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- Hide Preview | 324 Comments | submitted 3 days ago by imabadasstrustme [Post Locked]

So Mia Khalifa has started a petition to get her pornhub videos removed and it has garnered 1.1 million signatures.

This is the same girl whose entire claim to fame was being a pornstar, the reason she has a following, a career ANYTHING is because of those videos.

Its such a parallel of how girls will go through a massive slut phase in college or in their 20s but the moment they want to settle down they want that phase ERASED. IT DOESN'T COUNT!!!

They want to enjoy having endless pleasurable sex with multiple guys and then preserve their image as an innocent pure virgin. They want to eat their cake and have it to.

[Mia Khalifa has previously cursed out interview hosts who have asked about her pornstar career.] ( On the Lance Armstrong podcast she talks about how much she regrets doing porn and was "taken advantage of" for doing it and being paid so little. But she was paid market rate... And chose to do it... Along with additional videos after the fact... It literally the equivalent of a retroactively withdrawing consent.

Also its not like she has a new life and career. Her current brand is not that distant from her pornstar image, her patreon is softcore porn shoots and she constantly sells calendars and photoshoots in lingerie.

And best of all there are 1.1 million white knights ready to assure that version of reality and support her. There is no personal responsibility if you are a women. There are enough horny blue pill guys that think that trying to erase a girls history will give them a chance with her. We're in the simp generation.

[-] cookiemountain18 711 Points 3 days ago

If she actually cared, she’d stop using her porn name.

She just does this for free publicity.

[-] BasilevsNihili 179 Points 3 days ago

She first made up a persona of her being a victim for the choices she freely made. Now she still uses the name that gave her fame but at same time wants to erase it's source. This 'lady' be milking all the possible ways feasible to get free attention and validation.

[-] Anonymous2k18 46 Points 3 days ago

She’s most likely just covertly trying to get more sales and value in her current hustle because nobody wants to pay for a huge tease when they could just go watch her getting railed by 5 dudes.

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] Theorymeltfool1 56 Points 3 days ago

Isn't "Mia Khalifa" her real name? If anything, she should've created a porn name.

If she was actually interested in putting the past behind her, she'd legally change her real name. It worked for Rodney Dangerfield. Problem is, Mia wants both, as OP stated. She's nothing without her porn history.

[-] cookiemountain18 29 Points 3 days ago

Oh, maybe it is - I'm not sure.


That chick from iDeepThroat had a family and disappeared. I doubt she goes by 'Heather' even if that is her real name.

[-] Theorymeltfool1 29 Points 3 days ago

Here's an example of someone leaving their porn past behind. Doubt the husband gets anal though.

[-] Bielzabutt 27 Points 3 days ago

"I was just sitting there reading the Bible, waiting for my scene, learning more about God."

.. and thinking there's more money in religion than there is in porn, so I quit.

[-] that_star_wars_guy 14 Points 3 days ago

She was making $30,000 a month, owned a $10 million mansion in Malibu with a Ferrari, a nightclub, two Escalades and a house in Oswego, N.Y.

30k a month?! And to think that there is even more money in religion...

[-] throwlaja 19 Points 3 days ago

She was making $30,000 a month, owned a $10 million mansion in Malibu with a Ferrari,

With $30000 a month you don't own a 10 million mansion in Malibu and a Ferrari unless you can keep doing that for 100 years. Either she's a vampire or those numbers are bullshit.

[-] ebaymasochist 1 Point 3 days ago

With $30000 a month you don't own a 10 million mansion in Malibu and a Ferrari unless you can keep doing that for 100 years. Either she's a vampire or those numbers are bullshit

She might have been helping someone launder money and they put her name on some shit or this was when they were lending $350k mortgages to strawberry pickers. Wouldn't be surprised if her night club was a big drug den for people to bang hookers either. Porn and organized crime go together quite often.

[-] ammobox 3 Points 3 days ago

Non-taxeable money at that.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] mikkelsessler 23 Points 3 days ago

They're back actually. Age hasn't really treated her well though.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] fourhundred20sixty9 4 Points 3 days ago

It’s not. I’ve met her IRL but I’ll respect her wishes of keeping her real name relatively unknown.

That said, if she really wants all this shit to go away, she needs to delete social media altogether and live like a normal person.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] probably_juicy 26 Points 3 days ago

Mia Khalifa is her real name dude. Lol.

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] rprookie 21 Points 3 days ago

I don’t know who made Mia A top pornstar but she is fucking ugly bro.

[-] chanandlerbong420 66 Points 3 days ago

Don't be ridiculous, she's incredibly far from being ugly. That being said there are hundreds of hotter pornstars, idk how she got to number one.

[-] rumple4skln69 35 Points 3 days ago

Her videos were considered controversial when she first started out and she gained a lot of popularity from them.

[-] chanandlerbong420 9 Points 3 days ago

What was controversial about them?

[-] MaxWyght 44 Points 3 days ago

The muslim headscarf she was wearing

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] imabadasstrustme 27 Points 3 days ago

I think she was very unique, cute brown girl with big boobs/ass with high production value videos. Compare that to the massive number of white/spanish girls in porn. There are actually less than 10 brown pornstars and most of them aren't really attractive.

I feel like she catered to the massive global audience, which is mostly brown. I would love to see metrics for which countries made her the number 1 pornstar in the world.

[-] ramaga 8 Points 3 days ago

That's a really interesting take. I'd just written a post asking why this average-at-best chick was so popular, and I think you explained it. As an American, it's sometimes easy to forget I live in a global market that has different standards and tastes than I.

[-] MrBreega 1 Point 2 days ago

I don't think it's a matter of preference, just something different that takes advantage of the more repressed fantazies a big part of porn viewers have.

[-] hardcoreanarchist 12 Points 3 days ago

well, she probably has a fatwa against her and the west digs that

[-] Tezcatlipoca1993 4 Points 2 days ago

She's the Salman Rushdie of porn. Lol

[-] MrBreega 1 Point 2 days ago

A fatwa against a single pornstar, now that would be funny.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] mr_falcohn 20 Points 3 days ago

I agree she’s super chopped my guy... her porn is NOT I repeat NOT appealing.. I don’t even know how she got so mainstream to honest... she’s disgusting lookin.. shit looks like it hurts when you hit it, tits all hard and shit... what the point

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] throwlaja 2 Points 3 days ago

she is fucking ugly bro.

Yeah well she's basically a model. Would be a 9-10 even before the surgeries so I don't think she qualifies as ugly.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] huey764 1 Point 3 days ago

Really? I think shes one of the hottest women out there no cap

[-] rprookie 1 Point 2 days ago

If anything, Riley Reid is Better.

[-] bsutansalt 4 Points 2 days ago

I did research so you guys don't have to. Her PH channel is in fact still up. If she were serious that'd be the first thing taken down.

[-] truest22 471 Points 3 days ago

You really can’t make this shit up

[-] Nalarion 86 Points 3 days ago

youd be hard pressed to make up some ridiculous story that was any less ridiculous or extreme than what people do/think in real life anymore.

[-] empatheticapathetic 24 Points 3 days ago

Every corner is so polarised. It’s a bummer

[-] Nalarion 26 Points 3 days ago

understatement of the fucking century.

I have up trolling over 10 years ago because basically people were so polarized and emotionally charged, one it wasn't a challenge, two people get so upset so easy its just not fun anymore. Oh and three people don't actually learn from the irony of a good troll, just enraged.

And in a more practical way its made civil conversations impossible in a majority of social contexts now. Which is just, yeah a bummer

[-] Impalmator 6 Points 2 days ago

I made the mistake of suggesting TRP to a poster who got dumped and was seeking advice on reddit. I immediately got chased away by a horde of picthfork bearing eunuchs and their dominas. I just put the link, nothing else.

[-] ghosthumper_69 3 Points 2 days ago you know why we don't talk about fight club lol

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] arokosi 1 Point 2 days ago

Lol trolling has definitely been diminishing in returns these past few years, but I feel like in 2010 it was at least still doable.

[-] Nalarion 1 Point 2 days ago

its never not doable, you just have to be creative. Lazy trolls were always a thing. Its certainly not very much fun anymore, because most everyone takes everything very seriously, very little range of expression is allowed. Still doable though, but it has to not look like a troll, and most people think trolling is synonymous with being an asshole.

The definition changed, like many other words.

[-] vwowv 10 Points 3 days ago

Another reason I read almost exclusively non-fiction. At least by choice. Most of non-fiction has become fiction.

[-] Nalarion 4 Points 3 days ago

stranger than fiction

[-] vwowv 1 Point 3 days ago

stranger than fiction = as strange as reality

strange fiction is watered down, technically wrong reality.

[-] Nalarion 3 Points 3 days ago

no the saying stranger than fiction comes from the concept that there are things in real life that are so extreme, so unusual, that its stranger than anything anyone has ever written down.

We're in a time right now where even peoples dystopian stories of how societies could have gone, would have never been able to predict the sheer absurdity of what people are saying. Idiocracy maybe came the closest, but minus all the logical political fallacies.

[-] ebaymasochist 2 Points 3 days ago

the saying stranger than fiction comes from the concept that there are things in real life that are so extreme, so unusual, that its stranger than anything anyone has ever written down.

Yes. There's a certain point in the plot where it's not believable anymore and detracts from the overall quality of the story. But real life doesn't care about the story, shit just happens lol

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] arokosi 1 Point 2 days ago

Yeah there's a saying -- in fiction, you can do the impossible but not the implausible. Opposite of reality.

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] Maybe_Im_Confused 195 Points 3 days ago

How do you guys feel about all the women who are married that pose naked on here. Imagine having a good looking woman who’s your wife, the mother of your children and she bares it all to the internet strangers where it will never go away.

[-] imabadasstrustme 100 Points 3 days ago

Exactly and how normalized it is. It honestly reveals how pathetic the men in those relationships are and how little control of their household they have. Almost no man LIKES the fact there women is whoring themselves out. So the real issue is they are so whipped they don't have the courage to stand up to her and not allow her to do it. They know if they dare challenge her, she will leave him and there's no way he'll find another women.

Jesse from Simple Pickup was a pickup artist and his girlfriend Kel used to post on gonewild Or the famous iDubbz girlfriend who sells nudes on her OnlyFans that he happily accepts. It shows that these alpha youtubers are just performing for the camera and are complete beta chodes in their real life.

Oh and fun fact about Simple Pickup, that super hot girl Kel dumped Jesse and started fucking his best friend and business partner Kong. Could make a whole post about that shit show.

[-] Typical_Connection 47 Points 3 days ago

The thing is, it’s less of a being pussy whipped issue (although that is still correct), and more of a not properly vetting women issue.

Let’s get real, if you wife up a girl that wants to post nudes/do porn whatever, she’s gonna do that shit. It doesn’t matter how masculine or alpha you are, that’s the type of woman she is.

Being a pussy whipped schlub leads more so to branch swinging, yeah you could prevent that. Her posting nudes however, especially for money? Hoes gonna hoe bro. Vet better.

[-] throwwayhubu 8 Points 3 days ago

No, a woman does not have intrinsic goals or volition. Women do what they see other women do, thats why there are no fucking female pioneers. Testosterone codes for risk taking pioneering behaviour, estrogen codes for group think. It is defeatist to say that a womans behaviour is rail roaded a certain direction. The only constant in a woman is hypergamy.

[-] Typical_Connection 17 Points 3 days ago

You’re thinking too deep into it. This isn’t about goals or anything like that. It’s about women seeking validation and the lengths some women will go to vs others for said validation.

[-] HillaryLostTheEC 5 Points 3 days ago

If Mia Khalifa wants her porn to be taken down then she should have to lead a campaign against porn and girls whoring themselves out.

[-] Nalarion 42 Points 3 days ago

im totally fine with women whoring themselves out. Just not if im in a relationship with them. Otherwise its their business.

[-] imabadasstrustme 23 Points 3 days ago

Exactly A1.

I have the same thing with opinion about body positivity or whatever. Women are allowed to feel good about themselves at any size. They are allowed to "feel attractive" at any size. But that doesn't mean that I will be attracted to them.

[-] Nalarion 10 Points 3 days ago

this, is one of the most obvious things that should have been sacred, that is now constantly decried as internal sexism or racism or some other bullshit trope.

Your aughts don't make an is. (aught vs is paradigm if your not aware of the analogy, or the is/aught problem)

[-] BurningOrangeHeaven 17 Points 3 days ago

That mentality is what has led us to this point in the first place though lmao.

[-] flacko_red 21 Points 3 days ago

Dafuq? A sloot has the right to sloot. Just like us,women like sex too. There isn’t shit we can do about it. If you want to limit their rights head off to some Muslim country. Ridiculous to expect the government to keep your sloots in line for you.

[-] BurningOrangeHeaven 11 Points 3 days ago

? I didn't say anything about government intervention at this point, you're acting like I'm advocating a slut tax or something.

I don't believe we should have shifted to a social acceptance of sluts, as I believe it leads to negative effects in the long run.

[-] flacko_red 7 Points 3 days ago

Ahh this makes more sense. Guess I misinterpreted you. Your point does make sense about the negative effects of the social acceptance. But I don’t think any other option was ever going to be feasible. It seems like acceptance of sloots was going to be inevitable when you factor in the feminist movement and equal rights and all that shit.

Tbh this is difficult for me. On one hand every guy wants hookup culture but it conflicts with my religious views(catholic).

Also while many men probably don’t openly have a big problem with sloots, I doubt anyone wants their daughter to be one. If we’re being honest here, I don’t think it’s in women’s best interest to be sloots either, or in the long term at least.

[-] BurningOrangeHeaven 8 Points 3 days ago

Im not religious but your points make sense. And yeah i didnt bring up daughters etc in my replies to other people because not everyone wants kids but i do agree.

[-] grad14uc 7 Points 3 days ago

I doubt there's a significant overlap of people who will tell you they are perfectly fine with slutty women and would be okay if their wife/daughter were also in that category.

'I won't shame you but I also don't want you' seems to be the unspoken side effect of this social acceptance, at least amongst guys that aren't desperate.

[-] Nalarion 20 Points 3 days ago

to what point?

Women absolutely have every right to do whatever the fuck they want with their bodies. Same goes for guys.

People will always be able to take a good thing and push it to their extremes and turn it into a bad thing. It doesn't mean that every practice that leads to someone abusing it, is a bad practice. Imagine if people said that about drugs, or cops, or dogs. People making the choice to own pets is what led us to this point that people are bitten by domestic animals every day in this country. What an avoidable tragedy.

[-] BurningOrangeHeaven 9 Points 3 days ago

You are basically saying in your previous comment, its fine if they are hoes as long as MY girl isn't a hoe. That's fine when you only look at it like that but it distorts whats acceptable in a larger scale and over time that acceptance is what has lead us to many of the current situations we see occurring - in my opinion.

[-] Nalarion 5 Points 3 days ago

its fine if anyone is a hoe that isn't in a relationship. Cheating isn't almost ever ok.

Theres nothing wrong with promiscuity in and of itself. Especially now since the spread of disease is far less of a problem.

[-] BurningOrangeHeaven 9 Points 3 days ago

Theres nothing wrong with promiscuity in and of itself.

I mean - isn't it directly related to increases in things like single moms, teen pregnancy etc?

Especially now since the spread of disease is far less of a problem.

I don't think this is true. The CDC says stds have been rising in the last 5 years at least. I've also seen people saying stuff like "its not a big deal bro its treatable now" - which isn't really a financial or health burden you want to take on but people ignore that part.

[-] Nalarion 1 Point 3 days ago

on the rise recently, doesn't mean that its anywhere remotely close to where STD infection rates were before contraceptives.

The rates of teen pregnancy has gone up with the rise of civil rights, that doesn't mean that its a direct cause. There are other factors that influence things like teen pregnancy (im assuming were not talking about kids being promiscuous) than a promiscuous culture. Adolencent pregnancy for example is WAY more tightly correlated with wealth. Poorer countries have way more kids at a younger age.

[-] BurningOrangeHeaven 4 Points 3 days ago

I don't have much more to add on my thoughts.

Just wanted to say that I'm not the one who down voted your replies to me.

[-] imabadasstrustme 12 Points 3 days ago

Not attacking genuinely asking, so you think that we should limit people's rights to create an "ideal" society for all men?

I think as men we should just get to the top of the social hierarchy and then pick and choose the women we want. For us to pity ourselves and complain to change all of society for our needs we are just as bad as the radical feminists.

[-] BurningOrangeHeaven 0 Points 3 days ago

so you think that we should limit people's rights to create an "ideal" society for all men?

In a more general sense and not just related to the issue of this thread, I do think limits on freedoms are needed. I think the way this virus is playing out here is showing us that many people don't know whats good for them let alone others.

For the second part of your comment I agree, but I think getting to the top and picking what you want is already enough to influence whats acceptable. I don't actively go to rally's or anything so its not like I'm saying we should be out in the streets.

I replied more to the other guy.

[-] imabadasstrustme 3 Points 3 days ago

Yeah I think we may have fundamental disagreement on the role of government which is fine. Like I agree that this crisis has shown there is a need for limits on freedom, I just don't trust other humans to create and enforce those limits on freedom. If there was some omnipotent flawless god that could impose limits I'm all for that, but that's not the case.

The same reason you think we need limits on freedom: dumb humans, is the reason I don't think we should have limits on freedom: because dumb humans would create/define those limits.

[-] w0d3h0us3 6 Points 3 days ago

Damn. I had no idea about the whole Kel and Kong hook up! I used to follow SP quite religiously and it was my gateway into PU when I was young.

[-] imabadasstrustme 9 Points 3 days ago

Yeah it was really sad when I found out. They were like my role models getting into PU, only to realize they were just great marketers and probably garbage with women. They made prank videos asking for numbers and pretended they were "pickup masters".

How else can you explain being so desperate for a women that you would steal your best friends 8 year LTR? If Kong was in abundance he would be able to easily meet someone else.

[-] saladon 1 Point 3 days ago

Thanks for that story on Simple Pickup. Always wondered what happened to those dumbasses, with jesse getting his teeth knocked in on camera and kong making stupid lifehack garbage.

[-] LethalShade 1 Point 3 days ago

Do you have more information on the simple pickup stuff? I didn't know about Jesse's ex fucking Kong, aren't they still in business together today?

[-] imabadasstrustme 2 Points 3 days ago

Yeah I have a ton more information on the Simple Pickup thing. No Jesse got fired soon after Kel dumped him, apparently he was moping around the office for weeks before they let him go.

He's since started another dating company where he blatantly lies in his marketing about dating models while using stock images, fake tinder results and basically used his hot ex as proof of his results. She ended up suing him to get him to take it down.

[-] flipdoggers 1 Point 3 days ago

Damn man, any sources for this info? It's heartbreaking that this happened to them, they used to be so close

[-] beginner_ 1 Point 3 days ago

So the real issue is they are so whipped they don't have the courage to stand up to her and not allow her to do it. They know if they dare challenge her, she will leave him and there's no way he'll find another women.

I think it's more about actually knowing she is doing it. Once they now, not many will actually tolerate it, right, right?

[-] imabadasstrustme 1 Point 3 days ago

lol well the two examples I gave are two guys who accepted it and most of the girls on Only Fans have boyfriends so I think yes there are tons of guys who tolerate it.

[-] Selfmade1219 1 Point 3 days ago

Make a post about that shit show.

[-] TheGreatConst 1 Point 2 days ago

While I agree with most of what you said, but there are gigolos who marry pornstars or other famous rich women, just using them for sex and money. It also gives them an additional excuse to fuck other women. Honestly, if you aren't someone who can earn millions by yourself and don't care that much about building a healthy family, then it isn't such a bad choice. It is one thing to sponsor a slut and the other to be sponsored by one. While you can say that "a man should be able to earn on his own", but some guys can be very good with getting women while being very bad with getting money.

[-] Theorymeltfool1 7 Points 3 days ago

That's cucked behavior, I'm not interested in it (well, at least not in someone I marry).

[-] WhiteGhosts 6 Points 3 days ago

It's pathetic but what's even more pathetic is that when you call them out you're sexist.

[-] ramaga 5 Points 3 days ago

I'm glad there are so many women who want to expose themselves for my free viewing pleasure.

With that said, I'd never date much less marry someone who posed naked for any reason. Even when a woman I'm interested in sends nudes to just me, I immediately downgrade her to plate status.

As much as I appreciate a good body, a woman exposing herself indicates attention-whoring, insecurity, bad judgment, poor impulse control, and/or moral depravity, traits I don't want in a LTR and the potential mother of my children.

[-] theredsperg 3 Points 3 days ago

everyone is born naked, at least it takes the flesh hole off the pedestal

[-] MyronD420 2 Points 3 days ago

See that's reasonable, but thing is , shes starting to sell content on another website ..

  • the marriage part is reasonable I mean . The whoring themselves out ... ehh I think I'd divorce my wife if she started doing that
[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] taricon 1 Point 3 days ago

I mean if they dont have and Arent going to have children, why would i care? Sure the man is a cock, but why should We give a fuck? Its his only life.

But with children, it can make it Hard for them if their friends find out

[-] TheGillos 1 Point 3 days ago

It would especially make it hard for the friends.

[-] Woujo 176 Points 3 days ago

Caring about shit like this is not a good use of your time or mental energy.

[-] imabadasstrustme 61 Points 3 days ago

Can't disagree with that. Not a great excuse but I'm waiting for my Sweet Potatoes to cook and had time to kill lol

[-] Theophagist 43 Points 3 days ago

You don't owe anyone an explanation for the things that interest you.

[-] InkyWiz 21 Points 3 days ago

Yeah you don't owe an explanation to anybody, you can care about anything and have an opinion about whatever.

[-] I_HATE_GOLD_ 3 Points 3 days ago

1.1M signed that thing. Pathetic

[-] ElegantCyclist 161 Points 3 days ago

she regrets doing porn and was "taken advantage of" for doing it and being paid so little

Women don’t think that women can make adult decisions and be held accountable for those decisions. It's funny watching so many women make the excuse that someone else was somehow responsible for their actions and choices.

Giving evidence of the feminist lie.

[-] Nalarion 20 Points 3 days ago

the ironic thing was he was doing nothing but giving her praise.

[-] Chekawante 16 Points 3 days ago

It's not that they can't make adult decisions (as they say) it's that they are making those decisions under the influence of the patriarchy so those bad decisions that they made in the past, weren't really made by them

I find this to be a lame excuse. One could blame every bad aspect of one's life on society but where does that get you?

[-] IterMercator 3 Points 3 days ago

One could blame every bad aspect of one's life on society but where does that get you?

For men? nowhere. For women? The social safety net means that you can still probably find a decent/rich beta-bucks husband and/or a mountain of simps to sit on.

The problem is that this mindset doesn't just come from anywhere, it's from a lifetime of always given a pass instead of having consequences for their actions. The problem also is that it isn't going anywhere as well so as a man the only you can do is work beyond it, and pull up your bootstraps, since life isn't going to give you the same safety net

[-] IterMercator 3 Points 3 days ago

For the most part women pretty much get a pass for doing any wrong, not exactly rocket science how the mindset that they aren't accountable and will do anything that remove their accountability. Besides it's pretty much a survival instinct since a clean history makes them look more pristine for mates, it's only recently that feminism has allowed them to gaslight society into believing they can act and be complete sluts (as per their freedom to do so, aka their cake), then shake of any responsibility and accountability for doing so (since pointing it out makes you a misogynist, aka eating it as well)

[-] eeeehshure 1 Point 3 days ago

I saw the petition and it stated that she got paid 12k in total for all her videos, i mean holy shit. What a fucking skank. How the fuck are you going to throw your whole life in the trash for 12k fucking dollars. She got fucked hard

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] TotallyNotEvadingBan 76 Points 3 days ago

I'm sure that mansion she lives in was the result of being paid "very little"

[-] red__Man 53 Points 3 days ago

does she really think the videos will be removed? Even if PornHub deletes them, they'll still be everywhere else.

This is the internet, you have no power here.

[-] IterMercator 13 Points 3 days ago

This woman doesn't understand that her contract signed off her right of self-ownership (acting), she wouldn't even be able to get them off pornhub so it's pretty clear she lacks any idea of understanding consequences

[-] lefty929 8 Points 2 days ago

She must know contractually she has zero recourse.

The thing is, she's managed to paint herself victim in the court of public opinion.

So yeah, Pornhub may actually remove the videos. They do quite a bit to try and maintain their image.

[-] Enlightened_Chimp 11 Points 3 days ago

I guarantee those videos are backed up on millions of coomers' hard drives. They ain't going anywhere.

[-] compositionzero 6 Points 3 days ago

If a millionaire like Amelia Wang can't keep three videos off the 'net, wtf is Mia going to do?

[-] FlagFag 0 Points 2 days ago



[-] arakouzo 48 Points 3 days ago

The bigger story here is about women and their tactics.

Petitions don't mean anything. What legally controls this situation is what she signed and agreed to. Porn sites can tell her no and wave the contract in her face, and maybe she can sue but she'll probably lose.

But women, especially famous women, consider themselves above their word, binding legal agreements, and stuff like that. If something pesky like a legally binding contract is annoying them, they will simply stir up the shit and destroy you in the court of public opinion. They will become a big enough pain your butt and encourage others to be a big enough pain in your butt that just giving them their way is easier than dealing with the pain in the butt.

[-] vicious_armbar 11 Points 3 days ago

But women... consider themselves above their word, binding legal agreements, and stuff like that. If something pesky like a legally binding contract is annoying them, they will simply stir up the shit

Any man who has a parenting agreement with a woman he is no longer with knows how true this is. Of course I blame the woman. But more importantly I blame the dysfunctional legal and law enforcement system that enables them.

[-] Warren_Bateman 2 Points 2 days ago

This is the Taylor swift “controversy” in a different flavor. Not an important piece of information to know, but the gist is: a record label bought her contract and she started a social media campaign to pressure the label into releasing her.

The court of public opinion is toxic and it’s being weaponized into a WMD.

[-] fall0ut 28 Points 3 days ago

Seems more like a business move to me. Why would anyone purchase her new softcore stuff when they can watch the hardcore stuff for free?

Just the other day in an ama, a porn director said the biggest problem in porn right now is piracy.

Also what is your point about girls wanting to slut up their 20's? Dudes what to slut up their 20's as well. Dudes in their thirties don't want to be reminded of the stupid slut decisions they made in their 20's either.

[-] MoDuReddit 22 Points 3 days ago

Dudes in their thirties don't want to be reminded of the stupid slut decisions they made in their 20's either.

Dudes don't try convince others that they're pure after doing porn for easy money.

[-] fall0ut 13 Points 3 days ago

That's because dudes don't have the opportunity to make easy money by doing porn. If we did, we would certainly do it as well. I know of at least 1 guy friend of mine that looked into making an onlyfans account when he was laid off due to covid.

The point you missed is regardless of their past, no one wants to be reminded about the dumb things they did when they were younger. You might not have done porn, but there is certainly something you did. If there was a constant reminder off it out there, what would you do to have it removed?

[-] MoDuReddit 3 Points 3 days ago

Fair points regarding sexism. Then what do you want removed? The internet is read/write only, there is no delete. Is she being barred access to work/services because of her bad choices? No, she's still capitalizing on it.

I'm sure the real story is more nuanced and may involve license violations and legitimate claims, but from a blunt perspective, it's just a whore who's regretting being a whore after cashing in.

[-] anonlymouse 1 Point 2 days ago

The point you missed is regardless of their past, no one wants to be reminded about the dumb things they did when they were younger. You might not have done porn, but there is certainly something you did. If there was a constant reminder off it out there, what would you do to have it removed?

Under normal circumstances I'd agree. But Mia Khalifa's brand is that she was a porn star. If she hadn't done porn, nobody would know - or care - who she is.

It would be kind of like if Bill Gates wanted to get every copy of MS-DOS that's on abandonware sites taken down, now that he's a philanthropist.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] redpillcad 24 Points 3 days ago

She regrets that she isn't as hot as she used to be and gets far less attention so lets pay her even less now

[-] redditthrowaway1478 19 Points 3 days ago

Nah, she doesn’t “regret” anything.

She knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s branch swinging from her porn daddy to the next provider - social media. She used her body to elevate her own station in life, and now that she doesn’t need porn to be relevant, she views it as a liability and wants to strike it from her record so that she can expand her brand into markets that are more “advertiser friendly” (whatever that means nowadays). She’s engineered publicity stunts to increase her clout before, and she will do it again.

This is nothing more than just another power grab for her.

[-] TheTastelessBatman 23 Points 3 days ago

Someone save all her videos and send it to her kid once the kid turns 18.

[-] NeatBeluga 2 Points 3 days ago

Woah! That's a dickmove. The parents actions does not have affect the kid in any way

[-] KillYourInnerLoser 15 Points 3 days ago

Why is /u/neatbeluga being downvoted for being against harming someone innocent whose only crime was being born?

[-] phillip42069 -5 Point 3 days ago

Hahaha! Do you understand any aspect of how being a parent works?

[-] NeatBeluga 4 Points 3 days ago

Please enlighten me.

Adult bullying is not the cause as peers already would have made these snarky remarks throughout adolescence.

This behavior is why people grow up toxic and resentful.

WTF people. Is this what we encourage here? Ripping an individual apart instead of building an independent standalone confident individual.

Jesus. A how to guide to create a blue pill

[-] phillip42069 1 Point 3 days ago

Your actions as a parent literally creates the standard your child uses as a baseline for what any aspect of normal is for them.

[-] NeatBeluga 1 Point 3 days ago

True but why should we to interfere in that as internet bystanders? People change and neither of us know what happens between the four walls. Were dealing with a persona. Not a person. Lets not mix these things up. I know same name etc.

Kids are also able to take their own paths in life independent of their respective parents.

In the end this is such a blue pill/incel approach.

[-] oilwellpauper 0 Points 3 days ago


100% of people who use this term are ugly permavirgins themselves

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] [deleted] 22 Points 3 days ago

Remember that girl that sold her fucking bath water and all these dumbfucks bought it?

Yeah, that's where we're at, I'm not surprised, honestly.

[-] sandstonexray 1 Point 3 days ago

Part of the Belle Dolphine thing is definitely simping, but a lot of it is satirical. I'm sure it's a very self-aware crowd.

[-] MichaelSkarn_FBI 16 Points 3 days ago

There are no refund clauses when you sell your soul.

[-] kkikuyu 14 Points 3 days ago

She’s a typical woman. She takes ZERO responsibility or agency for her indiscretions and bad choices, yet takes credit for all her successes. She used to be all proud years ago. Now, since she’s infamous, her dumb (yet really physically attractive) Nordic husband probably feels a lot of heat for being with her so she’s lashing out to make him feel better about her past. It’s extremely likely she’s make money off other forms of sex work such as escorting.

Women who do porn have an average of only 1-2 videos for their entire career. That’s the shocking part. But they all typically do escort work since it’s like a brochure or pamphlet on the internet. America has 12M millionaires and innumerable rich men who pay pornstars for sex.

Being a pornstar changes a cheap $100 or so per hour escort job to potentially $1,000s.

To reiterate, she most likely made a huge sum of money off fucking men who inquired for her based on her infamy and work in porn. Don’t let her fool you with her “B-b-but I only made $12K over 3 months and I was only 21” sob story.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying she deserves to be sexually harassed or assaulted.

[-] imabadasstrustme 5 Points 3 days ago

Wow that's really interesting, can I ask where you found this out or if you have any more information on it?

I can totally believe it because it sounds weird that she "only did it for 3 months for $12k" but also has lived a multi-million dollar lifestyle every day since her videos blew up.

[-] kkikuyu 2 Points 3 days ago

She got other gigs in the entertainment industry later on, I’ll definitely admit that. She was a presenter believe it or not. She was also hitting up a black football athlete which she was exposed for but it wasn’t for cash. But you’d have to look at her career. If you see her spending all that cash without being a sports presenter and before she did anything else publicly, then yeah. She was tricking.

[-] Nalarion 12 Points 3 days ago

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha. Man people are so delusional and self centered.

Even if this went through and they deleted every single one of her videos off the site, people are just going to upload more. Not even mentioning the fact that you put yourself out there with it being no secret that other people were going to be watching.

[-] TXJohn83 10 Points 3 days ago

She use to post her stuff to reddit if anyone wants to dig those up.

[-] TheImpossible1 10 Points 3 days ago

I doubt those 1.1m think they have a chance. It's religious cucks and Dworkin cultists.

[-] theomniscience24 1 Point 3 days ago

Theres also a significant number of women as well

[-] TheImpossible1 2 Points 3 days ago

I covered that with the Dworkin cultists.

[-] StingRayFins 9 Points 3 days ago

Tell her to shut the fuck up and own up to her actions. There is more problems in this world people need to worry about and not her stupid videos.

[-] glitterydick 8 Points 3 days ago

Lets take a moment to re-contextualize things. Imagine there is an artist who gets paid to paint self-portraits of herself. some of those self-portraits are in museums, some are plastered across billboards, and some are in people's private collections. For her work, she is fairly compensated. After a change in artistic style, our now-famous artist decides that she wants all of her previously created works to be returned to her, removed, or otherwise destroyed.

Under what circumstances would this ever be considered a reasonable request?

[-] Thelminator 6 Points 3 days ago

Bitch be sucking dick for money

[-] HJGamer 7 Points 3 days ago

Men are shamed for doing porn. Women are victimized. Guess who makes the most money from it?

[-] hir0k1 6 Points 3 days ago

yet she uploads oversexualized pics of her on IG. Women..

[-] Dyalibya 6 Points 3 days ago

She can buy the rights to them if she really wanted to remove them, but she won't do that, she already got paid to shoot those videos and she has no right to remove them

[-] cglehosit 6 Points 3 days ago

She just got married, sounds like her husband wants the porn gone.

[-] WeddingCrasher91 7 Points 3 days ago

Doesnt make him any less pussy whipped simp for marrying a pornstar

[-] cglehosit 1 Point 3 days ago

Exactly, he’s trying to take her off the market completely

[-] chickensizzla 5 Points 3 days ago

It is SO SATYSFYING to see what had been written in the sidebar actualy be so publicly displayed. Silly girl.

[-] DirtyLickins 5 Points 3 days ago

At first, they're so sex-positive and feel no shame in being a porn-star, but rather boast about it, and then suddenly they feel ashamed of their pasts. How can these two mindsets even exist together? It means you're either very fickle, or you were completely lying.

[-] anonlymouse 1 Point 2 days ago

Feminism has brainwashed a lot of people. A lot of incels are incels because they fell for the feminist line. And sluts are sluts for the same reason, but it manifests differently.

[-] CrustyCumBollocks 1 Point 3 days ago

They don't exist together... They come in steps.

Step 1. Sexual liberation

Then a few years later when they want to settle down and start a family etc...

Step 2. Disgust and shame

[-] jawnzoo 5 Points 3 days ago

I mean, there's more to the story. I think it's because people are still making money from her videos and she's not getting any royalties.

I'd be mad if people were making money using my face/name while not receiving anything from it.

I don't think she regrets doing it or wants to "erase" that part of her life because she's still doing sw stuff, but more how it played out.

Who cares tho.

[-] Stabiel 6 Points 3 days ago

How mad would you be at yourself for willingly signing away those rights and royalty's?

[-] Dony_y 5 Points 3 days ago

Someone should create a petition to keep her videos online.

[-] NK305 5 Points 3 days ago

Honestly I’ve never liked her. Her porn was boring/ impossible to jerk to.

Sucks for her that pornhub is not the only place that has her videos lmao. Also bangbros still owns them and still profit from them. That hoe is delusional and it’s all because of the fucking simps

[-] theredsperg 4 Points 3 days ago

she's clapped the fuck out.


- makes career money being a ho-

you gonna say goodbye to all that fame girl? alright, fuck off then

[-] Ur_X 3 Points 3 days ago

This is some bullllshit. Her own decisions, her own path. Now she wants it deleted like it didn't happen and people are actually behind it? I'm sure 50% of those sign ups are people that jerked off to her at some point.

The hypocrisy and double standard in this world is just... Wow.

[-] Representative1234 3 Points 3 days ago

You were taken advantage of despite being a legal adult,signing a contract and forming a career off it.


[-] Whisper 3 Points 3 days ago

I recommend avoiding women who want to be considered adults, and to be able to make adult choices, but also want to avoid responsibility for the consequences of those choices.

A good litmus test for these women (assuming you are considering her as something other than a fucktoy, in which case you don't care) is to see what she says about cases like this.

In reality, all of everyone's visible behaviour is judged, unceasingly, by everyone else. You cannot prevent them from doing so without mind control powers.

[-] Foend 3 Points 3 days ago

This is a business move so that people will pay money for her other revenue streams.

Its a good move commercially.

[-] DrDerpex 3 Points 3 days ago

I thought she wants her vid removed to escape bloodthirsty muslims who previously jerked to her video and now want to behead her for mocking their culture.

[-] h0tB0xing 3 Points 3 days ago

does it really matter? Mias videos are literally EVERYWHERE. Also she got paid so.

[-] Snackwolf 3 Points 3 days ago

LOL all she has to do is say something racist.

Shit will disappear overnight

[-] Mr_Mandingo93 2 Points 2 days ago

that only works if your white...

[-] anonlymouse 1 Point 2 days ago

This is white privilege at work folks!

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] trpjnf 3 Points 3 days ago

What did she think was going to happen when she made a porno in a hijab? ISIS was going to start donating to her only fans?

[-] YouOrYou 2 Points 3 days ago

"Eat the cake and have it too". Loved the works of Ted Kaczynski.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] asdf333aza 2 Points 3 days ago

I believe Thanos once said

"you could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me. "

[-] TheGweatandTewwible 2 Points 3 days ago

It isn't all black and white. On one hand, Mia definitely made the choice for herself and is reaping the rewards of recording her slut phase. On the other hand, there's no doubt in my mind some sleazy directors could have sweet talked her into porn. It doesn't help that young girls are pretty dumb and naïve so you get a pretty sad story overall.

But as always, it's a perfect story of women not realizing feminism means they'll be held accountable for their stupid decisions.

[-] Mr_Mandingo93 1 Point 2 days ago

But their not actually held accountable.

[-] TheGweatandTewwible 1 Point 2 days ago

I was being tongue in cheek. The idea of true equality would be that they are held accountable but obviously they're not

[-] omegaXXIV 2 Points 3 days ago

Thank you for using the correct order of the phrase "eat your cake and have it too."

[-] piguy31415 2 Points 3 days ago

I doubt she even owns the copyright to these works. She was well compensated to do a job she can't withdraw her work product after the fact.

[-] MyronD420 2 Points 3 days ago

I was thinking about this when I looked at her snapchat, and the conclusion I came up with is shes trying to make her content scarce so that she can join the revolution of chicks who are now selling their content , onylfans and other sites. I believe hers is or something ..

Either way, it's her content n I dont see a reason for her or anyone to want to take their own stuff off the internet

[-] resentments 2 Points 3 days ago

The wall takes no prisoners

[-] therealjaster 2 Points 3 days ago

" Mia Khalifa has previously cursed out interview hosts who have asked about her pornstar career. "

But.. that's why she's famous... HAHAHA

[-] namur17056 2 Points 3 days ago

Someone will have backed them all up. She will never get them off the Internet

[-] winterspassing 2 Points 3 days ago

Her vids were overrated anyways

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] testanum 1 Point 3 days ago

Why care? Seven paragraphs raging about Mia Khalifa.. Find something better to do with your time jesus.

[-] RockosNeoModernLife 1 Point 3 days ago

My thoughts on the issue are

The porn industry is evil vs girls do indeed like to not not be responsible for their own actions

So, how do we balance these out?

[-] wethomas 1 Point 3 days ago

I remember her saying that her 'hoeness' can get deleted lol

[-] Cientocincuenta 1 Point 3 days ago

That whole industry is a dumpster fire. I'm not saying people aren't responsible for their decisions, but they specifically prey on mentally unstable young people. They give access to the hardest porn to any 7 yo kid with a smart phone. Damn, it's easier to get porn than to read the new york times page. They've found verified profiles on pornhub of sex trafficked underage girls. And even here, reddit bans fringe political subs, but lets literally hundreds of "gone wild" profiles and subs. You just upload that content, there isn't a system to validate the age of the girls involved.

[-] imabadasstrustme 1 Point 3 days ago

Do you have any articles that show that verified profiles on pornhub were sex trafficked underage girls? I thought that would've been a massive news story.

[-] Cientocincuenta 2 Points 3 days ago

I've looked videos there before, and in the vintage videos there were actual Traci Lords videos (at least thumbs) in the searches (she famously was between 15 and 17 when she recorded her porn videos in the 80's) (I'm in no fap since 2018, so can't say they're on now, but it wouldn't surprise me, and I ain't gonna look for them)

[-] imabadasstrustme 1 Point 3 days ago

Wow thank you for posting this. Yeah I've recently decided to give up pornography for personal reasons but hearing this really reaffirms what I think all of us knew. How disgustingly exploitive the sex industry is. Like Rashida Jones made a Netflix documentary about the porn industry and how much it takes advantage of women and it was rated horribly and panned by users. People don't want to be attacked for what they're addicted to using, no matter how "immoral" it is.

Being self aware, if I hadn't already started the process of giving up porn I might have been a lot more defensive of that article and either denied it, ignored it or tried to rationalize it.

[-] Cientocincuenta 1 Point 2 days ago

It's all about awareness. There is a chapter in the book "the porn trap" that explains it well. "Like other events in life, a relapse occurs in stages and is really not a single event, but a process that happens over time [...] Common internal triggers include feeling stressed, upset, lonely, angry, depressed, anxious, run down, sexually-frustrated..." (diagram 1 then you learn to take control of what you're doing to stop the chain of events (diagram 2 Finally, you can identify your mental patterns much earlier ("know your triggers and respect your limits") (Diagram 3 I'm mostly about this level, and for what I can see, it's all about knowing yourself, inner work. Not 100% success, but like 95% from what it used to be.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] WarDiaz209 1 Point 3 days ago

She was still profiting from her onlyfans account while talking about how the porn industry ruined her life lol.

[-] PissGuzzler23 1 Point 3 days ago

If porn bothers you, stop consuming it.

[-] LawItUp77 1 Point 3 days ago

I read some of the comments of the signers and I think I now might have eye cancer

[-] Its_all_a_farse 1 Point 3 days ago

She could've had it all if she waited for the advent of the quintessential E-girl

Regret sure, but manipulation? Definitely misrepresenting things for her narrative.

[-] Virtusvitium 1 Point 2 days ago

It's incredible to know that she was a porn star for only 3 months. This shows how much dick and degenerate shit a "pretty" girl can do. Don't value women sluts.

[-] CarbonBasedLifeForm6 1 Point 3 days ago

This post and situation speaks volumes about how women tend to be

[-] DaBrokenMeta 1 Point 2 days ago

Stop watching porn, who cares

[-] DeakinFrost 1 Point 3 days ago

It's because she is watching all these thots on onlyfans make more than her without getting naked and maintaining their cucked relationships

she wants to erase her past porn videos so people don't bypass her paywall and go to the endless amounts of free X Rated Hardcore Porn scenes available for free that she did voluntarily and got paid for, even screamed empowerment, ridiculed the Muslims that found it repulsive, used her Muslim image to gain traction

She'll accuse people of "using her" and "taking advantage" - ruining other peoples lives and businesses so she can secure another income source for doing the same thing, being sexually objectified

She hasn't changed

Women don't change

She's trying to get onto the new wave bandwagon of selling porn and keeping ALL the money

I promise, its female jealousy and envy of this new wave of onlyfans amateur sluts

I'd even go as far as adding the massive hoards of these ridiculous faceless / headless porn videos where sluts with SMV's of 8 9 and 10 make porn, get paid, and keep their faces and heads and ID's out of it, so they get the best of both worlds, use their body, make porn, and not have it affect their personal lives and orbiters and simps providing for them. (and for the record, I despise that new trend, I can't believe dudes can get off to not even seeing facial expressions or hearing talk, chatter, watching orgasms, I'm blown away thats profitable, they just let em have everything - not even doing porn changes their reputations anymore - fucked up)

They get away with everything, pussy pass united

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] ebaymasochist 1 Point 3 days ago

Her situation is completely different, of course, can't be said enough.. but pornhub knew they had videos of a 14 year old girl being raped by multiple men on their website for at least several months and did nothing about it. She had to get legal help or pose as a lawyer to have them removed. It wasn't the only time when minors were trafficked or kidnapped and end up on the site. Because pornhub does almost nothing to verify the millions of videos on their platforms. So guess what guys, there is a chance * you have watched child porn without knowing it if you go on these sites. There is almost no chance that little Asian chick in some dirty hotel room with the 50 year old man has any identity.

[-] imabadasstrustme 1 Point 3 days ago

That's honestly so disgusting. Another reason to give up the addiction of pornography.

I have recently decided to stop watching porn, mostly for personal reasons because as I've gotten older I realized I was enjoying sex less and was getting desensitized by porn. It got to a point that had to make it kinkier or even imagine things in my head just to enjoy sex the same.

But In less than a week of stopping to watch porn sex is SOOO much better and I feel like I'm actually connecting with her. It's so much hotter actually being into the girl's body and getting turned on just my girl's breasts.

While the moral argument is strong and most decent guys should be disgusted, half the guys on here frequent prostitutes that very often are sex slaves or trafficked women. Obviously depends on where you are and how much you pay, but I doubt the average guy is shelling out for proper escorts and is more likely getting the cheapest service he can.

I posted on here a few years ago how bad prostitutes can be and got massive backlash from defensive guys who frequented them. Made me realize how little integrity that average guy is / how ruled their morals are by the wills of their dick.

[-] yusukeurameshi91939 1 Point 3 days ago

She should return the money she got from all of them as well.

[-] hakeem15 1 Point 3 days ago

She offered the money she earned but they'd be foolish to take it. They generated millions of dollars off those videos. Unless they're not getting any more views lately, why would they give in for her little 12k.

[-] blackdowney 1 Point 3 days ago

I'm gonna play devils advocate and say its her right to be able to remove her image wherever possible (not that its going to be at all feasible). Nobody is going to realistically forget her because she flew so close to the sun.

She might be doing this because her old career is siphoning money out of her current one

who knows who cares

[-] imabadasstrustme 8 Points 3 days ago

I appreciate you going against the grain and having a different opinion. I think my disagreement is that her new career is the same as her old career, she is an extremely sexual model/influencer who profits off her body.

Her reasoning for getting that removed is because those videos don't reflect who she is... When that's exactly who she is and the entire reason for her career. I think she wants to be seen as these new age respectable influencers that will show skin and constantly post their body pictures, but aren't labeled as "sluts" for doing porn.

[-] blackdowney 1 Point 3 days ago

Eh, nobody is the same person forever. She should be owning it, so of course this move is seen as a typical hypergamous girl

[-] aGodofmyownmaking 5 Points 3 days ago

I do like the "right to be forgotten" concept, if you want to pull your internet data. But maybe not after you chose to be a public figure, which she did. Anyway, its completely unfeasible, everyone will just save all the videos of her that they can and just keep reposting everywhere lol.

[-] n0oo7 3 Points 3 days ago

She has 100% of the right to remove her image from public sources such as facebook, instagram, etc.


But to take down a media production after it's been produced, No. Those are two different things, This is like James Spader suddenly not wanting to be remembered for his role in the Black List, or in Boston legal, and thus petitioning to have the entire series taken down. Those porn videos are the work of producers, talent, video editing and audio and light engineers and thus are way more than this single lady. She can play victim all she wanted but at the end of the day she singed a contract and thus that footage of her doesn't belong to her anymore.

[-] imabadasstrustme 2 Points 3 days ago

Exactly. Also its an asset that someone owns. It would be like the contractor who built your house coming to you and telling you he needs you to destroy your house because he made it and it no longer represents him. It's like yeah well I own it now... and you were happy when you sold it to me... You don't have the rights to something after you sell them. That's basic property rights.

[-] IvanDrago2k 2 Points 3 days ago

I do think you're right about " her old career is siphoning money out of her current one" from the standpoint of people being able to see her gang banged by a bunch of dudes absolutely free and not having to go through her patreon to pay for lingerie pics.

[-] mr4kino 2 Points 3 days ago

Her rights... in the case, the contract(s) she signed stipulates she has the right to remove her image after "x years" of ending her career. I don't believe it's the case.

[-] Losingsteamfast 1 Point 3 days ago

Does an actor get to retroactively pull their shows and movies? Does an engineer get to recall products that they've already sold? Does an athlete get to demand the NFL clips of him playing poorly?

She consented and was paid for the videos. It sucks and I feel for her, but she sold her rights to her likeness.

[-] AutoModerator 1 Point 3 days ago

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[-] WhiteGhosts 1 Point 3 days ago

She wasn't famous because she was a pornstar but because she was a Muslim one. Therefore she could play the victim card excellently. Now she's showing her tru colours. Bitch

[-] KING_CPB 1 Point 3 days ago

Not happening. Keep it forever.

[-] custoscustodis 1 Point 3 days ago

I can see where she is coming from, but those videos have been downloaded to thousands if not millions of hard drives across the world. They'll get removed from Pornhub but appear on XVideos or even some random tube site the next day. Full videos will be shared P2P.

As they say, don't upload anything to the Internet that you don't want the whole world to see, or to be seen forever.

Even Stallone's videos are still up.

[-] Revorob 1 Point 2 days ago

I just checked the petition site. There are more than 1.3million people signed up in support. Jesus Fucking Christ - if people had any integrity, no one would support this crap.

[-] evoblade 1 Point 2 days ago

Anyone have a torrent of this before it gets deleted.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] Anonymous2k18 1 Point 3 days ago

She’s most likely just covertly trying to get more sales and value in her current hustle because nobody wants to pay for a huge tease when they could just go watch her getting railed by 5 dudes.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] SwagMcG 1 Point 3 days ago

Can someone tell her you can't delete anything off the internet? It's just going to be reuploaded constantly on other sites and pirated.

Shits dumb.

[-] Ash_thearcher 1 Point 2 days ago

Her trying to get her videos deleted and erase the past and have people treat her like she never did porn is what’s ridiculous.

Imagine how much people would like her and respect her if she simply just owned her shit. “Yeah, I did porn in the past. But that’s not my life, I have a real career now and I have moved on, and everyone else should move on too. Honestly girls, never do porn. It was terrible and they exploit you and it hurts your reputation. I did porn in the past, but guess what? get over it. It’s done and I’ve moved on to bigger and better things.”

People would respect her more if she owned her situation with a little humility and humor instead of acting like an entitled brat yelling at anyone who mentions her past. She was #1 in the world at one point for God sakes! Some people would think that’s fucking awesome! Take it with some humor and own your shit.

[-] Shyrk 1 Point 2 days ago

lol you couldn’t be more right!! I fell in a youtube rabbit hole from the comments here and stumbled on this video , where she straight-up admits she started doing porn for the “validation and male attention.”

Turns out homegirl used to be a fatty and after losing 50 lbs and getting a boob job, suddenly men wanted something to do with her! Shocking.

She actually basked in the attention, rode the CC in the most literal way possible, and now flips out over mention of her career three-month fling.

[-] solstone109 1 Point 3 days ago

Well better archive all the vids

[-] Mikael_Snake 1 Point 2 days ago

I say let her. She wasn't that good anyways.

[-] hakeem15 1 Point 3 days ago

They should make a deal for her to buy back the videos (for millions of dollars). I don't believe they should be forced to take them down, but I would like to believe that in the future we'd live in a world where someone could buy back their virtual content from the production company. Of course people will have pirated versions of it but that's a different conversation. I get the analogy of an actor wanting their movies taken down from streaming platforms, but if we're being honest this isn't the same thing. I'll take my downvotes now lol

[-] curvedbymykind 1 Point 3 days ago

Yeah and I’ll supposed she wants my local directory removed of her

[-] Ibannedbypowerabuse 1 Point 2 days ago

Pornhub trending right now:

[-] vwowv 1 Point 3 days ago

Outrage. Just what I needed. Another post to bring out my outraged inner bitch. Now I get to experience all that joyful whiny bitchy outrage as part of my daily mastabatory diet just like SJWs do.

It's important to analyse and think about all the #pound# me too shit goes down, and similar. But. Bottom barrel red pill betas blues are trying to turn me back in to a little bitch.

Stop whining. So do you think a petition is enough to change the law, forcing youtube to take down videos upon showing a woman's valid drivers license? Do you think we will start having to pay micro payments every time we look at a smokeshow pass on the street? followed by fat bitches getting micropayments in the name of equality? Share your thoughts.

[-] TheShadow420Blazeit 1 Point 2 days ago

Hypocritical dumb fuck... that's all she is.

[-] champagne_papi01 1 Point 3 days ago

She is solipsism personified.

[-] ChronoKaizel 1 Point 3 days ago

Oh no, now I have to download the videos and share it via usb

[-] TheGreatConst 1 Point 2 days ago

Well, her excuse was that she is "threatened by ISIS". But if it was the case then she wouldn't try to gain so much publicity, so this is bullshit. Moreover, I don't think that terrorists have such a bad memory that deleting the videos will make them forget her, lol.

[-] oilwellpauper 1 Point 3 days ago

don't you know it is sexist for consequences to exist for women's bad behavior?

[-] I_cant_go_to_heaven 1 Point 2 days ago

“Justice for Mia khalifa”

Justice for what LOL? For being a thot and WILLINGLY CHOOSING to suck and fuck on camera? Gtfo out of here.

[-] DaBrokenMeta 1 Point 2 days ago

sort by controversial, yikes.

What happened to this sub.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] bone_shadows 1 Point 3 days ago

Mia Queefa does somthing other than porn now? that's cool. Who really cares though. A bunch of people have her videos saved and will reupload them ad infinitum. Thats the nature of the beast that is online porn, so she can have her little simp petition signed all she wants its all not going to matter.

Personally i dont even think she was that hot. Dont waste too much time watching porn

[-] yourgirlfriendsdad 1 Point 2 days ago

Honestly, I like sluts more. Much cooler girls, good sex often. What's the issue with sluts again?

[-] imabadasstrustme 2 Points 2 days ago

Used to think that, like girls who have previous partners are better in bed and more open than a virgin.

but then I dated a few virgins and some of them were a lot BETTER in bed than girls with a history. Like they were just as hot and good at positions than "sluts".

At at this point, I think its a crapshoot and completely random in terms of how good a girl is in bed. So I would obviously prefer less partners but its not a big deal if its a normal amount. I have never been with a girl with TONS of partners or a pornstar so I can't really speak to how I'd feel about that.

[-] yourgirlfriendsdad 1 Point 2 days ago

For sure, they offer different things sexually and often less expieriance is better, I just meant slut are good sin comparison. I've been dating a stripper and I realized the disgust for a high body count, besides health, is really just an ego thing. It seems sort of blue pill to me to be anti slut because as redpillers were suppose to be unplugged and deal with women as they are. Early on we're all shocked at how promiscuous we didnt know they are. The disgust for sluts comes from the same place as alot of blue pill frustrations we're trying to unplug from imo.

[-] AlexandersGhost 1 Point 3 days ago

Women don't like responsibility? Duh!

[-] Zircon_72 1 Point 3 days ago

TIL she was in the industry for only 3 months.

[-] razeus 1 Point 3 days ago

It's like clockwork with woman as they start aging.

[-] rookieMale 1 Point 2 days ago

how can we be sure these are not 1.1 million chicks, Helping to un'hoe' a fellow comrade.

Just kidding. But not surprising as one of those will end up marrying her and giving her more money for all the charming delights she enjoyed.

[-] Slaaaaming 1 Point 3 days ago

She's just a classic bitch, they always need attention and care and when she realizes that she has it, apparently there are millions of idiots, she starts to use them for her goals.

[-] JameisBong 1 Point 3 days ago

Hahahaha she doesn't understand how the internet works does she?

[-] spartanblood1 1 Point 3 days ago

No sympathy for women, who sell there body for images, sex with their OWN consent. I dont give a fuck

[-] TiredOfBeingMediocre 1 Point 3 days ago

That’s not how the internet works, Mia. Once something is posted on the internet, it’s there to stay. This petition is worthless. How fucking entitled do you have to be to think that just because you regret a decision that YOU made yourself, you have the right to have it erased from existence? Nope, not gonna happen. I might just rub one out to one of her videos just for the hell of it. Dumb bitch.

[-] samsop 1 Point 3 days ago

Holy shit I remember the stir this girl made here in the Middle East when she started shooting. I never made much use of her stuff myself but it's amazing to me she's some sort of victim now

[-] 00jppcbc00 1 Point 3 days ago

The video is hilarious.

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] drkinferno72 1 Point 3 days ago

Boo hoo, for what?

She's my favorite mediocre actress anyways XD

[-] inthebackground89 1 Point 3 days ago

If she needed cash badly be an escort, but I guess wanted big dick

[-] oilwellpauper 2 Points 3 days ago

all pornstars are also prostitutes

[-] RevolutionaryPea7 1 Point 3 days ago

I'm more concerned about the 1.1 million simps who signed that.

[-] ThaGod420 1 Point 3 days ago

I wish I could be a whore and make endless money and then complain about it

[-] kellykebab 1 Point 3 days ago

1.1. million children want to play pretend.


[-] jojojijo333 1 Point 3 days ago

was "taken advantage of"

Talk about hypoagency, that's some next level hamster

Guess who got a glimpse of the wall (27)

[-] ScipioTheBored 1 Point 3 days ago

Wasn't she in it because she wanted attention? Ah well, good luck to her trying lol. I couldn't care less about her, whether it's porn or a petition to erase porn. And I'm sure that's the thing she wants the least. People not caring about her at all. Irrelevance hits hardest when you have a fandom

[-] billyrubin1 1 Point 2 days ago

She's not the first to have regrets, and won't be the last.

[-] lord_ishaq 1 Point 3 days ago

She has to deal with the consequences of her decisions. She can never erase her history of being a pornstar, it’ll live with her till the day she gone. The internet always will have records of her “videos”

[-] McBlakey 1 Point 3 days ago

She doesn't own the copyright to these videos so I doubt it will work

[-] 5ubstanc3 1 Point 2 days ago

why does she think getting her videos removed off pornhub will change anything? Multiple sites will still have her videos...

[-] boatman117 1 Point 3 days ago

She is interested in attention. And in renewing attention in her vids. If she was silent most people would totally ignore anything about her. Which she can't stand. She is after attention and $$$. Imagine that....

[-] BlvckIntellect7 1 Point 3 days ago

It’s impossible because they’ve been reposted countless times.

[-] INNASKILLZ2K18 1 Point 2 days ago

What's worse? the fact Mia whoever is wanting out of porn and a bunch of white knights want to help her...

Or actually writing about this shit? There are 1.1 mil white knights wasting their time on this, and 1.1k so called 'Alpha Red Pill' men wasting as much time CONSUMING this story, talking about her on the internet and how bad it all is.

Replying to this shit in support of OP might make you feel, for a brief second, you're better than those whiteknights, but may as well fire up pornhub and search her out and fap, cuz all the guys here ain't much better.

[-] imabadasstrustme 1 Point 2 days ago

What's worse? 1.1 Mil white knights wasting their time on this, 1.1k so called RP men wasting time on this, or 1.1 /u/INNASKILLZ2K18 wasting his energy writing a comment on this?

Replying to these other comments in support of your own opinion (on how bad comments are) might make you feel, for a brief second, like you're better than all those other commenters but you may as well be going through /u/GayLubeOil s comment history and paying for his coaching cuz the guy here ain't much better.

[-] GayLubeOil 3 Points 2 days ago

The most useful thing I got from Red Pill is a place to develop my writing. Regardless of what happens to this place my writing talent isn't going anywhere and it's a useful marketable skill.

In fact arguing with dudes back and forth here is useful. It's more Intellectually stimulating than most of what goes on in university.

Sometimes after a particularly long and drawn out argument I just Skype the guy and the conversations usually end up pretty interesting.

[-] [deleted] 2 days ago
[-] I_cant_go_to_heaven 1 Point 2 days ago

Well you’re here with us responding to it too lol

[-] fuckmingaseatpingas 1 Point 3 days ago

Hahahaha I don’t think Mia Khalifa understands how the internet works

[-] ramaga 1 Point 3 days ago

I'm mystified as to how Mia Khalifa's porn videos got to be so popular. She's at best average looking, and her bolt-on boobs look ridiculous.

The fact I and the rest of us know this talentless non-entity's name is a testament to how completely wacko modern culture is.

[-] kennycrab12 1 Point 3 days ago

I don’t think it’s the singers are guys, why tf would guys sign this, it’s obviously majority women signing the petition.

[-] Sir_Distic 1 Point 3 days ago

Have you never met a White Knight?

[-] NYCMusicMarathon 1 Point 3 days ago

Leave Mia alone she had her 15 minutes months of fame.

We are not lacking for women who wish to disrobe.

[-] Hjalmbere 1 Point 2 days ago

Women have no agency. If they make a mistake.

[-] CountBarlow 1 Point 2 days ago

Why are u expecting a girl, specifically a pornstar, to be a rational human being

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] Huntbutt 1 Point 2 days ago

dude its her videos, why care if she wants them removed? its her life, dont be a cunt

[-] SlickJamesBitch 1 Point 3 days ago

Once she trashily started posting DMs of football players tryna get with her I hated her.

[-] jay5639 1 Point 3 days ago

wont ever happen, myself and many others save the videos and are ready to deploy them online if she ever wins,

i will never back down until the day she dies,

once a slut, always a slut

[-] hakeem15 1 Point 3 days ago

I think she's more concerned with Bangbros, or whoever owns them, still making money off of them

[-] TheProDoge 1 Point 3 days ago

This reminds me of what happened with the porn website "Girlsdoporn"....

[-] Nighthawk_Black_ 1 Point 3 days ago

I''ve never seen her porn vids I can't see the appeal of her.

[-] TheGrandTrinket 1 Point 2 days ago

Badly written post but I get what you mean. She gave consent to the relevant parties to have her porn videos up.

[-] [deleted] 0 Points 3 days ago


[-] imabadasstrustme 0 Points 3 days ago

That's awesome man, I used to be front office at GS. I feel like you're the exception but upsets me how many guys on this subreddit are so quick to give advice and preach about RPT aren't living fulfilled lives with women/career/money.

Or how many MGTOW/PUA/Self-Help Gurus are losers selling courses teaching guys how not to be a loser.

[-] Former_Loser 1 Point 3 days ago

Spot-on. I think alot of people have a misconception about the whole Beta-buxx thing. If you attract women solely because of the provider stereotype, then I can see why someone would flag that. But seeking a successful career, and having high-ambitions for yourself, not women is something that I think is undervalued greatly on this sub.

[-] supsurfdonkey 0 Points 3 days ago

Ha...ha...ha what a f*cking idiot. How delusional can one be?

[-] [deleted] -1 Point 3 days ago


[-] imabadasstrustme 2 Points 3 days ago

Horny simps + activist left Twitter > 8 season TV show w paywall

[-] catsdontsmile -1 Point 3 days ago

I had never seen Mia K's face and much less her videos until I read about this, and honestly? Its shit. She isn't attractive at all. The videos seem super bland too. I don't get it.

[-] hearse223 5 Points 3 days ago

She just rode a post-9/11 wave honestly.

[-] surfingjesus -1 Point 3 days ago

Let's just ignore the fact that she got death threats from ISIS and men in her home country, who only abolished honor killings less than 10 years ago, but still happen today.

[-] oldskoolflavor -1 Point 3 days ago

I'm not sure just how old you are but the slut phase these days doesn't end when they reach their 30's or even 40's.

Haven't you heard them validate their slut behavior with "the 40's are the new 20's"?

The slut behavior continues, sometimes for life. The key here is that in their younger years is more revealing. Careless. A woman entering her 30's or 40's tends to start getting a bit more discrete and experienced in terms of covering that side. But it's there and will be there. This time in their lives is prime. Which is when any slut who went wild in her younger years happens to catch a good men with a career and high morals. At the same time, everyone wonders....."How did she do it?"

[-] Mintaka7 -1 Point 3 days ago

In other words, the political left wants to censor stuff on the internet, and found an attention-hungry "celebrity" to push her agenda. What's in it for Mia? Free publicity. Don't get distracted by the details, agreeing to delete her videos would mean forcing companies to destroy their property or face huge fines.

[-] _exos_ -1 Point 3 days ago

Women lie an obfuscate the truth - is this really news or postworthy?

Also why do you care so much? Is this post actually achieving anything? Don't think so.

[-] Self-honest -3 Point 3 days ago

Posting shit like this is counterproductive. It’s stupid garbage nobody should waste their time or energy on.

You should delete it.

[-] DaBrokenMeta 1 Point 2 days ago

I thought redpill was supposed to get you to a point of nofap as well

[-] pacjax -4 Point 3 days ago

id sign it too. porn needs to go bye bye

[-] Domebeers -5 Point 3 days ago

They should ban porn and arrest pornographers, so I have mixed feelings on this one.

but yeah, cringey as fuck she has 1 million guys going "now she's gonna sleep with me"

[-] dirkie_1325 -6 Point 3 days ago

How does this sub still exist?

[-] [deleted] 3 days ago
[-] dirkie_1325 1 Point 3 days ago

What are you talking about?