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- Hide Preview | 26 Comments | submitted 2 days ago by Kap_0311 [Post Locked]

Just broke up with my gf of two years a couple months ago, after trying to get back to dating, I’m seeing nothing but severely entitled women. Women that aren’t all that attractive that have a chip on their shoulder and a list of demands that goes down to their knees. After hanging out with some women and getting to know them a pattern emerged, they will get what they want, and don’t really care about your opinion on the matter. I didn’t really notice the amount of legit MANIPULATION that goes on. “Take me here, buy me this, I can do this but if you do it I’ll be mad, show me more attention” etc. at first glance guys just think “well that’s just how women act, what are you gonna do?” But in reality, that’s pretty fucked. (Not trying time toot my own horn I promise) women often ask me to hangout, and when I say no, they get very offended, don’t talk to me for a week or so and then they come around, yet women turn down guys all the time. I don’t want to be a cynical asshole, but I’m not going to get into a relationship in which I’m being graded on how much I text, call, kiss your ass, spend money on you, and divert my attention away from the things I like to do and people I like to hangout with just to “spend time with you”. What the hell are we supposed to do, giving in to bullshit and being conned into non enjoyable relationships is not an option.

[-] AverageAllStar 39 Points 2 days ago

Dating is like sales. It may have gotten worse (harder) but there are still many very attractive women out there who aren't wretched.

Try not to get scornful, work on yourself and keep looking.

[-] Self-honest 26 Points 2 days ago

It’s a shit test bud. You aren’t supposed to give in to any of that shit. Those who do are suckers and those who don’t get the pussy for free.

They are filtering hard af, looking for that alpha dick or free stuff, whichever you are offering is up to you.

Dual mating strategy 101

[-] jnthnrch 15 Points 2 days ago

Tinder makes women believe they are far more desirable and attractive than they are.

Move yourself into the top 10-20% of men (5% is better), and take your pick of the litter.

[-] Kap_0311 11 Points 2 days ago

Good lord at the overtly self centered bios in Tinder. You have to be 6ft, have ten dogs, love horses, have a boat, a good job, be masculine, sensitive, free but not too free, and the whole time this girl looks like a horse’s ass lol

[-] BasilevsNihili 16 Points 2 days ago

On tinder you'll mostly find irrational animals. Don't expect any logic / common sense.

[-] Self-honest 10 Points 2 days ago

Shit test. They will fuck someone who has none of those things. Don’t fixate on what they say.

Watch what they do.

[-] Kap_0311 4 Points 2 days ago

Shit test is the funniest term I think I’ve ever heard. Makes sense though.

[-] KirthWGersen 11 Points 2 days ago

All women have things they want to get out of relationships; as do men.

The sexual marketplace is just like a market for goods and services.

We all try to maximise the amount of value we receive, in exchange for the lowest value we can give.

Simply don't be conned into giving more value than you are willing to give for what you are getting back. The choice is yours. Some women are worth your time/money and others are not.

[-] FrenCan316 8 Points 2 days ago

Asymmetric expectations. Most modern women want everything for nothing. The level of entitlement is pathetic. But you know they aren't getting what they want and aren't happy, surprise surprise.

[-] Xercister 6 Points 2 days ago

Yes, you're new to this and the first thing I am going to suggest is read the sidebar. When you're done with that look to amazon and find some books about red pill dating. Worse comes to worse, get on YouTube and look up some of the well known red pill content providers.

Next I would tell you to STOP dating! Don't go out with another single girl as the mindset you have, which is evident in your post, needs to change. Never entertain a date with any of these women. The goal of TRP is to show you that you're the prize, you should value yourself more than ANYONE, and YOU choose the women in your life, not them. If they act like little babies, screw em. No fucks to give and they need to know this up front. Let them know that if they F up, they are out.

Please note that this mindset does not give you the right to be an asshole either. I told my current girl that I am not putting up with anything and I expect the same from her.

It's time us men got back to our nature. Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty. Who cares if women find these traits attractive. What it does is help you build confidence in yourself and that is what women find attractive.

Gather your information, build yourself up, and only then should you get out there dating. Enjoy your life, you're welcome.

[-] Kap_0311 3 Points 2 days ago

This is where I’m at now, not dating and bettering myself and being okay with just being with myself. Thanks for your comment!

[-] BeastMode34176 5 Points 2 days ago

Welcome to MGTOW, enjoy your stay.

[-] gjfarma 3 Points 2 days ago

Relax bro. Plenty of women out there who ain't pieces of shit. Give the attention whores a wide berth, even if they're hot..they never seem to be worth it.

[-] Kap_0311 1 Point 2 days ago

A wide berth LOL. Yeah doesn’t matter how your body looks if you have an ugly attitude then you’re ugly end of discussion. I’m not closed off to women as a whole, I’ve just come to realize that those select few women that are humble and ladylike are going the way of the dodo. I’m staying open minded but hesitant

[-] gjfarma 2 Points 2 days ago

Good man. Tbh it is easy to screen, especially with abundance mentality - you have few qualms ditching loser girls.

[-] woodensho 2 Points 2 days ago

Have you even read the sidebar? Do you even lift?

Low effort low quality post. These are shittests. You clearly aren’t passing any.

Sidebar and pushups

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
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[-] arakouzo 1 Point 2 days ago

You sound like you're still in girlfriend mode. You just got out of a two-year relationship and are worried about women being entitled, manipulative, wanting stuff from you, etc. etc.

You shouldn't be looking for your next girlfriend. You should be hanging out with lots and lots of average, entitled, manipulative women, but enjoying them for the sex and even for the company. When you don't have any expectations from women and are just hanging out, playing the game, and going for sex instead of a relationship, you can get to know women for who they are and enjoy them without worrying about whether you're being played or manipulated or how entitled some woman is. Not your girlfriend, so not your problem. Be the sex guy for average entitled girls and don't worry about the next girlfriend.

[-] Kap_0311 1 Point 2 days ago

That’s where I’m headed, the climate is just shocking though

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] cunningcaring 1 Point 2 days ago

Just say ‘no’ to anyone who doesn’t work for you.

[-] PineCandle15 1 Point 2 days ago

get yourself a depressed gf to raise her self esteem and make both of you better people

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] BasilevsNihili 0 Points 2 days ago

Lol. A depressed gf means she has some kind of emotional bagagge. And often they express it with self-destructive behaviours: being a h0e, emotionally controling and manipulating their partner. Mix that in with the narcissism that is so standart today, you got a yourself a huge mess to take care of.

Getting a depressed woman is asking for extra problems on top of the standart ones.

[-] PineCandle15 1 Point 2 days ago

why do you use 't' at the end of your words?