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- Hide Preview | 163 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by IamGale [Post Locked]

Summary: IamGale here, the psych and marketing guy of TRP, bringing you a post about the psychology of getting laid and how a guy I randomly met travelling forever solved his problem with women.

Today I’m talking to you about getting laid like a sociopath. I’m talking about the sociopaths who ooze charisma (not the ones who tie people up). Those who follow Law 27 and play on people’s need to believe and create a cult like following.

Those bullshit artists that can sell you anything, including themselves. That move up the ranks faster than anyone else. Today I’m revealing the secrets behind their success. I’ll tell you Roman’s story, I guy I met by accident and his specific tactics of how he slept with over a hundred women.

There’s two good approaches to getting laid like crazy.

They both have one thing in common: they create a lifestyle where they regularly meet women. Here’s the first approach:

You create an environment where the girls are coming to you and where you automatically have high status. So if you want to get laid like a sociopath, start a casting agency, own a strip club, own a bar. Become a patron of the theatre. Do headshots for actresses. This is the easy way to get laid.

In these case, you create a job where it’s easy to get laid. But it’s not that easy because when you starting shitting where you eat you run into problems. However, you will be drowning in it. Yes, this is shallow, requires money, and won’t work for younger guys. But if you succeed, you’ll be creating a lifestyle where women have already preselected.


There’s another option. One that will last you your whole life. Rollo has a quote that if you can only have one, looks, game, or status, you’re better off with game. Because game will last you your whole life whereas the other two will fade over time.

How do you develop game? Well, you get more experience interacting and bedding women. If you approach enough girls you will be getting laid. Even a sociopath has to go and approach girls. But this is easier said than done.

But you already know that don’t you?

So this post will examine the psychology behind getting more girls in your life, why it’s so difficult, and how the guy I met, Roman, completely solved this problem.

This is about the invisible scripts that are stopping you from creating this lifestyle. I'ts about the real reasons why you're living up to your potential. Because it’s only when we address our realities that we can start to make real changes.

Why most people fail to get laid

Why do guys fail to approach girls? Why do guys ignore their needs on countless of occasions? Why is it that some guys naturally do well with women and others don’t? The reason for this problem is clear. Most guys who can’t approach and connect with women simply haven’t created the habit of doing so.

The formation of any habit comes only from constant practice. Casanova, you can be sure, never studied the rules. No one who gets laid regularly thinks of the PUA techniques when they're pulling.

I wrote a post yesterday called, “How To Win At Life Through Emotional Domination” and I included a beautiful story about two pottery classes. In one class, the students were told that would be graded solely on the quality they produced. In the other they were graded on the quantity where 50lbs was an A, 40lbs was a B.

The highest quality pots were all produced by the group being graded for quantity.

Getting laid is in our DNA, it’s a form human bonding that has built our civilization, and without which we wouldn’t even exist. But without practice, it'll never happen. Why has this happened? Schools, films, and most parents, have made getting laid something to be avoided. Instead, getting laid is seen as scary instead of the world’s most fascinating game! This is a disgrace to all of us.

But my eyes were opened when I met Roman...

What Roman Did to Solve his Problem with Women

I went travelling in Europe, staying in hostels and I met a fascinating guy. He wasn’t a PUA, but he was getting laid like crazy. In a regular world, this shouldn’t happen. He was a short, average looking guy who lived in hostels…

He didn’t run a model agency, he had no status, but he was getting laid like CRAZY. What’s more is that he wasn’t getting laid from hostel sluts, no he was picking up locals, girls on the streets, and in parks.

It made no sense. He shattered my pre-existing beliefs. What Roman was doing shouldn’t be possible. Yet he was doing it night after night. How does a short average guy like him slay so much?

Here in lies the real difference between Roman and PUAs. Roman didn’t have a website, he’s not a coach, and he's not selling a program. He’s just a regular guy I met having fun while travelling the world.

He wasn’t always good with women. But in a year, Roman improved himself more than any field report I’ve seen.

There was no guess work about his results. He was developing this incredible abundance mindset by laying hundreds of girls.

As Amazing as his improvements were, what was more interesting was the fact that he fell in love with it, he became wild about pick up. It was a game for him.

100% Self-Correcting Way to Approach

The basic principle of Roman’s strategy is habit-forming. Anyone can learn to get laid by constantly using the correct mindset. But how does one know in each case the correct thing to do to get laid? Roman solved this problem in a simple, unique, and sensible way.

Imagine if you had a coach, like Roman, standing forever at your side while you approached, told stories, and picked up girls. Every time you said the wrong thing or made a wrong move you would hear him say: “That is wrong, you should say this.” In a short time, you would be doing approaches with much higher success rates. More importantly, the experience would become FUN instead of you hating yourself for your mistakes.

And if you continued to make the same mistakes over and over again, he would patiently tell you what was right. He would be an everlasting mentor to you. A mentor, that would not laugh or demean you, but on the contrary, support and help you.

This is exactly what Roman developed for himself. He created a voice within him ready to speak whenever he made an error. It found his mistakes and corrected him without judgement. He didn’t even have to learn “game” because his DNA already knew the right thing to do. With this strategy there no rules to memorize, he was just being himself.

Only 15 Minutes a Day

This doesn’t start on the street with girls. This starts right now with you and it only takes fifteen minutes a day. Roman did this in his spare time, on the subway, waiting for flights, anywhere he had time. He would practice this and the results are really amazing.

It all starts with how we talk to ourselves. Mike Cernovich’s book, Gorilla Mindset, has a whole chapter on self-talk that aligns perfectly with Roman’s self-talk.

Briefly, Mike outlines 4 ways you can improve your self-talk. I’ve included my favourite parts and paraphrased his answers. If you practice these techniques of creating a positive self-talk, you’ll be drastically increasing your game.

Here are the 4 strategies in the book:

  1. Talk to yourself in a mirror. Instead of attacking yourself in silence when you screw up, vocalize those thoughts. Look into a mirror and actually talk. Don’t censor yourself. Let it all out and see what your unconscious mind is projecting. Then ask yourself if this is the voice you want your friends and family to see.

  2. Record those nasty voices. We all have those bad days. Like the mirror exercise, you want to get it all out of your system. Say all those nasty things you sometimes think about yourself. Then in a day or two play back your recording and see exactly what your inner thoughts are like. Rotten things abhor sunlight. Once you understand what your reality is, it becomes much easier for you to change it.

  3. Ask yourself questions. Mike writes that criticism is based on going against values. For example, you might feel creepy because approached a girl on the subway. But more often than not, those value judgements are someone else’s. Society may value privacy on the subway, but individually we value meeting new people. Are you going to put society’s value above yours? No, of course not! And are you going to let those values be the reason you criticize yourself? No, you’ll live by your values. Self-hate are rants that we repeat to ourselves over and over again. In those moment asks yourself questions like: Am I being a hateful person? Am I choosing, in this moment, to be the type of person I want to become? Ask yourself these questions and answer them. Start living by your values and not someone else’s.

  4. Affirmations and Mantras. This is the last step. Change your negative self-talk into positive self-talk. Create your own positive thoughts through a mantra or a phrase. When creating a mantra, imagine the person you want to be, and create a phrase for it. Mike includes some examples:
  • “I am unstoppable"
  • “This is a fantastic challenge that will test my resolve and will. Even if I don’t win, I will grow stronger."
  • “The only easy day was yesterday.” [Navy SEAL motto]

I don’t want to give away his whole book, but I recommend it.

Improving your self-talk will improve all of your relationships.

By practicing positive thoughts like this for only 15 minutes a day, you’ll become the man you want to be.

Those who take advantage of proper self-talk gain something so priceless it can’t be measured in money. You gain a mark of breeding that can’t be erased for as long as you live. You gain the ability to attract top tier women, which marks you as high status. You gain the self-confidence and self-respect for which this ability inspires.

Think about how we judge people based on their spouses or partners. Look at Bernie Sander’s wife and then look at Trump’s wife. Now how do you feel about each candidate? Those who take advantage of this strategy will boost their SMV because the people you surround yourself indicate your own status.

Self-talk is everything. They say the first person a sociopath convinces of his bullshit is himself. See the sociopath masters self-talk! By only telling himself positives messages, the sociopath will ooze charisma. He really believes everything he's saying. There are no voices in his head telling himself he's a loser or a fraud. None of that! I'm not suggesting you become a sociopath to get laid. I'm suggesting that we can learn something about their confidence. That's why this post is called, "How to Get Laid Like a Sociopath." Because we can learn and apply similar self-talk to ourselves.

Self-talk was the first step, but most important step in Roman’s journey. I have a ton of other material from our conversations and my observations. Specifically, on the unique way, he would cold-approach strangers. How he would create these instant connections. How the girls would open up and feel safe around him in dangerous environments. But that’s for another post.

Lesson Learned:

  • There’s two ways to get laid like a sociopath
  • Create an environment where women come to you and you’re high status
  • Work on your game and develop the ability to attract any woman you want
  • The first step to do this is developing major game is your self-talk
  • Improving your self-talk will boost your confidence and improve all relationships.

My Challenge to You:

I challenge you, for 15 minutes today, to use those 4 self-talk strategies to examine your own self-talk and see the benefits for yourself.