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- Hide Preview | 24 Comments | submitted 4 months ago by curiouschipmunk1010 [Post Locked]


I've been in and out of TRP for awhile now. Truth be told, I needed to transition from theory to practice. I truly believe that any fundamental core belief and the development of a strong frame is through trauma (physical or emotional). While game and approach is part of TRP, it's not all of it. Nonetheless it's offers valuable lessons to the whole.


I usually hit up the local 7-11 across the street from the gym where I go everyday. There's a cashier that works there who was kinda cute. I already had my earbuds in and ready for my workout so there's not much conversation. She offered a bag for the water and I simply gestured no with my lips. We caught eye contact and I maintain solid hold. She l did a submissive down and up again look. I walked out, thought about it briefly and moved on.

That was 2 days ago. Today she was there. I kid you not, she gave me the biggest IOIs of the century and even had lipstick on. I'll tell you what, women don't get doll up to be a cashier... Fucking laser beam eye contact at me while I was standing in line way in the back. Up and down again. There was two cashier, and I could tell she was anxious as she wanted me to come to her line but there was a lady in her queue at the time. In my head I thought "fuck it, just approach, who cares", but my old bitch self backed off.


I finish my workout, walked back to the side-walk where the 7-11 was, stood there for a good 1 minute, pondering to approach. I am more to certain she noticed me doing that from the glass window of the store onto the street. Eventually, I walked inside the store and talked to her, she immediately said "no" with a dismissive face, pretending to not speak English. I even ask the fellow female cashier, and I think she knew what was going on and played along with her. Anyways, I asked for her name, shook her hand and left.


As I walked away, I felt glad that I approach. That was actually one of my irrational fear that I needed to eventually tackled. Failure or not. What I learned was if you don't take action while action is required, there's no second chances. The moment I walked back into the store, I am sure she knew what's up, but the fact that I didn't take action earlier causes interest to be lost. Secondly, I was too fucking tense about it even after my workout. I could have teased her more, like saying "No *smirk*? are you a mind reader now?" because she and I both know what's going down here. Additionally, I could have called her out on it and tease her about how much she was checking me out earlier and played into it more. Instead I wanted to bounce...I fucked up twice, not approaching initially and failing to see that the second go was a shit test that I failed because of a previous inaction. My fucking god, I failed that second shit test so fucking hard by believing she didn't speak English, and looked like an idiot who wasn't socially calibrated. But who fucking care, I actually felt good and almost hopping out the store because I did what I was afraid of. I actually spent a good 15 minute walking around to see if there's any more approach opportunity but only saw middle-age women at 10 a.m., on a week-day, who would have thought. And I thought, "wow overcoming that initial fear lead me to feel freer and more willing to approach".



  • Approach with initial IOIs, there's no second chance if she knows that you noticed and didn't take action. You're dead to her.
  • Don't seek for the perfect opportunity or rationalize she's not cute enough to approach. Just do it, learn. Take a lesson and move on
  • Overcoming fear leads to freedom of actions.