gymnastics. Because you realize you made a bad decision, but are fearful of accepting responsibility and enduring the repercussions, so you choose to jump through flaming hoops to convince yourself of why you made the right decision.

As such, rationalization always comes from a SUBJECTIVE observation of a situation, giving the rationalizer the greatest opportunity to convince themselves of what-ever it may be.

It's used to create an active block against feelings of guilt, shame, and failure.

  • How "Rationalize" Punishes

You will begin to rationalize the most self destructive and stupid behavior, once you let yourself stoop to that low.

In addition, people who rationalize the most have the most tedious, frustrating and unfulfilling lives. Because, although all their rationalizations do provide some emotional comfort, they also make them completely deluded when it comes to reality.

Essentially, you become a bitch, a woman - and unless the girl you're fucking is Bi or a lesbian, she's gonna see you as less of a man and lose attraction and respect for you.

Now, you are aware of the four horsemen.

With that knowledge, you may reclaim your power.

A great power, one that only Red Pilled men can wield - to call upon the Argument Archangels and DARE your woman!

DARE them with fervent might, and reap the valuable rewards.

Deflect, Amusedly Agree And Absurdly Amplify, Repeat, Exit...

The four saviors of amending arguments.

Deflect - The First Archangel

^The ^Pressure ^Flip.

  • What "Deflect" Looks Like

^Examples ^Are ^Italicized

"You're just another fuccboi, aren't you?" --- "Why? Is that what you like?"

"No, they always find me, but I hate them." --- "I bet you're filled with hatred."

"What the hell, why would you say that?" --- "Black nails, that little choker... tell me, on average, how many times a day do you just wanna scream 'Fuck these niggas!' huh?"

"OMG, that's how I feel at work EVERY DAY." --- "Yeah I bet, tell me more about that..."

"Why aren't the dishes done?" --- "Cus you're not in the kitchen babe."

"What?" --- "You heard me, go take care of it." --- "Okay, yes sir."

"I have a boyfriend," --- Completely ignore what she said and continue talking.

"ARGHH OH MY GOD IM GOING TO BE LATE WHY DID YOU WAKE UP SO LATE!!" --- "Uh uh, you know it's not really my fault, that idiot in front decided today was a good day to crash. Now if YOU wanna get out MY car and walk, that's fine, but you're not going to take it out on me. Don't do that again."

"ARRRGH, you're right... I'm sorry daddy... BUT FUCK THAT GUY."

"Why are you wearing that color?" --- "Why aren't you?"

"I bet you miss me, don't you!" --- "Just your ass."

"Cus I have good tastes in clothing." --- "Oh, here I was thinking your mother dressed you up."

"Damnit, why haven't you taken out the trash?" --- "Oh I will, just turn around for a second... -smack her ass and scooch her out the door.- You got it babe!"

"I want cookies and milk!" --- "You're a little baby." -Then give her a kiss.-

"You're kinda overweight, dont you think?" --- "Kinda reminds me of this story when I had an overweight luggage, they made me throw away 16 kilos of coke! I was sooo devastated."

"Wait, what the fuck? HAH! No but really you're kinda fat." --- "And you remind me of my needy little sister."

Simply changing the subject.

  • Why People "Deflect"

Red Pilled Men deflect / pressure flip because they understand women. Engaging in argument is a blue-pilled fools game to lose.

Deflecting what a women says is effective because it demonstrates that you are unphased by her whimsical non-sense, letting her teases and chastizings ricochet off you and bounce back to her. That's the second reason why you want to deflect, to give it right back to her in her cooter.

She won't be prepared for it more than 2 or 3 deflections. You want to keep going until you catch her off guard and make her stumble over her words.

  • How "Deflect" Rewards

Once the girl starts struggling over her words - you have demonstrated your social superiority and have shown that you are on a higher level than her, as her critiques or quips are completely meaningless - I.E. she has no power over you.

This will generate a fun and positive experience and interaction, in addition to generating arousal through small conflict. Finally, deflection keeps the attention off you and places it on where you want it.

Amusedly Agree And Absurdly Amplify - The Second Archangel

Yeah, so what?

  • What "Amusedly Agree And Absurdly Amplify" Looks Like

^Examples ^Are ^Italicized

"You're really short," --- "What is it about short guys that turns you on so much?"

"I have a boyfriend," --- "I have a girlfriend, lets set them up and run away together. I just wonder who'd get the better deal..."

"Have you always been stupid?" --- "That's too hard for me to think about."

"I feel like I'm being replaced." --- "Nonsense, you'll always have a top tier spot on my harem."

"You really need a haircut." --- *"What the fuck? I'm bald! I've worn a wig this whole time. Come here pull it off."

"WHAT! No. I can't be with a bald guy... wait.. it's not coming off." --- "I knew you liked my hair, can't keep your hands off it."

"Awh, look at you trying to act all dominate," --- "Yeah, and look at you trying to hide that ass," -Smack her ass-"

"Jesus christ you're tall, hows the weather up there?" --- "I don't know, how bout you check the thermometer." -point at your dick.

"Are you just going to do nothing all day?" --- "Fuck yeah I am, if I work hard enough, I can keep this up for a full year!"

"You're such an asshole!" --- "Yeah I am, so what? Got little dingle berries hanging from the whiskers in my beard."

*Taking what a woman says, then agreeing with it and exaggerating it to clown level proportions.

  • Why People "Amusedly Agree And Absurdly Amplify"

The point is, everything this woman has to say is all just a big joke. You're laughing and she's laughing. That's when you've got her. You've taken her negativity and turned it positive. It turns any negative comment into a game where you see how far you can keep going and making it over the top where you're basically making fun of her for saying something stupid or uncalled for.

At the very least, you agree with what they say, and it removes all power from their words. Yeah, you're a Red Pilled asshole, so what?

It shows indifference and it gives no power to accusations that are made against you.

  • How "Amusedly Agree And Absurdly Amplify" Rewards

AAAAA leads to a solid foundation of cocky, confident frame. This signals to women that you are comfortable in who you are, that you don't give a fuck, and that you can handle social stress, all of which are subtle bumps to your SMV.

What you are saying under the surface of your witty banter is, "Don't ask me stupid probing questions. I will not dignify them with a real response."

This is the key to passing a shit test.

AAAAA responses allow you to maintain the cocky/funny frame, and gives her the freedom to fall into your frame that you are the indestructible mountain of masculine energy, safely knowing her emotional winds can't sway you any which way, nor bring you down.

That is one feeling that makes her wet.

Repeat - The Third Archangel

^Say ^That ^One ^More ^Time!

  • What "Repeat" Looks Like

^Examples ^Are ^Italicized

"Where are we going out again?" --- "You'll know when I'm ready."

"What? Just tell me!" --- "I will, when it's time."

"C'mon! What if I don't like the place we're going!" --- "That's possible, looks like we'll find out!"

"Argh! I'm gonna go get ready."

  • Why People "Repeat"

Because you do not have to explain yourself, nor should you do it - especially to your subordinates. They need to trust your leadership and take solace in knowing that you have accepted the responsibility of making the decisions.

Explaining yourself becomes annoying, and so does answering the infinite questions of childr- I mean woman. It is better to firmly repeat yourself until they get the picture.

  • How "Repeat" Rewards

Repeating yourself is a subtle and effective way to establish a frame of "I am in command of this ship. Trust me." Remember, women WILL leave you if they believe you are not fit for their following. Give her the opportunity to trust you, and surrender fully to your leadership.

Once she does, you will have her unending admiration.

Exit - The Fourth Archangel

  • What "Exit" Looks Like

^Examples ^Are ^Italicized

"(Insert some dumb womanese here.)" --- You leave the room and engage in another activity.

"(She follows you into the room and says some more annoying shit.)" --- You continue whatever you were doing, effectively ignoring her.

  • Why People "Exit "

There are two ways to exit.

You can exit mentally, or physically. Silence is mental, leaving is physical.

The most important reasons for exiting is for your own peace of mind, and mastery over your time. With over 100 million women in my country alone, no one women is worth giving me any drama, stress, or annoyance greater than a tooth scraping against my dick. Even that is nearly a deal breaker.

Your life, at best, will last around 100 years. Now imagine how much of that time was already spent arguing, bickering, stressing over absolute bullshit that you could have applied towards more rewarding avenues of action?

All that wasted energy, wasted time, screaming about why ogling what a woman wears is misogynistic. Who gives a fuck? What does it matter, and more importantly, is this conversation worth the negativity and drama you're experiencing? HELL NO! And odds are, NO conversations with women are worth those depressive states.

Not only that, but exiting the conversation, whether mental or physical, keeps the power seated firmly inside your ballsack. YOU'RE the one who decides when shit starts or ends. YOU determine the rules of conversing, and YOU conclude what is worth discussing or not.

The last bastion of power is the willingness to walk away.

  • How "Exit" Rewards


^And ^she'll ^probably ^come ^crawling ^back ^to ^you ^too. ^Maybe ^Even ^An ^apology ^blowjob.


Women in their happiest, most content state, are pee-pee poo-poo immature children who just want to be cute, adorable, and have fun.

You do not argue with a child.

The only way to win an argument with a woman is to CHANGE HER MOOD - NOT HER MIND.

Women do NOT look to you for explainations - like they are your leader.

Women do NOT look to you for reasoning - like they are your partner.

Women DO look to you for feelings, guidance, and leadership - like they are your follower.

Care for your woman, and you will find they behave similarly to a bubbly child - excited for fun and adventure.

When your baby daughter, young niece, or the baby next door calls you a poopey-face stupid-head, do you...

(Defend) You're not allowed to say that to me! Respect your elders! (Excuse) Besides I'm not one anyways. The real poopy faces live in Denver, so that's why I'm not one. (Explain) Do YOU even know what a poopey face REALLY is? A poopy face is... (Rationalize) I hope you learned your lesson - If someone raised you better, then you'd know not to say mean things to people!


(Deflect) No, but you have a poopy face right on your NOSE! (Agree And Amusedly Amplify) Now we both have poopy faces, only mine is bigger, so mine is a better poopy face. (Repeat) No, my poopy face is better. No, mine is better! Nope, you said I'm a poopy face, so mine is better! (Exit) You wanna be a poopy face too now? Okay fine now you are one, now give daddy and kiss on the cheek and run along to your room.

In a healthy sexual relationship, the submissive feminine women is subordinate to a competent, masculine male.

You, as the man, are the captain of the ship, and she is your trustworthy first-mate.

You were given the responsibility of being the ever knowing, omnipresent manifestation of masculinity, and she is the flowery child, impulsive, curious, emotional, and silly, but most of all, eager for definitive direction from a strong authority figure.

If at any point these roles switch, there will be hell to pay.

Ensure you remain the confident captain of your relationship by remembering to never DEER, and always DARE the woman you're with.