Well, when I had a girlfriend she did love bomb me, but she also had other red flags and i was BP at the time. The red flags were obvious like high body count and no father.

But what if you meet a girl who doesn't have red flags but starts love bombing you?

I'm in this situation now. Another poster posted this

"If they can love you quickly, they can hate you quickly. Means they are prone to sudden and intense swings in emotion and perception, and thus not reliable. Healthy love builds slowly through shared experience. Fast, intense love is whimsical and should be treated suspiciously."

I think it's really good and sums it up well. So the question is

1- If a girl is love bombing you is it a big red flag that the women is very unstable? 2 - should you run from girls like this?

The girl i'm seeing jokingly calls me her husband and tells me how much she loves me even though I feel she doesn't even know me