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- Hide Preview | 82 Comments | submitted about a year ago by redpillschool [Post Locked]


What if social media is causing permanent mental retardation for those who grow up with it?

We know that there are developmental windows where neuro-development must occur for many different human developments. Motor development. Vision. Learning a language. If you aren’t subject to the stimulus that leads to language acquisition during those few years of developmental opportunity, you can never learn to understand speech. Not enough stimulus can cause severe developmental disorders in many areas, if the critical windows are missed.

What if a lack of unsupervised play causes developmental harm? What if a lack of face to face communication during our major neurological developmental open window, which lasts up until about age 21, causes permanent developmental delay – or social and mental retardation in other words?

Will we wind up with an older generation scratching their heads at the mass hysteria of a new generation of college students who can’t snap out of their collective group think identities?

As the older generations die out, will they leave the planet to a bunch of retards?

Read the rest here

Though tangentially related to my RP Raising Children Series of posts (will you let your kid on facebook?), this raises an even broader point that I think needs to be addressed.

TRP itself is a symptom of a greater cultural shift of guys (and gals) who don't know how to interact with each other. This year it was reported that fewer teens are having sex, it can't be ignored that these teens are some of the first to grow up with social media at 8 years old.

Whether it's a real, physical, developmental roadblock, or simply that these teens now have their need for validation fulfilled by twitter and snapchat that otherwise would require actual human contact, the effects remain.

Actual human bros hit up askTRP and ask "there's a woman coming to my house tonight, what do?"

We are in a world of hurt.

Sure feminism is pushing women and girls to embrace masculinity and anti-male behaviors as their primary modus operandi. But what we didn't expect was that both boys and girls would equally fail to learn how to talk to each other.

Every day I see Tinder chats on reddit that end a successful opener with "What's your snapchat?" rather than "what's your phone number?"

Take a second to think about the implications of this. Sure, you can "share" snaps between each other, but the primary purpose of snapchat is not dialog- it's broadcast and spectatorship. It's not a closer that ends with sexual activity. It's a closer in which two parties can quietly watch each others' broadcasts indefinitely with no human interaction whatsoever.

The new generations of children are not learning to interact and communicate with immediate feedback (aka reading the room). Instead they are learning methods of broadcasting and spectating as their primary social activities. Learning social interactions and social calibration is key to forging friendships and, of course, getting laid. If I could sum up the biggest problem askTRP has, it's this: Nobody there knows what calibration is. They get a mental checklist and try to go down the list one by one, without reading the reactions of their target. And it's a miss every time, because they simply don't know how to think on their feet.

I have a few friends addicted to snapchat- I don't personally see the allure. They often get a queue of videos lined up of their friends talking about how great their lives are. It's a culture of millions upon millions of miniature celebrities broadcasting their social lives instead of living them.

One of my friends will literally start playing snap chats during a conversation at a bar. His thumb is always on the screen during conversations. You'll know it's snapchat when suddenly there's audio coming from his phone. During a conversation. He doesn't think it's weird or antisocial.

I wonder if he does that around women.

[-] EdmondDantes777 98 Points about a year ago

It is. Social media is designed to program people and make them depressed and addicted to dopamine.

[-] [deleted] 10 Points about a year ago

My Facebook has been deactivated since January of 2018. I have never been happier or more productive. Occasionally, some friends tell me to go on Instagram so I do use that. I really need to get rid of Instagram as well. My only concern is that I am a semi-public figure at least in my field, so if I totally delete Facebook I'm concerned about someone impersonating my profile by using my name. Is my fear founded? This is the only reason I have deactivated it other than deleted it.

[-] EdmondDantes777 6 Points about a year ago

you can probably report that if it happens

[-] chrisname 3 Points about a year ago

It’s no more or less likely whether your account is deleted or not.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago

Could you elaborate on this? I mean, if I have a deactivated account or active account, Facebook and people will be able to see that I am who I am living in City X. There would be a history there that matches with what and where I am. It would be difficult to replicate this with a brand new account. However, if my account was completely deleted, someone can impersonate me much easier without a real account active in the background. Make sense?

[-] chrisname 1 Point about a year ago

I think it’s the same because they can duplicate your existing account whether you delete it or not. There would appear to be two of you but unless one has a blue tick, or one has no pictures and posts, then depending on the skill and dedication of the impersonator, it could be hard for somebody who doesn’t know you to tell which was real.

In either case I think you could report it to Facebook that somebody is using your identity. I can’t promise they’d do anything but that’s true whether you have an account or not.

[-] TheRedPillMonkey -7 Point about a year ago

Jesus fuck, Nancy. What kind of spergy comment is this?

Social media isnt designed to 'reprogram' people. It's designed for people to share with one another.

It just turns out that the only things worth sharing are good, which makes people who view it all feel like their life is way less good as the curated view of the people they follow.

It can certainly reprogram you to think your life sucks by comparison, but to say reprogramming is the design and some sinister plot is patheticly ridiculous.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
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[-] TheRedPike 0 Points about a year ago


Enough of the slap fight, ladies.

[-] Praeda18 3 Points about a year ago

I completely disagree with you about reprogramming by design but i’d like to hear your reasoning behind why you believe it’s a “spergy idea”, and why instead of explaining yourself you chose to instead attempt to condemn & ostracise a foreign opinion, herd-mentality behaviour.

[-] TheRedPillMonkey -1 Point about a year ago

Honestly, because I find the opinion so absurdly wrong and misinformed it's ridiculous. It's akin to being a flat earther or anti-vaxxer or thinking the sky is only blue when the government says so. And people with those opinions can't be rationalized with. They dismissed all logic and science and only respond to personal dismissal.

As someone who was around when it all started, I think that the idea that social media was literally designed by the government to reprogram people to be unhappy, just ignorant and tinfoil hat. Is the net result that some people have become unhappy and been reprogramed into posting happy or fake happy moments online to keep up? Absolutely. I'm not disagreeing with that.

But also, those with a strong constitution and trp mentality never gave a fuck about social media or deriving happiness from likes, and sadness from other people's curated happiness. Only the weak find it problematic.

As this is trp and not spergel-jerk, we should all be improving to strong constitutions. Part of that is owning up to where we are weak. Saying that your sadness in social media is anyone's fault but your own is counterproductive and really lying to yourself. To say that social media, or the government, did all of this to keep people in line via unhappiness is just try to deflect blame for one's own shortcomings.

Hence why I think the comment is spergy. It's hamstering his shortcomings pretty hard on to a full on government level conspiracy which is hilariously unmasculine.

[-] professorjon 1 Point about a year ago

Really really dumb. Go read schill.

[-] Vikingcel -10 Point about a year ago

I highly doubt anyone is designing social media outlets with the intent to 'make people depressed'.

[-] EdmondDantes777 36 Points about a year ago

I highly doubt anyone is designing social media outlets with the intent to 'make people depressed'.

That's because you're ignorant. The people who own and run facebook don't use social media.

Former Facebook Exec: 'You Don’t Realize It But You Are Being Programmed'

Stop being a brainlet and educate yourself.

[-] ahackercalled4chan 15 Points about a year ago

thanks for posting these. as soon as I read about how FB manipulated peoples' feeds to change their mood (ie, incite depression symptoms), i deleted my account.

[-] Vikingcel -3 Point about a year ago

None of that shows that they design social media to make people depressed.

Your behaviors—you don’t realize it but you are being programmed. It was unintentional...

Dat dere brainlet

[-] EdmondDantes777 6 Points about a year ago

You're the brainlet, kid. Keep using social media, keep posting those selfies, keep gunning for that dopamine hit ;)

Only a sucker would give social media the benefit of the doubt that it wasn't designed to do what it's doing to its users.

[-] Vikingcel 4 Points about a year ago

You were wrong and that's okay. Nobody is immune to dopamine hits from being right and smearing it into someones face. I can feel it already, oh wait, it's gone.

Unfortunately for you, I deleted my FB account three years ago, without needing a guide. Go me. Good job at saving face though. Do you get a dopamine hit from trying to be condescending too?

[-] EdmondDantes777 4 Points about a year ago

Unfortunately for you, I deleted my FB account three years ago, without needing a guide. Go me. Good job at saving face though. Do you get a dopamine hit from trying to be condescending too?

Good job. You are smarter than I thought. Carry on broski

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] KeffirLime 45 Points about a year ago

Not to mention the massive spike in youth suicide, anxiety and depression. Human beings being deprived of connection in their most crucial social integration years has some pretty serious, harmful effects.

Just as they are becoming sexually able, sexually aware and self conscious, a crucial time in a human beings social development, they are locked behind a virtual paywall. This outsources and disrupts those valuable, but crucial social leanings that are supposed to take place.

It's no wonder women are slutting themselves out for some love, while men become beta simps to gain a shred of affection. Under anxious, depressed conditions both give love the only way they know how.

[-] blobbyghast 41 Points about a year ago

One of my friends will literally start playing snap chats during a conversation at a bar. His thumb is always on the screen during conversations. You'll know it's snapchat when suddenly there's audio coming from his phone. During a conversation. He doesn't think it's weird or antisocial.

hahah man... I'm still regularly surprised by the things I see in public, just like this.

[-] 22oregon22 7 Points about a year ago

If my friend did that I would walk the fuck away. Put your fucking phone down people

[-] Nicolas0631 5 Points about a year ago

Smartphones are perfect when you are bored. But normaly if you go to a non mandatory social event with friends, you don't have to concentrate on the phone.

[-] ZeppKfw 5 Points about a year ago

Come to my country and everyone here is doing it

[-] RightHandWolf 20 Points about a year ago

This is the heart of the problem when it comes to social media. It encourages people to stop being active participants and settle for being spectators. Worse than that, it is keeping people from developing critical thinking skills and fostering a hive mind mentality. Especially when you consider the current climate where dissenting voices can be so easily deplatformed. We are indeed in a world of hurt.

[-] Bone_Coat 19 Points about a year ago

I left FB and IG, I don't have SC it will be 3 months in a few days, I've never been this fucking happy before, I feel more in control and way less stupid-absorbed emotionally and outcome dependent and judgmental, I FEEL FREE.

I believe that social media , porn and feminism are tools to turn man into beta bitches cucks, and that's why the world looks upside down nowadays (imo) … you see every day those IG and SC thots publishing their patreons milking money from beta dudes, cam models and so on.. and as you say, women are embracing masculinity, and guys are turning more feminine... wait 10 years and humanity will be having sex with robots

[-] TRP_Introspection 3 Points about a year ago

That's awesome man i am very happy for you. What were the first few days like without anything?


[-] Bone_Coat 3 Points about a year ago

they were hard, I was on a loop of dependence for a past relationship on my full beta state, but I told myself "fuck you, you do this every time, and how did it worked for you? only more dependence and sadness, its time to fight what's been keeping you captive from you true self".. IG was the hardest because all the bitches showing their bodies, you know.. but somehow I overcame that shit once I understood it's true meaning

  1. started noFap
  2. visit FB only once a month just to catch up (10 minutes)
  3. hitting the gym
  4. loving myself and being alpha
  5. started reading books on self love and transformation process
  6. talking to more girls - fighting past trauma
  7. understanding people have different processes and time of "waking up"
  8. being humble enough to recognize I have a lot of learning ahead.
  9. learn to spend time with myself
  10. "shit will be hard but life will be harder if you don't catch up"
[-] TRP_Introspection 2 Points about a year ago

Yeah looking at fitness chicks on instagram can be quite time consuming. I have began to limit my insta use as well. I find the worst time to check social media is during the first hour in the morning or the last hour before bed. This is obviously the time that our subconscious is the most vulnerable to information.

[-] 22oregon22 1 Point about a year ago

The only SM I have kept is IG, reddit, and YT. Reddit for Trp, YouTube to watch mma highlights and educational content, and IG to keep up with friends and look at photography. But I applaud your purge brother.

[-] tunsku 18 Points about a year ago

This world is sick and fucked. I can't "enjoy the decline", because it is not enjoyable the slightest. We need a nuclear winter or something to reset our species, but I fear that humans are just too intelligent for our own good.

Look up "behavioral sink".

[-] Vikingcel 6 Points about a year ago

We are already overdue for the next ice age. I haven't been alive for that long, but the weather feels off to me the last couple years. Put on your tinfoil/mammoth leather hat and buckle up for a probable wild ride.

[-] sorry_mommy 10 Points about a year ago

We are actually currently in the middle of an ice age (quaternary glaciation) which has lasted for tens of thousands of years; an ice age is basically defined by there being constant ice sheets in both the north and south hemispheres (the north and south poles are covered in ice year-round)

[-] DiSysmic 16 Points about a year ago

Middle-Age people had Middle-Age problems. Digital Age people have Digital Age problems.

It goes without saying that social media has a shit ton of pluses, hence its mass usage. But the way I see it is, it's just another phase of evolution. Some will use it to their benefit; good for them. Some will use it to their detriment; too bad for them. And by having this slow but steady divergence, the generations to come will feel the repercussions. Some kids may turn out to have better brain configurations, while others may have theirs become a rock.

Those who take the initiatives to be on the winning side of history will prevail.

[-] tunsku 10 Points about a year ago

Evolution takes thousands of years, but within a hundred or two the countries of the people who invented all this modern technology in the first place will be demographically overrun by brown people.

[-] mallardcove 12 Points about a year ago

Social Media is, in my opinion, the government's way of getting mass amounts of data and information on people.

With that being said, it absolutely dumbs people down. When I was growing up, it was only AOL Instant Messenger, and some Live Journal, and then when I was in high school it was Xanga and Myspace came on the scene my senior year. Then in college, it was Facebook, but it was different in that you had to have a college email address to sign up, so it was actually useful in networking as a freshman.

Instagram and Snapchat didn't gain traction until I had graduated. So I don't know what its truly like to have all these social media accounts at my disposal in my developmental years.

I maintain an Instagram account, have had one for 6 years but have a total of 15 posts on it in those 6 years. All 15 posts convey value and excitement. None of this "taking a pic of my meal every fucking day" and uploading a damn picture every fucking hour garbage. I mainly use Instagram to keep up with my family. That's it.

Social media has caused people to become addicted to their devices and robbed them of the ability to be able to network and communicate with people in person.

[-] ahackercalled4chan 7 Points about a year ago

Social Media is, in my opinion, the government's way of getting mass amounts of data and information on people.

there's a reason why DARPA's LifeLog program closed & Facebook was launched the very next day.

[-] RightHandWolf 3 Points about a year ago

The data mining is going on almost everywhere. Chew on this, if you will . . .

Back when I was driving a cab about 10 years ago, if I had met my money goals for Friday and Saturday night, I would treat myself to Red Lobster on Sunday. I'd say 2, maybe 3 Sundays a month, which comes out to 30 times a year, give or take. Out of a year's worth of weekly or semi-weekly trips I only had ONE instance of getting that special receipt. You know, the receipt that invites you call the 800 number or go to the website for the customer service survey. The carrot was some sort of discount code for your next visit. This was back around 2008 or so.

Now, almost every receipt has the same shuck and jive - Call Us! Text Us! Hire a mime or a skywriter and tell us about your experience! Do you really think these megacoporations give two shits about our opinions? Data mining. Check out a movie by Aaron Russo called America: From Freedom to Fascism. Data is the baseline for intelligence gathering, and they want to know all about you.

[-] TheStumblingWolf 12 Points about a year ago

I don't think they're permanently damaged as such. I'd say it's more of a severe handicap. The thing is it requires insight and reflection to figure out that there's a problem so ...I guess the end result is the same.

[-] redpillschool 3 Points about a year ago

I don't think they're permanently damaged as such.

You know the weird stigma around homeschooled kids? How they're kind of awkward. I wonder if there's a something about not having kids socialize at a young age that permanently forms their personalities around a stuck, poorly adapted, stubbornness (And therefore inability to calibrate to new people).

[-] TheStumblingWolf 8 Points about a year ago

Not sure about the stigma. Home schooling isn't really a thing in my country. At least if it is, it's not talked about. All I know is I believe that experience is the driving force behind most of what humans do. Being home schooled and/or stuck behind a screen (I'm still working on unsticking myself) will leave you missing essential skills but I believe they can be learned with hard work later on. I had such poor social skills as a kid that until a couple of years ago (I'm 34) I suspected I might be autistic. Now I'm at a point where I can attend a party where I only know 2 people and still be the center of attention.

My point was that I think working on yourself to this degree is an extreme rarity.

[-] FereallyRed 8 Points about a year ago

I have a postulation about this.

When I was in school, there was no autism. no spectrum, no programs against bullying, no participation trophies.

What we had were the weird kids.

NQR's ( Not Quite Right ).

Sure it was tough for them. But they were thrown in with the rest of us regardless. Even the special needs kids shared recess and lunch.

Since they had no choice but to interact and observe the schoolyard society, they had no choice but to grow some coping skills and learn what was and what wasn't socially acceptable.

Weird kids get less weird.

Now, the segregation and special treatment afforded the weird kids only serves to further isolate and protect them from the world.

Weird kids get weirder.

And somehow this is progress.

[-] TheStumblingWolf 6 Points about a year ago

I can only speak for myself, but I was the NQR kid everywhere I went. I didn't learn from anything I witnessed because I didn't have the tools I needed to recognize anything. All around me people were getting girls, being social etc. and it all just seemed like something that happened to people who weren't the weird kids. Everything people said or tried to help me went completely over my head. It was only when I met my ex I started improving because she could explain what was going on. Later on I met who is now a close friend and she also helped me move along. She's also very encouraging in my RP journey. It's almost like I needed a mentor. Somebody to show me the ropes. Like a father for example, which I didn't have.

That said I do believe you have a point still. It seems like today people are using diagnoses as an excuse, and not a stepping stone. "I have social anxiety so I'm gonna stay home and play video games" is the attitude people have today. "I don't like going out because I have anxiety". It's like - no, you just have undeveloped social skills.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] FereallyRed 9 Points about a year ago

It's a yuge issue.

They don't understand that the simulacrum of the real world presented in socmed is not an exact copy of reality, it's a carefully curated and deliberately unrealistic display of only the mostest and bestest snapshots of what people think their "friends" want to see.

Plato speaks of two kinds of reproductions.. faithful and distorted, but distorted to give the appearance of being faithful.

Like the flat maps of the Earth, the topography is distorted because you can't take the surface area of a sphere and project it accurately on a flat rectangle.

Philosopher Baudrillard sees four kinds, where the simulacrum "bears no relation to any reality whatsoever."

Or as Philosopher Morpheus would say,"Welcome to the desert of the real".

The continued unquestioning acceptance to not only tolerate but prefer a "reality" that is incontrovertably illusory is driving the discord between real life and the aberrant "reality show" reality of social media. Causing the ennui and anomie so prevalent in the bored children of the current generation.

The point you made about people losing social skills is pentultimate. On these platforms there is no body language, no cues, no need to banter, no need to converse normally as you have an unlimited time frame to compose an answer or fabricate a story.

I also had a buddy who was glued to his phone (he actually had "Blackberry thumb), probably still is... I don't know because I stopped hanging out with him. Missing life because you don't want to miss a Snapchat story.

Vaccines don't cause autism, not learning simple social interaction does and therefore they have challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. Which is the actual definition of the disorder, and why it's estimated that 1 in 60 children are now "afflicted".

We're getting closer to the dystopian futures exhibited in "The Matrix" and "Ready Player One" (read the book, the movie is shit), and we have already realized the prescient reality of "The Truman Show", where life isn't real and is broadcast for entertainment.

[-] 22oregon22 1 Point about a year ago

I’d be interested in your interpretation of Morpheus’ iteration, “welcome to the desert of real.”

[-] FereallyRed 4 Points about a year ago

René Magritte has a famous painting called "The Treachery of Images"

The words translate to, "This is not a pipe."

And it's right, it's a painting of a pipe. A simulacrum.

Our brains are adept at symbolism and assigning properties to those symbols that are actually properties of what the symbols represent, not the symbols themselves.

Stop sign means stop, yes? But it's just a red chunk of metal on a post. An alien would not be able to assign any meaning to a red sign because the relationship between the symbol and the idea behind the symbol is just absent.

The matrix is a construct, that strives in every way to be identical to the way reality was way back in time at "the height of human civilization". All humans believe they are living in this false reality, because it sure would suck just to sit around in a tub of goo all day while robots slowly sucked you dry.

As Korzybski stated, " A map is not the territory."

There are multiple allegories of the pinnacle of mapmaking being 1:1 scale, so that vast piece of paper would overlay the true world.

The problem with that is that it obscures the true world, which changes. But people don't know that underneath the map they're now walking on and relying on to be true, the real has changed.

The map no longer represents the real.

Baudrillard argued that just as for contemporary society the simulated copy had superseded the original object, so, too, the map had come to precede the geographic territory.

Off into the weeds for a bit. Back to Morpheus...

From Baudrillard's Simulacra and Simulation....

"If once we were able to view the Borges fable in which the cartographers of the Empire draw up a map so detailed that it ends up covering the territory exactly... this fable has now come full circle for us, and possesses nothing but the discrete charm of second-order simulacra. ... It is the real, and not the map, whose vestiges subsist here and there, in the deserts which are no longer those of the Empire, but our own: The desert of the real itself.."

You can pull in notes from Slavoj Žižek's "Welcome to the Desert of the Real" which discusses Late Capitalism and it's need to create it's own reality, but I think it's just more of a metaphor that while you were walking around on a map, the reality underneath changed and became a desert, as no one lived in reality anymore. The map no longer has any semblance to the changed desert landscape underneath.

Or maybe it was just a cool line in a movie.

[-] 22oregon22 3 Points about a year ago

Succinct and compelling. I have been ruminating on your statement here — “the reality underneath changed and became a desert.” I feel like this in my current life. My prior (before TRP) comfortable anti-suffering beta life and ignorant mindset gave way to a vast and daunting desert never yet realized until now. But god damnit if it is not exhilarating at the same time.

“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.”

[-] FereallyRed 3 Points about a year ago

Here's a little egg... the hollowed out book Neo gets the disc from is Simulacra and Simulation.

[-] INNASKILLZ2K18 8 Points about a year ago

I was talking to someone about this the other day. When I grew up, it was just before all this social media shit came in.

When I was young, and I wanted to form connection/identity/friendships...I had to go out to the local playground, street, basketball courts and socialize. School friends and I would organise to stay at each other's house, or have small parties.

It was a crucial, fundamental part of development. I woke up, and it was literally like 'ok, where am I going to go OUTSIDE today, to socialize'.

There was something natural about it. Like a natural pride and sense of accomplishment in being able to build and create friendships. I still talk to some of those guys today, 20 years on.

I cannot even fathom what it is like to wake up, pick up a mobile phone and scroll through shit and think you're connected.

[-] billybetasnan 8 Points about a year ago

My step brother is like this, he's constantly on his phone lol.

I can't take the guy seriously anymore.

I don't even go on my phone when I am out, I think it's fucking arrogant and it pisses me the fuck off.

[-] asorals 8 Points about a year ago

I couldn't agree more. I broke off a LTR around 6 months ago, so being freshly single I started to use my social media as a means to project how "great" my life was. Some women would inbox me but in all honesty I started to become addicted to the feeling of getting likes and seeing how many people were viewing my stories (yeah it's sickening I know). After discovering TRP I have since deleted my social media and have never felt better. I won't lie it has been tough, but I feel free in a sense. I also feel like being off social media would actually help keep some mystery with women. Anyway, that's just my two cents.

[-] Bone_Coat 1 Point about a year ago

so being freshly single I started to use my social media as a means to project how "great" my life was. Some women would inbox me but in all honesty I started to become addicted to the feeling of getting likes and seeing how many people were viewing my stories (yeah it's sickening I know).

I once did something similar with IG, posting fake pics of fancy dinner and so on, it was just an experiment, bitches were diggin' it telling me "oh that looks fancy, where are you at?"

[-] CamoWoobie100 5 Points about a year ago

Well, I personally go for snapchat instead of number for a few reasons.

I like the Messenger a lot better than texting

Can verify if they are actually real, also they're forced to send a current picture of themselves instead of their best pictures.

They feel more safe sending nude pictures/vids

I can broadcast cool things I do on my story instead of having to send them everything personally and seem like I'm desperate for their approval or something.

Also, if a girl is pissing me off/playing hard to get I can put other girls on my story to get them jealous/pissed off.

Plus. I date a lot of gen z/young millennials and usually they offer their snapchats up instead of their number.

I dont really see the big deal in getting a number over a snapchat.

Oh yeah, just gunna add that the vast majority of the girls I meet are online, if I was doing in person pickups It might be different.

[-] Anacondainahonda 4 Points about a year ago

I think there is some similarity between the "mouse paradise" experiments and what we see in modern society, and I think social media exacerbates the perceived "overcrowding" by doing what it's intended for: Bringing us closer together. Except it is artificial. We are closer to the image (often fake) that people choose to show, not the real human being. We see the instagram thot flying 1st class to Dubai and having an amazing holiday, but we don't see the old sheikh fucking her and shitting on her chest while nutting in her eye.

[-] DropDeadTyrant 4 Points about a year ago

As an American highschooler, the whole "snapchat" phase is rampant. But, it's the best discriminator when making friends. I'll straight ask to talk to people and they'll refuse unless it's SPECIFICALLY on snapchat. I'll say, "why don't you just take my number?" and it's always the same shit, "I can just put your username in snapchat, it's faster". No. When people won't make the 10 second effort to open their contacts and add my number, I know they didn't want to talk in the first place. They just want that validation. Snapchat is an amazing vetting tool for making friends in this environment.

[-] Bone_Coat 1 Point about a year ago

that reminds me that in my country when FB and MSN where on its highest, people would say: "Don't add me, I will add you" when you asked them for their email or FB profile... just the same "popular kids" thing as you said

[-] INNASKILLZ2K18 3 Points about a year ago

I was just thinking, I read something a couple of years ago which was how social media has eradicated counter culture, and why so many of the youngsters are EXACTLY the same. Especially girls.

It pointed out that when younger (90's for me), there was mainstream culture. Most of us rebelled against it. We went to actual record stores and bought music that was underground, explicit and expressed a lot of views contrary to mainstream radio. We sort of thought for ourselves, and embraced finding our own identity.

Now, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has allowed the mainstream to take over. It's fed to the youth right through the phone. They are ALL watching/listening/consuming the same shit. They embrace and appeal to mainstream, where we rebelled against it. There is one mass, plastic, cookie cutter culture among western youth.

It's another way they're dumbing down society. u/Mallardcove has mentioned it's the governments way of collecting a huge amount of data on us. I think it's true, and I think it goes much deeper. There is so much control possible thanks to social media.

[-] AdorableGuidance 3 Points about a year ago

Just try deleting your fb, snapchat, ig etc for 2 weeks and see how much better you feel about life... trust me

[-] Captain_Quick 3 Points about a year ago

I'm sure social media is bad for society as a whole, but I don't see how any developmental delays that might be caused by it would be permanent. This whole article is just a big ranting opinion piece without any data to back up the ideas.

[-] russian_nigger 3 Points about a year ago

its not what if, it really is causing retardation.. have you tried talking to most 20 something year olds? they have no conversation skills and are beyond socially awkward

[-] redpill77 3 Points about a year ago

His thumb is always on the screen during conversations. You'll know it's snapchat when suddenly there's audio coming from his phone. During a conversation.

If someone is looking at their phone I stop talking. Just like lmr, do a freeze out haha

[-] fgts4trmp 2 Points about a year ago

These changes started even sooner, with the IM networks. It became a normal thing to just block someone you disagree with. And now these people can't handle someone disagreeing with them in reality.

[-] wendysNO1wcheese 2 Points about a year ago

I deleted mine about 6-7 years ago. Some people really showed their true selves on there, and it wasn't pretty. It was dumbfounding to me how they would just blurt out shit constantly for all to see.

I wish we could just go back to AIM and away messages. Well, not really.

[-] BurnoutRS 2 Points about a year ago

I quit using all forms of social media (unless reddit counts, in which case I quit all forms save for reddit)

Its become very hard to maintain contact with people who are like that. Ive noticed that my peers are using their phones as a social crutch. I believe that when a person shows you a meme or reads you a story off their phone, its likely that they are compensating for a lack of social ability. Instead of telling a joke, they dont know how, but they want to interject some humor intothe situation, so they bring up a meme.

Whats interesting is that you can see the degree to which peoples behaviour becomes autonomous when they find someone who is receptive to their memes. I was sitting in a car chatting with some friends. One shows us something on his phone. We laugh. My other friend wants to join in so he brings his phone out. What happens from there is that we shift from a verbal means of communication, to more of a rabid show and tell. The true shift happens when I see that both my friends actively disengage from the social circle and get sucked into their phones. They start ignoring the outside world, with the intention of finding a really juicy meme so they can keeping getting the false social validation. "I showed my friends a bunch of memes they really liked, Im really funny and cool"

Its fucking sad

[-] NabroleonBonaparte 2 Points about a year ago

It’s really a chicken-or-egg scenario

People always point to a “thing” (in this case social media) rather than acknowledging how much your genetics play a role in what you become as an adult. Certain people are genetically inclined towards certain behaviors.

This is why CULTURE is extremely important, because Culture provided safety-nets for impulses and destructive tendencies. The “Retarded Society” perspective is more so an “Uncultured Society.” Every civilization who maintained their history for an extended period of time had a strong religious, philosophical, or legal moral code to unite or guide its people towards success.

With the destruction of the family structure (by diminishing men) at the base level, we no longer have guidance or discipline. The next is for society to collapse from the bottom upwards until the upper class becomes dysfunctional; thus the “rule-makers” will fail in structuring society.

Social Media addiction is just a symptom of the cultural decline epidemic. Stop screaming “take away the toys” and start asking “what can we present to incentivize the next generation towards productivity?”

(Cough Redpill cough cough)

[-] AshyLarry27 2 Points about a year ago

Blows my mind the direction society is headed.

A friend of mine was talking to an old highschool coach the other day. A true man's coach who would neg the fuck out of his players and have fun, just being a real locker room dude about it. Coached well, discipline, the whole 9, winning teams. He says now the coach is stuck with a bunch of bench-warmer level losers. Their sports teams are getting less and less populated. You used to be able to have to compete for a spot everyday, the second you started falling off you were CUT. They can't find enough people to join their sports teams now. As for that coach of the god damn bad news bears, he can only mildly joke about their bad play, can't criticize them, really has been forced back to majorly pull on the reigns. WTF

[-] john_tree 1 Point about a year ago

Great post brother.

Nobody there knows what calibration is.

Spot on. Furthermore, few guys anywhere know about calibration.

I think we are in need of a good manifesto on calibration here. I wouldn't dare write one myself, but I hereby ask you, or any experienced RP poster who feels up for it, to write a good post dedicated to calibration.

[-] chazthundergut 1 Point about a year ago

What if the water is turning the frogs gay?

[-] beginner_ 1 Point about a year ago

If you aren’t subject to the stimulus that leads to language acquisition during those few years of developmental opportunity, you can never learn to understand speech.

Citation needed.

The common myth that one can learn a language better when young comes from the same age old study or better said observation. Children locked in a room alone since being a baby never learned to speak latter on. it leaves completely unmentioned that these children obviously are mentally ill and defect for obvious reasons in so many ways after these years of abuse (isolation). It isn't really surprising they didn't learn to speak afterwards.

of course that doesn't make social media any better. In general I agree with the concerns but would prefer to keep the pseudo-science out of it.

You'll know it's snapchat when suddenly there's audio coming from his phone. During a conversation. He doesn't think it's weird or antisocial.

Have one friend as well. Playing a card game. He is on the phone every tiny break he gets. Also when your message him, even during working hours he always instantly responds. it's scary sometimes how fast he responds.

[-] universalabundance1 1 Point about a year ago

Good. Keeps me in the top 20%. Less competition.

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[-] 8380atgmaildotcom -1 Point about a year ago

Everyone focuses on the negatives and forgets the positives.

[-] surfthroughlife -1 Point about a year ago

We need to keep in mind that this is essentially wave 2 of social media. Our communications through computers are still extremely primitive and our interfaces with them are not very natural to human communication.

There are plenty of technologies down the road that have the potential to enhance our abilities to communicate through technological devices.

I run on the hypothesis that social media itself isn't bad, instead, our modes and mediums of technological communication have yet to reach the advanced level that we will allow us to actually enhance our abilities to communicate instead of clicking a heart on a screen to indicate that you "like" someone, which is definitely retarded.

[-] TheSelfGoverned -1 Point about a year ago

Millions of boomers have permanent mental retardation from growing up with tv.... This is nothing new and probably a big improvement from television.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago