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- Hide Preview | 309 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by redpillschool [Post Locked]

This is a topic that just keeps coming up and I think it's about time to dismantle this garbage idea that there is some sort of darker reality that TRP ignores and that the real real reality is this thing that only virgins can see.

Joining an INCEL group is fucking retarded. It's like joining a group dedicated to how bad you are at sports, or how shitty the food you cook is.

There is absolutely no judgement from me if you are involuntarily celibate. Without it, places like TRP wouldn't exist, and awesome stories like M3's story - confessions of a reformed incel wouldn't be there to guide us.

In fact, involuntary celibacy is what I consider to be one of the best catalysts for improvement a man can have. Rock bottom and ignored by women. It is the single best eye-opener a man can experience (along with being cheated on, divorced, or dragged through the family court system).

But joining an INCEL group is accepting defeat and then blaming it on somebody and something else.

The BLACK PILL? How many pills are there??

INCELS believe they hold the key to reality. They call it "the black pill" because they're edgy and in the market of ideas, being edgier than us is a surefire way to collect attention. The hypothesis of the black pill is that looks are more important than any other factor when it comes to mating. Implicit in this is the understanding that the red pill does not believe this, and instead believes actions are more important than looks.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the red pill, but it serves as a clever scapegoat for ones own failures. If looks are the most important, and you don't get to pick your face, then your celibacy is completely outside the realm of your own control. Cue the violin.

But that's not really red pill theory whatsoever. It's a bastardized version of the red pill, twisted to prop up the failing egos of the self-proclaimed unlovable.

Do Looks Matter?

Of course looks matter. Looks can be the difference between wild success and being cast out among the losers. Nobody at TRP believes that looks don't matter.

In fact, we believe that looks are so important that the number one thing we recommend, above all else is to lift.

You know why? Because an average-to-ugly face is passable if you're fit and strong.

Couple that with some attitude adjustments and learning banter / game, and you're well on your way to being successful with women.

I have seen many an ugly man succeed with women on charisma alone. Especially in situations where they have a captive audience. (Think work, school, clubs, social circles)

Is it an optimal scenario to be in? No, it isn't. I'm sure most ugly guys would prefer to look better. But we don't get to choose our lots in life. We can only make sure we play our hands the best we can.

Which is why the red pill focuses not on how ugly we are, but on the factors we can improve. Not because it's not a factor but because it's pointless to wallow in it. Change what you can. Learn inner peace for what you cannot.

Fitness. Game. Confidence.

There is no glory in involuntary celibacy. Joining a group dedicated to it is nonsensical and antithetical to the purpose of support groups. You join AA to stop drinking not to talk about how drunk you are. You join TRP to end the involuntary celibacy, not to wallow in self-pity.

If you consider yourself an INCEL and you voluntarily accept it as fact, and do nothing to change this part of your life, I have news for you:


That's right. They're choosing not to change any factors that might lead to the end of their abstinence. They are so afraid of failure that they simply do not try. Then they claim that they alone hold the keys to reality because life's a bitch and don't we all have some shit going on.

This is why embracing INCELDOM is fucking retarded. It's antithetical to its own purpose and relies on misinterpreting things like TRP to prop up its own shaky definitions.

Also, coming up with all these different pill colors is stupid.