Lately we seem to have received a new influx of newbies who think that clicking "subscribe" to this subreddit is all that's required to "take the red pill", and more arrogantly, that their beta outbursts from that point onwards constitute red pill behaviour. This post aims to address one particular irritation I have with these people and red pill confusion - their feelings

More and more I see the nonsense peddled that to "front up", "grow some balls", and "tell a woman frankly how you feel" is red pill behaviour. Worse, that it's some kind of success story for an obvious beta orbiter to come here, read a few headlines, and then profess their feelings to their disinterested target and awkwardly break free from their orbit by stamping their feet and whining that "they just can't do it anymore" (waa waa waa). It isn't, and the quite frankly ridiculous upvoting of the positive comments to such behaviour is a worrying development for the signal to noise ratio of this subreddit.

When it comes to feelings start by remembering this - woman discuss their feelings (mostly for the same reasons that they do anything else, for validation and attention), men simply act on them.

There is no reason, at all, ever, to discuss your feelings with a woman. Firstly it's a waste of your time because they don't care (they get no validation or attention from it after all), and secondly it does irreparable harm to your frame and SMV, and is a sure fire way to render any vagina as dry as the sahara in minutes.

Why? Because women don't care about how YOU feel, they only care about how YOU make THEM feel. They care about the tingles you give them when you maintain your alpha frame and the SMV you have in public, they care about the protection they feel when they are out in public with you, they care about the direction and purpose you bring to the relationship and in turn their lives, they care about the financial security and social status you bring, they care about the orgasm you give them when you let your testosterone take over and give them the rough fucking they so desperately crave.

Women are programmed to be nurturing towards their young, not their men. Men are there to provide and protect while they raise their young, and if they have to be nurturing towards you too that means you're a poor protector and provider. Displaying any trait that reflects poorly on your ability to be a strong protector and provider is infuriating to a woman, because nothing annoys a woman more than accidentally fucking a beta.

For their men they are simply interested in what you can provide, and what they have to do for you to keep providing it.

Do yourself a favour gentlemen, keep your feelings to yourself.