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- Hide Preview | 95 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by KeffirLime [Post Locked]

This is a statement routinely peddled from one women to another. It's usually an attempt solidify each others status as high value unicorns who are somehow unique or special and too good for the men they're with. Paradoxically, these women are usually anything but special, with nothing more to offer other than their tits and their asses, commodities freely available to every corner of the globe. They still feel special though, because they have enough thirsty betas drooling after them, with the occasional Chad dropping by for a pump and dump. This is how the modern female self perception has manifested itself.

On the other hand males self perception is sinking progressively lower, you'll almost never hear a man being told he doesn't deserve his partner and it's even rarer for him to think it himself. It's shockingly clear every time I read up on askTRP. Without fail there is always a post about some man keenly questioning, begging for a path forward in his relationship, hoping that the answers he receives can help him salvage his sole pussy supply. He'll detail his struggles with his partner talking to other guys, disrespecting him in public or not showing an interest in the relationship at all. He'll then trickle truth how she treats him like shit in it's entirety.

Despite doing most of the legwork in the relationship, so many men are willing to put up and settle for absolute trash. The feminine imperative is so deeply rooted inside the psyche of modern males that they are all but ready to run through traffic to keep it going. They instinctively assume the role of lucky-to-have-her boyfriend, cutting out all contact with other women, excessively expressing their love, taking care of all her needs, all the while thinking that their partner is special or unique. She, on the other hand plods along thinking she's doing him an absolute favor simply by existing. They think this dynamic is normal, they think this what they deserve.

Overturning this insidious narrative takes some serious mental gymnastics. You have to filter out the lifelong poison and refresh the water with some perspective and practice. When you come out the other side you're hit with a harsh truth. Most of the time, she doesn't deserve you or your efforts.

The majority of these women are not fit for LTR's, they're disrespectful and entitled thots. They do not add value and they're not special. Pump them, dump them, glaze their faces, I don't care, but sweet Jesus do not give them the privilege of your valuable commitment. Have some self respect and put a price on your time and energy. Let it be earned, let it be worked for, give it only to those lusting after your attention. Only once you start valuing yourself, your time and where you invest it, will you start to yield returns.

To get an idea of the sort of a relationship worth settling and investing in, you need to have experienced deep, passionate feminine desire. The type where a women behaves like a beta male about to get a whiff of his unicorn. That is what women morph into in the presence of a man they truly desire. That is how they behave when they truly and utterly need the man in front of them.

When they talk to him they get nervous and hair twirly while stumbling over their words. They'll blush and boast, trying to qualify themselves as worthy. They'll clear their schedule, and reply to messages with eagerness. When they get the opportunity they'll fuck him with vigor, trying to lure him in with their sexuality. They'll excuse him, defend him, lose friends for him and pay for him. She'll always maintain a sweet, loving and caring disposition because she know's she's lucky to have him.

He won't have to tell her to not flirt with other guys in front of him, or disrespect him in public. He won't have to tell her to not be angry or moody. He won't have to tell her how to treat him well. She knows how to do it, and she'll do it for him willingly because she doesn't want to risk losing her perfect catch. She knows full well there is a bus load of other women who long for her place.

All the while he knows his value too. He sticks with her because she is serving him in every way that he desires. She does what he wants, is loyal and adds value to his life. She makes his days more enjoyable, not stressful or challenging. She earns the privilege of being his LTR, but her place beside him is never fully secured. It lasts as long as she serves him well and keeps him satisfied. If/When she slacks off, he's gone, back into the wild, to enjoy another of the many women willing to serve his desires.

This is the the only type of love worth settling for, I'm not going to be so delusional(as our female counterparts) to say you deserve it though. You get what you earn and you get what you settle for, that responsibility lies with no one but you. You need to put in the work and effort to build value, and you need to learn the awareness to know when you're being treated like a valuable man should. If you haven't cultivated either of these tools then you're not ready for an LTR.

Know what you want, and work towards it, but for god's sake stop settling for mediocrity.

[-] FereallyRed 107 Points 10 months ago

Every god damn day in askTRP there are at least six posts of guys lamenting the fact they are no longer with an ex and are desperate to get her back.

The sheer level mental gymnastics, male hamstering and ego protection is over the top obvious, the pathetic rationalization absolutely dumbfounding, all about "this one girl".

They'll fight, argue...

"but she said they only kissed!"

"I just want to plate her for the sex."

"She has connections I can use."

"I'm angry/sad because my social circle is nowtrying to fuck her."

"I miss her."

"She was only a nutjob during her bipolar up days."

"I want to go back and "show her" what she's missing now that I'm a really ahlpfawolf."

Every fucking day.

The thirst is real.

Real sad.

I am disappoint.

Rule 7.

[-] KeffirLime 79 Points 10 months ago

"She's dating me and fucks me, I must be the alphadawg"

It's amazing to see how many people don't realize that they're in relationships because they're playing the beta role.

It only becomes viscerally clear the day she gives some rando Chad the anal he could never get.

[-] OfficerWade 15 Points 10 months ago

Right in the feels man. Be gentle.

[-] OVOXOKing 9 Points 10 months ago

Fucking felt this.

Just now starting to get out of BP and move onto RP. What a fucking idiot I was thinking that just because you're "dating" means you have them. LMAO.

Women won't date a guy who has more options than she has. She likes to play it safe and feel validation all the time. She fucks and lusts after a RP but dates a BP because she's too scared to get left in the dust when her true "value" comes out.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 5 Points 10 months ago

If this is true then that’s really depressing because it means our mating/dating landscape has become just a spread of losing options. Can’t even get a relationship without being a beta bitch. Women are too insecure to date a guy w options, which is a pre req for a long term stable relationship. So in other words now there’s no real stable relationship model anymore.

I don’t think it’s actually impossible, but in the aggregate across society, no wonder the younger gens are marrying less, popping out kids less, having less sex overall. Modern women and the propaganda machine formerly known as the media are absolute trash. Welcome to Clown World 2019. Next stop, Piss Earth 2025.

[-] chacalate-smoovie 6 Points 10 months ago

Can’t even get a relationship without being a beta bitch.

Dude, play the alpha game to attract, and the beta game to hook. Then spend the rest of your relationship playing both to keep things fresh.

Don't lament it. Celebrate it. She values you because you value yourself (alpha). She trusts you because you don't treat her like trash (beta). She respects you because you'll stay firm on issues that are important to you (alpha). She loves you because you care enough about issues that really matter to her (beta).

100% betas are boring. 100% alphas are assholes. Find the mix. And win.

[-] OVOXOKing 5 Points 10 months ago

I don’t think we as a race are meant for monogamous relationships anymore since the advancement in modern technology. Maybe when temptation was basically non-existent because you had a village of 20 people but not now.

Imagine meeting someone in your 20’s and having to make it work until you’re well into your 70’s or even up until you’re in your 90’s! It would be impossible in the age of technology. There’s going to be infidelity of some kind. It’s way too easy for a bitch to get annoyed with her boyfriend/husband and find some Chad who will plow her down Tinder for a night.

No point in wasting your time because, trust me, you don’t get much out of loving a bitch anyways. It’s a beta trap, that’s it. We’re biologically built to fuck, not to marry.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 6 Points 10 months ago

Yes but history shows that when stable marriage bonding breaks down at a societal level, so does that society break down.

I wouldn’t say we’re “meant” to anything. Patriarchal marital orders are a group fitness enhancing social technology. When discarded, the social fabric disintegrates, as we see now.

But you’re right that we’re in an unprecedented situation because of the trifecta of the pill, radical feminism, and social media/internet dating. The tech components of that will not go away. So yeah I don’t really see a solution but I am deeply pessimistic about what this means for the future. On a personal level I’m in agreement with your pragmatic approach tho.

[-] lets_get_fruity 2 Points 10 months ago

Yeah we're in the middle of societal breakdown.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 3 Points 10 months ago

I’m strongly considering a newsfeed type site that basically covers this stuff. Anything dissident without getting too radical. Red pill/alt lite version of Drudge Report.

[-] watchguy45 1 Point 10 months ago

Wow. So true man. I’ve made this mistake in the past. Just trying to be better man everyday

[-] Vikingcel 26 Points 10 months ago

The 'bipolar' chicks are really borderline.

Being bipolar is wanting to lay down and rot thinking about killing yourself. Then you snap and suddenly you're wanting to hit the gym at 4am because you're sure you'll hit a pr, bulldoze through your 9 to 5, then read books and work on your music project til midnight because you know it's going to be great and sleeping for more than 6 hours is a huge waste of time.

[-] 319Skew 18 Points 10 months ago

Sometimes it's just called being a woman. Bitches be crazy

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 3 Points 10 months ago

Borderlines are as suicidal in tendency as bipolars. So it’s still not distinguishable by that desire as necessarily bipolar. Borderlines also experience ego highs as well.

[-] Vikingcel 1 Point 10 months ago

Bipolars aren't emotionally unstable and don't have issues with stable relationships. Being bipolar is merely cycling through depression and mania.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 5 Points 10 months ago

Lolol “cycling through depression and mania” IS “emotionally unstable”.

I think what you’re looking for is that borderlines have an unstable identity which is the source of the mood swings. Whereas in bipolar the source of the mood swings is mainly neurochemical.

But even that’s not entirely distinct because there’s a feedback loop between identity stability and neurochemical stability. Hence the frequent crossdiagnosis or misdiagnosis of borderlines as bipolar, even in clinical settings. Pardon the spergpost.

[-] Vikingcel 1 Point 10 months ago

I'm fairly sure I'm bipolar. I definitelly wouldn't consider myself emotionally unstable. I'm not sensitive, idolize/antagonize people impulsively and don't have mood swings. When I feel low, I feel just feel low, but I still like and dislike the same people/things as when I feel great.

I'm not a woman though, so I'm not prone to being emotionally unstable by nature.

It's ok to sperg. Mental defects are fascinating.

[-] harbinger1945 1 Point 10 months ago

Well i guess that i now know why i am emotionally unstable. Great.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] max_peenor 4 Points 10 months ago

Every god damn day in askTRP there are at least six posts of guys lamenting the fact they are no longer with an ex and are desperate to get her back.

Head over to exredpill and see them three months later, angry that they fucked up said relationship with TRP "philosophy" or "mindset" what the fuck that's supposed to mean.

Anyone struggling with this right now? Read this:

[-] monsieurhire2 3 Points 10 months ago

Yeah, well, OP touched on that in his post: the pool of quality, desirable women is relatively small, by design, because it has been shat in by a number of interest groups.

It doesn't matter that they don't deserve your attention and commitment with their entitled, low-value behavior that they learned from TV. If they all buy into it, it becomes reality, and they find out too late that they were sold a bill of goods as part of a grander scheme. Hell, most don't even find that out. They just get angrier, more bitter, fatter, and they flail about looking for a scape-goat.

Also, the large pool of amateur sucker males waiting to play Captain Save a Ho doesn't help either, because it feeds into their delusions.

If the mass culture is brainwashed to worship female superiority, you are free to believe and act as though you are a superior, in-demand male, but it may not always work out the way you would like it to.

And this I know from harsh experience.

[-] FereallyRed 2 Points 10 months ago

The Quality Women bell curve is definitely skewing left.

Leaving all the desperate betas chasing the new lesser norm.

Whole system is self reducing.

That leaves less volume of better women to the right of the apex, but it also means it's easy pickings for a high value guy.

The numbers and metrics change but the percentages remain.

[-] monsieurhire2 2 Points 10 months ago

Well, I guess it depends on what the "values" are.

For instance, I recall, from years ago, beautiful, well-dressed women in their thirties firmly defending their decision to pay a male prostitute for sex, because, as they put it, "he curls my toes." Sure, they could have gotten with any number of guys, but this guy, who wasn't that good looking, probably had a chiseled physique, was well-endowed, knew how to fuck, and had some game. But I think, mostly, it was all communicated on a subliminal level, where the women were thinking, "God, if only we could go back to caveman days so this could be the chief of the tribe, instead of a rent-boy."

I think, that since attraction can't be negotiated, that it real all comes down to the animal level of attraction / non-attraction.

But civilization distorts everything by allowing men to buy themselves, through ingenuity, obedience, and hard work, better sexual prospects than what they could have gotten in more savage times.

To us, a man like Elon Musk is a man of value. To women, he's a mark they can use to buy more time with who they really want: some cave-man rent-boy.

[-] chacalate-smoovie 2 Points 10 months ago

the pool of quality, desirable women is relatively small, by design, because it has been shat in by a number of interest groups.

Bloody hell you're too right. I'd come across girls who would be waving the rainbow flag of "gay marriage" and I'd be, like, you realise you're part of a Nazi-like movement, right, but they were completely taken in by the "equality" argument and couldn't see the hate side of the whole thing, too trained like monkeys to declare anybody against their celebrations as "wrong".

[-] ChrimsonChin988 1 Point 10 months ago

I don't think it's anything more than sunk cost fallacy in combination with having an emotional addiction to someone. And basically both of those come down to scarcity mindset.

I mean it's very easy to fix a scarcity mindset, if you actually want to fix it. But most people don't want to fix it and prefer to live in an easy, 'have it both ways', fantasy world. Don't bother convincing them waste of time in 99% of the cases and the other 1% will figure it out themselves.

[-] MentORPHEUS 62 Points 10 months ago

the role of lucky-to-have-her boyfriend, cutting out all contact with other women, excessively expressing their love, taking care of all needs, all the while thinking that their partner is special or unique. She, on the other hand plods along thinking she's doing him an absolute favor simply by existing. They think this dynamic is normal, they think this what they deserve.

I'll never forget when this fully gelled for me many years ago with a plate. She was relatively plain looking, but up to this point eager and passionate. One morning she made some demand that I casually deflected. She decided to try a power move and broke rapport to make me think I was going to lose her and turn on the apologetics and ass kissing machine.

She tried to stand there and mean mug me with bed head and an ill fitting nightie with one broken strap. Instead of turning to an apologetic simp I just grinned at her unperturbed, internally laughing at her gross miscalculation of her value and power in the situation.

Younger me would have tried to appease her, and wondered why she behaved WORSE in the future for it. Thanks to a newly internalized abundance mentality I simply turned my attention elsewhere. She tried in vain several times to get me back into her bed over the next few years.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 214 Points 10 months ago

She decided to try a power move and broke rapport to make me think I was going to lose her and turn on the apologetics and ass kissing machine.

When instead of that, they offer threesomes in an effort to negotiate staying in your life, you know that you have arrived.

ill fitting nightie with one broken strap.

Why was she wearing clothes in the bedroom? I have a rule about that.

[-] Underwood2016 38 Points 10 months ago

Since we’re sharing moments. The moment it all clicked for me was when I was downtown with my girl at the time. She was dolled up in her sexiest outfit and struttin’ in heals, turning her nose up like the hot piece of ass she was. We were outside walking between bars and she shit-tested me at one point, I lost a minor argument and she said “you know what you can just go” and walks the opposite direction from me.

30 minutes later she calls me.

“Where are you?”


“What. So you just left me? I cant believe you just left me. I didnt mean for you to go, you were supposed to walk after me.”

I’d only internalized enough red pill at the time to not let a girl disrespect me. My only algorithm at the time was: if (disrespect) {next}. My inner bloopie felt bad about “ditching” her. I never would have guessed shed come right back home to blow me. What really got blown was my mind.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] KeffirLime 36 Points 10 months ago

There's certainly a hallelujah moment in male female power dynamics and it usually comes by chance.

Mine was at the tail end of a relationship where I had finally hit a wall, had enough of her shit, completely checked out and started doing whatever the hell I liked.

I anticipated her cutting me out of her life immediately and moving on to the next guy who would worship her but she didn't.

Instead she did a 360, became the sweetest, most loving, caring women almost over night. I realized I needed to re evaluate my approach.

[-] DevilMayCry 52 Points 10 months ago

180 not 360. 360 is a full spin which would put you exactly where you started.

[-] KeffirLime 45 Points 10 months ago

It was the spin that shook the shit out of her.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] CallMeQuinnie 9 Points 10 months ago

a "360" would put her right back where she was haha, i think you mean a 180; i can compltely relate with your sentiment though

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] bjcm5891 36 Points 10 months ago

Let's not even start on guys who openly say they are "reaching" or "punching well above their weight" in front of the girls they're with...


Even my dick shrinks when I hear this shit, so I can only imagine what it must do for the women!

[-] MachPower 16 Points 10 months ago

Don't forget "Out Kicked my Coverage" or "She's Still With Me and I Don't Know Why". Straight unadulterated cringe talk.

[-] bjcm5891 18 Points 10 months ago

Worst is when you hear Christian men talk like this. It's like, do they worship God or worship the vagina?

[-] JDawgerson 5 Points 10 months ago

Christianity seems a bit blue-pilled to me.

[-] surfsusa 7 Points 10 months ago

"Christianity" only works if the Women practice it devoutly. They are supposed to Honor the spouses and be submissive. The problem is that Christianity has "evolved" A true devout Christian woman does not practice birth Control except for the Rhythm method. She does not have abortions. She would never practice adultery or premarital sex. How many Christian women do you know? Zero they are like a unicorn (not that I am looking for one. I am trying to make a point).

[-] ELMasTurbo 4 Points 10 months ago

Christianity is hella blue pilled. Look what it did to the Romans....

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] bjcm5891 1 Point 10 months ago

Much of it's modern form is, unfortunately. The church should be a pillar of strength against the dysfunctional ideologies that are dismantling the society we live in, but instead they follow the gynocentric script of "everything bad in our relationships is men's fault".

And then they wonder why they can't attract more men to the congregation...

[-] JonathanforDayzzz 1 Point 10 months ago

Nah, church I’ve found is just a controlling entity and this narrative just gives them even more power over men and the relationships they have.

[-] Varsel 2 Points 10 months ago

Their preacher tells them to worship the vagina...marriage, babies, family...all leading to the inevitable pussywhipping, divorce, loss of half their stuff, alimony, 18+ years of child support, and so on. The Christian way of life.

[-] KeffirLime 11 Points 10 months ago

"How did I get so lucky"

You can hear the steam sizzle as her pussy completely dries up.

[-] Compeliminator 3 Points 10 months ago

ive got a disgusting visual from that comment.

[-] theunconquored 8 Points 10 months ago

One of the few times I even remotely bring up RP concepts is in response to the phrase "happy wife, happy life."


I just respond simply, not in my house. In my house, it's happy king, happy kingdom. And watch those beta hamsters just start running.

[-] max_peenor 1 Point 10 months ago

It's the male version of Please, Break Up With Me. Guys perceive an inversion in the hypergamy equation and is the lack the testicular fortitude to rise up and fix the inversion. Instead they want to get dumped so they can prey on women lower than them.

Please, ladies, break up with these guys. Then come sit on my lap.

[-] Ponder3277 19 Points 10 months ago

Spot on Mate. Thank you for putting understandable words to the message I have been trying to convey to the legion of betas that my friends are.

[-] wastelandchic 19 Points 10 months ago

This speaks to the widely accepted premise that love, emotions, feelings and anything remotely social is the sole competency of women. And men eat this shit up, readily handing over the keys to their emotional stability because, hey, everyone knows that women are always right in these matters.

Men need to vehemently reject the notion that women are inherently better endowed to peddle in all things social/emotional. Female emotion is NOT the fucking default they only want you to believe it is. Don't let them use this potent weapon against you.

[-] VasiliyZaitzev 15 Points 10 months ago

It's usually an attempt solidify each others status as high value unicorns who are somehow unique or special and too good for the men they're with.

Sometimes, it's to fuck with the friend's relationship, though. Women sabotage each other all the time.

[-] KeffirLime 14 Points 10 months ago

Very true, at their core women just want to pair bond and have babies.

When they're single, or whoring themselves out and they see a fellow feline successfully executing a happy relationship, it invokes a severe level of inadequacy and envy within her.

They'll then do and say things to sabotage that happiness and erase that feeling.

[-] Protocol_Apollo 4 Points 10 months ago

Misery loves company- either they all want to be complaining about their husbands/their lifestyle as a wife or they all want to be single complaining about how men are all bad etc

[-] Hombremaniac 8 Points 10 months ago

or they all want to be single complaining about how men are all bad etc

Just recently heard the infamous: "All the good men are either taken or not worth it." That coming from 37 y/o HB 6,5 that is being divorced now, with 1 kid and affinity for solo drinking every evening supposedly to make life more bearable. Is that more funny or sad?

[-] Protocol_Apollo 2 Points 10 months ago

Both... no doubt that she’s probably bought into lies of feminism: the glorification of sleeping around, how she doesn’t have to work on herself since all she needs to bring is her pussy, and how only “real men” date single mothers. But, the truth will eventually come for them

[-] RightHandWolf 2 Points 10 months ago

The truth . . . as in the wall. The wall is undefeated.

[-] Protocol_Apollo 1 Point 10 months ago

Yeh that but also the other things stated in my previous comment eg promiscuity being good for them, good men waiting to wife them up when they hit their thirties despite sleeping around and doing nothing to improve themselves in their twenties

[-] SKRedPill 13 Points 10 months ago

Most men are too nice to avoid painting women in a bad light, but women have no such qualms in putting themselves first. For a man to tell a woman directly that she's unattractive or not worthy of a relationship requires him to be very brutally honest or enraged or egoistic. Or very worldly wise. That last category is rare.

Nature by default made females more valuable keeping survival as it's ultimate goal. This is built into our very brains in the way we feel more for a woman's pain over a breakup while a man is advised to build strength instead. And which is actually the best thing for him as well.

Truth is that unless a man is mentally psycopathic, it's very hard for him to hate a woman with anywhere the same intensity that a woman can be repulsed by him. Contrary to all the messages that we're fed in about misogyny BS, men are the true romantics who find it hard to hate women outside a moment of rage or betrayal, while women can consistently hate a man they don't like in a way that would surprise you if you're an amateur. Misogyny is mostly a feminine shaming tactic. But Misandry is a much more powerful and real thing. Saying that "He doesn't deserve her" is one manifestation of it.

In a society where men are always shamed for not "doing the right thing" Aka satisfy their woman and are the more responsible sex by default, and are constantly taught not to value themselves, it takes real growth and experience for men to understand that yes, she didn't deserve him either. And it is surprising how hard it is for men to value themselves just up to this much - it looks like the only ones who pull this off consistently are narcissistic men and they're often wired very differently.

I had that same problem after my divorce. Though I knew my ex had said and done some horrible stuff, I was very surprised that many people around me supported me and told me how that woman simply lacked any maturity to appreciate my good side and how I should have stood up for myself more and made that clear to her. At that point though, I still blamed only myself. Knowing the depth of her ego and BPD traits, my mind subconsciously still wants to feel sorry for her, though the reality is that most of her suffering was entirely self created and that she could have had the awareness to do something different, but didn't bother to see anything positive after a point.

I guess only men can think impersonally this way. Guys, healthy self esteem matters. To realize that she doesn't deserve you requires you to be very realistic with yourself and her, value yourself, build that high value self and be free of toxic shame and negative self thought. When you do, you know what you want in your life and authentically, you will find that far fewer people really fit into that life and you will value your commitment. Women as they are becoming today are increasingly becoming unfit for a relationship, which itself is a game that offers little to a man for all that he risks and his commitment, while women have everything to gain no matter what the outcome. But you'll always find women are the only ones talking about how they don't need men around anymore. That's what hormones do to your discrimination.

For all those who do not like making another person unhappy, the truth is by being nice now, you're only never being nice to anyone, least of all yourself in the larger scheme of things. Your beta nice guy belief system will never make anyone happy or live authentic lives in the long run. And others who tell you moral science have absolutely no issues about making your feel unhappy if their needs aren't met. Remember, you really only love yourself all along because love fulfils emotional and sexual needs within yourself. Women are far more aware of this than men on the inside and it comes out rather nakedly when the sweet emotions aren't on. To say that is authentic and not misogyny.

[-] TalesAbound 1 Point 10 months ago

> Guys, healthy self esteem matters. To realize that she doesn't deserve you requires you to be very realistic with yourself and her, value yourself, build that high value self and be free of toxic shame and negative self thought.

Mate, this is a great post, particularly that segment. Very helpful as I've just gone through a breakup of an LTR that had me acting disappointingly BP at the end & in the aftermath. I'm not proud of that, but now the haze has cleared away and I've resolved to value myself, as my ex definitely did NOT deserve me.

[-] TheTrenTrannyTrain 9 Points 10 months ago

Reminds me of my most recent experience when my blue pill self reared its ugly head.

Had an oneitis told me she's doesn't feel like seeing me, so I simply said it's ok, fought the urge to ask her why and what's happening. An hour later she accused me of keeping the bar low in this relationship, and even then I'm not doing enough. I just next her at that moment.

After some reflection of out time together and some info she told me, I came to the same conclusion, she expects men to kneel before her, doing everything she wants, just because she has a vagina and and "I'm lucky" to have her around.

[-] KeffirLime 13 Points 10 months ago

The reason we go on about oneitis so much is because she can see it long before anyone else.

She sees it in the way you behave, the way you talk, the way you text.

Once she knows she has you hooked she'll forever believe that she is settling, and that you're lucky to have her.

[-] monkofallmonks 8 Points 10 months ago

Amazing post

[-] Protocol_Apollo 8 Points 10 months ago

Lime, you have done it again ????

[-] dezasseismil 6 Points 10 months ago

Excellent post

[-] ifhking 5 Points 10 months ago

This is exactly what I did to my last LTR. I was so beta in the whole relationship that, there was not a single day where she doesn't disrepect me. She used to talk to other guys, she even told me that she liked another guy and wanted a break but still want me to stick to her. But I already started reading TRP at that time. One day I told her that I don't want to continue this relationship and she said she is okay. She taught I will go back to her as I always use to do. But I stopped, blocked her from every social media account, blocked her number and never talk to her till now. And to my surprise she is still chasing me. Asking about me from mutual friends. And she literally became fat piece of bag. But I am still not going to take her back. Let that piece of shit cry for the rest of her life.

[-] ChrimsonChin988 5 Points 10 months ago

Excellent post to give perspective to men (especially noobies) what standards to have when going into a relationship.

I must add though that what you describe is only the first 3-6 months or so. Girls will stutter and twirl their hair maybe for the first 1-2 months then this will mostly stop.

Regarding your other points, the crazy sex, the trying to please, responding immediately to messages, clearing their schedule, being sweet all becomes less over time as well... This is one of the most important reasons why having a LTR for over 3 years is not in our best interest usually.

Eventually, they won't be as eager anymore to clear their schedule for you, they will be less sweet etc. Gradually the drama increases. You can be the biggest alpha to ever live but I don't think there's any way to keep the drama as low as it is during the first few months. (Which is the sweet spot) Sure, if you know how to set frame, apply dread etc you will be able to keep the drama within bounds but you can't stop the slight, gradual increase over time. AWALT.

Like you stay, stop settling for mediocrity; agreed. But over time, relationships start creeping toward mediocrity and I don't believe there is is any stopping or reverting this process.

Just my 2 cents.

[-] tyronethejabrone 3 Points 10 months ago

The Coolidge effect is very real. I know I’m not dropping any knowledge to you but drama is not a bad thing. Girls love drama and will always stir the pot up simply because it excites them and it puts the spotlight on you. You will continue to react appropriately. And when you’re tired of her shit you just walk away.

Someone else made a comment about how they don’t think marriage works with today’s presence of technology and it’s place in our lives. Like, we’re living in unprecedented times. And you got guys growing up thinking they need to get married and have kids because ‘it’s what you do’. And their mindset is literally to find a good girl and lock her down before someone else does.

At this point I’m just curious to see where western society is headed. Women will always end up feeling an inherent purpose to reproduce. But most people that get married shouldn’t have done it. Maybe their children keep them together. Maybe they divorce. Either way, families are an important part of a stable society and a stable home is important for raising a child.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from trp it’s that men are the true romantics. Women don’t want marriage they want a wedding. Besides, people like making memories they are fond of more than anything. So let them be just that, memories.

4 cents now

[-] IQtheMC 5 Points 10 months ago

Meanwhile my cousin's LTR oneitis just cheated on him, and all the guys and girls in our family are telling him "She doesn't deserve you anyway." Maybe it's not a redpill thing and people of every sex just say stuff like that to make the other person feel better..

[-] vandaalen 8 Points 10 months ago


Women will actively try to create situations which allow them to state shit like this.

I. e. if your LTR suddenly has a switch of behavior towards you from submissive and female to bitchy and bratty, you should become very suspicious. Odds are high, that she is trying to provoke you to act shitty towards her or even get physical, because she cheated on you.

That way - should you fall for her trap - she will have all the plausible deniability she ever needs in order to get a positive closure for her and tell her friends and family, that you deserved all of this, because you are "an asshole anyways".

[-] INNASKILLZ2K18 5 Points 10 months ago

Yes. Not only are the women rarely every earning that commitment, he also doesn't believe he's truly good enough to go right back out and replace her.


All the time I see guys challenging plate theory.


'It's so mean'. 'How could I do that to women'? 'How could I be so disloyal'? Blah blah blah blah, fucking blah.

They believe it's all about 'men being bad men and just trying to fuck lots of ho's'.

Like a race official thinking 'It's unfair to make all these athletes compete, because some may lose and their feelings hurt'. Then wondering why single men races feature runners wandering all over the place. You took away their reason to try their hardest. They gave up their right to make women compete.

They still don't get it's a way to filter out, test, stay open to and experience which women will TRULY and UTTERLY earn his commitment. Instead, they give up power, because 'plating will hurt women'. Already supplicating to, and giving up his right to be earned, all too appease a woman's sensitivity. Beta right from the start. Naive, emotionally co-dependent, saviours, people pleasers. And they wonder why their LTR's go down the toilet.

They just don't get that the world is cruel. People should never be given your consideration without proof of deserving it. Respect is earned.

Plate, fuck, make women compete. If they want it, they will fucking earn it. If put in the right circumstances, everybody knows how to go all out for something they want. Make sure they do.

If they don't go all out, all the time, fuck them off. You are the goddamn prize.

[-] RedPill2018 2 Points 10 months ago

Video from Patrice O’neal Explaining your exact thoughts, more or less

[-] KillaJewels 2 Points 10 months ago

Your post begs a discussion on the female ego dynamic in relationships. It's really interesting to observe a girl's self-image when she's single versus when she's in an LTR. To your point, girls seem to have this delusional self-inflated image of themselves, especially once they've "achieved" marriage. Even worse when she has kids.

It's a weird phenomenon when a girl gets married, becomes a jobless housewife with no career goals and starts to judge everyone around her - as if to rationalize her own decisions and pat herself on the back for her "accomplishments".

[-] gabeangelo 2 Points 10 months ago

"They'll lose friends for him."

My gawd, my ex GF once told me that she was so damn into me that if I ever asked her to stop talking to her best friend, she would comply as she was heada over heels and completely creazy for me.

I kinda miss her, she has made me feel the most alpha, but I had to leave her because I didn't fill... Well, "fulfilled". In other words, I yearned for more.

[-] Kurush559 2 Points 10 months ago

Was thinking of writing something like this and you did it better than I possibly could have. This should be stickied.

[-] 821sleepingbag 1 Point 10 months ago

This is one of the fewer posts that sways from attacking beta males with a “she is too good for me/I need to treat her like a princess” attitude, rather this post hints at the fact that these attitudes are so engrained into our current feminised society that these attitudes aren’t from any inherent action by the men but rather a product of the society they are in. One of the deepest social evolutionary mechanisms is the drive to fit in, to copy, to be part of society and act like others do. Going against societal norms of “treating women like princesses” is pretty damn hard so you shouldn’t be surprised when most men don’t. That said, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] reddit309 1 Point 10 months ago

this post is motivating as fuck, brother. thank you for that. anything less than strong desire isnt worth it. if no one wants you THAT fucking badly, then improve until they do, and keep going. dont waste time with less than that. sure anyone can get a gurlfren but whats the fucking point if she doesnt LUST you. something i love about this “he doesnt deserve you” is that it is often said when a woman is like “if he wont wait for marriage to have sex with you, he doesnt deserve you”. your damn fucking straight he doesnt deserve that. your damn fucking straight he doesnt deserve getting roped and destroyed by a marriage that will inevitably be sexless. fuck the feminine imperative. women are simply incapable of knowing what its like to have 15x their test levels flooding through their veins. they cannot sympathize with male sexuality and instead shame us for their own gain. fuck whoever says "he doesnt deserve you".

[-] AutoModerator 1 Point 10 months ago

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[-] konspirator01 1 Point 10 months ago

You start off by describing an unhealthy, imbalanced relationship where the male is bending over backwards for the female. But you end by describing the reverse situation as ideal. It shouldn't be hard to see that both are bad.

[-] KeffirLime 1 Point 10 months ago

Your premise is that men and women are the same, and therefore adopt the same sexual strategy, that is incorrect.

Masculinity is dominant, it's the way we've evolved, it's natural for a women to submit to a strong man. She is generally happier in such a scenario, as is he.

Male submission to femininity is not natural, it is not how we evolved. It leads to a situation where both the male and female are unhappy in their situation. She has a man lacking masculinity hence why she branch swings out of it.

[-] konspirator01 0 Points 10 months ago

It never occurred to you that there's an alternative where no one submits to the other, but rather respects each other as equals? If your idea of a relationship is having someone serve you, it will be initially intoxicating, but ultimately unfulfilling.

[-] KeffirLime 2 Points 10 months ago

It has, I've tried it, most people on here have and it doesn't work.

but rather respects each other as equals?

Respect is always abundant, but each person has their role to play. Intersexual dynamics function best where the male leads and the women plays a supporting role. This is aligned with our biological wiring of strong, masculine leadership to look out for and protect their female counterparts.

When a man want's to share the role of leadership with his women, he thinks she will value him for it, but she simply views him as an incompetent leader, incapable of filling a masculine role.

If your idea of a relationship is having someone serve you,

Do not mistake support willing participation for forced miserable servitude. When a man presents himself as a strong, capable leader a women becomes naturally submissive and she is completely happy in this role. It comes naturally to her.

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point 10 months ago

It never occurred to you that there's an alternative where no one submits to the other,

It occurred to me for 25 years. Then I tried this instead. Much better.

but rather respects each other as equals?

But she's not my equal. How can a relationship based on a lie succeed?

[-] konspirator01 0 Points 10 months ago

But she's not my equal.

Well, I guess you shouldn't have settled then.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] organicfluxx 1 Point 10 months ago

Ha! Playing hearthstone taught u everything u needed to know about relationships.

[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] [deleted] 10 months ago
[-] wertrax 1 Point 10 months ago

I usually hear this types of comments from women when they are talking about some guy that rejected them, and "he doesn't deserve me" is used as a cope mechanism made by the hamster to rationalize what that man did to her.

[-] _Anarchon_ -6 Point 10 months ago

I ain't readin all that shit

[-] RemoteNetwork 2 Points 10 months ago

agree with this actually, almost every post on this sub is a novel that's written by a guy who's never had physical contact with a girl. Is it really that hard to just go straight to the point?

[-] chacalate-smoovie 2 Points 10 months ago

Fuckin' hilarious, fellas!

Yeah, takes maybe all of 4 sentences to get your point across.

The rest of the fluff is your emotional journey (beta shit).

We need Sum41: "all killer no filler"