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- Hide Preview | 121 Comments | submitted about a year ago by ex_addict_bro [Post Locked]


Turn your phone greyscale in order to reduce its attractive appearance to your lizard brain.


You want to do get more stuff done? Here's a magic trick for you.

Suppose you've removed your social media apps, because you learned it is mainly "validation porn for women", good. You installed some useful stuff, like you keep track of your 5x5s, cardio, diet, you keep track of your plates' periods, good. You've got that Reddit app and some mod banned you because you couldn't see that mysterious "side bar" thing, touché. You replied to some of TRP posts dissing video games, weed and alcohol, because you're a video game alpha and you can do all three in moderation. And you can laugh at guys who can't. Splendid.

Now it's time for real challenge. But, this challenge seems easy, piece of cake. Maybe it's a shortcut. A cheat. A magic bullet that most of you, spergy, GLO-triggering millennials are looking for. Here's your magic trick, watch.

Find "Screen accessibility" options on your phone (iPhone: Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations -> Color filters -> On, Grayscale). Enable it. Use it for a few days. Then tell us in the comment section, how did it feel.

I'm not telling you to do this religiously. If you want to buy a colorful t-shirt, turn colour on. If you're reviewing your photos, turn colour on, too. As a bonus, you can set to turn it on or off when you press home button 3 times on iOS. But most of the times, when messaging or browsing the web, keep it greyscale, give it a few days and we'll see how it went.

I found this tip on some other subreddit. It was suggested approach for people "addicted" to their cell phones. I'm doing it for about a few weeks and the results are kind of surprising. I see myself being more productive and the cell phone stopped being attractive any more. As for the colours... few months ago I've tried a 3D VR googles for the first time and the thing that really caught my attention were the colours. When I took the googles down, the world seemed... gray, bland, uninteresting. That was the moment I made the decision that I'm not trying it on again, but I digress. But... I still remember those colours! They were so damn juicy, so... intense, so tasty!

Lessons learned

Colours play very important role for our lizard-brain. In everyday's world, the colour LCD has become a standard. It flashes unrealistically saturated colours and thus it is somehow analogous to porn.

Your cell phone is a piece of electronics. You can't eat it and it seems like it won't ever taste like strawberries, even if its red. So make it more real to your lizard brain, thus make it less attractive by turning it greyscale.

We're stupid species. The Matrix - that artificial system surrounding us - has many various layers. To hack one's mind is to get out of it, one layer at a time.