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- Hide Preview | 95 Comments | submitted 3 months ago by KeffirLime [Post Locked]

This is a statement routinely peddled from one women to another. It's usually an attempt solidify each others status as high value unicorns who are somehow unique or special and too good for the men they're with. Paradoxically, these women are usually anything but special, with nothing more to offer other than their tits and their asses, commodities freely available to every corner of the globe. They still feel special though, because they have enough thirsty betas drooling after them, with the occasional Chad dropping by for a pump and dump. This is how the modern female self perception has manifested itself.

On the other hand males self perception is sinking progressively lower, you'll almost never hear a man being told he doesn't deserve his partner and it's even rarer for him to think it himself. It's shockingly clear every time I read up on askTRP. Without fail there is always a post about some man keenly questioning, begging for a path forward in his relationship, hoping that the answers he receives can help him salvage his sole pussy supply. He'll detail his struggles with his partner talking to other guys, disrespecting him in public or not showing an interest in the relationship at all. He'll then trickle truth how she treats him like shit in it's entirety.

Despite doing most of the legwork in the relationship, so many men are willing to put up and settle for absolute trash. The feminine imperative is so deeply rooted inside the psyche of modern males that they are all but ready to run through traffic to keep it going. They instinctively assume the role of lucky-to-have-her boyfriend, cutting out all contact with other women, excessively expressing their love, taking care of all her needs, all the while thinking that their partner is special or unique. She, on the other hand plods along thinking she's doing him an absolute favor simply by existing. They think this dynamic is normal, they think this what they deserve.

Overturning this insidious narrative takes some serious mental gymnastics. You have to filter out the lifelong poison and refresh the water with some perspective and practice. When you come out the other side you're hit with a harsh truth. Most of the time, she doesn't deserve you or your efforts.

The majority of these women are not fit for LTR's, they're disrespectful and entitled thots. They do not add value and they're not special. Pump them, dump them, glaze their faces, I don't care, but sweet Jesus do not give them the privilege of your valuable commitment. Have some self respect and put a price on your time and energy. Let it be earned, let it be worked for, give it only to those lusting after your attention. Only once you start valuing yourself, your time and where you invest it, will you start to yield returns.

To get an idea of the sort of a relationship worth settling and investing in, you need to have experienced deep, passionate feminine desire. The type where a women behaves like a beta male about to get a whiff of his unicorn. That is what women morph into in the presence of a man they truly desire. That is how they behave when they truly and utterly need the man in front of them.

When they talk to him they get nervous and hair twirly while stumbling over their words. They'll blush and boast, trying to qualify themselves as worthy. They'll clear their schedule, and reply to messages with eagerness. When they get the opportunity they'll fuck him with vigor, trying to lure him in with their sexuality. They'll excuse him, defend him, lose friends for him and pay for him. She'll always maintain a sweet, loving and caring disposition because she know's she's lucky to have him.

He won't have to tell her to not flirt with other guys in front of him, or disrespect him in public. He won't have to tell her to not be angry or moody. He won't have to tell her how to treat him well. She knows how to do it, and she'll do it for him willingly because she doesn't want to risk losing her perfect catch. She knows full well there is a bus load of other women who long for her place.

All the while he knows his value too. He sticks with her because she is serving him in every way that he desires. She does what he wants, is loyal and adds value to his life. She makes his days more enjoyable, not stressful or challenging. She earns the privilege of being his LTR, but her place beside him is never fully secured. It lasts as long as she serves him well and keeps him satisfied. If/When she slacks off, he's gone, back into the wild, to enjoy another of the many women willing to serve his desires.

This is the the only type of love worth settling for, I'm not going to be so delusional(as our female counterparts) to say you deserve it though. You get what you earn and you get what you settle for, that responsibility lies with no one but you. You need to put in the work and effort to build value, and you need to learn the awareness to know when you're being treated like a valuable man should. If you haven't cultivated either of these tools then you're not ready for an LTR.

Know what you want, and work towards it, but for god's sake stop settling for mediocrity.