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- Hide Preview | 1 Comments | submitted about a year ago by Emmanuel

Relative Value Hello fellow Red Pill. Today I want to explain a theorem which comes from two years of game. Factors for a relationship The reasoning a woman has to choose one man over another are given by two factors:

  1. The resources that he has now
  2. The resources he may collect later (Relative Value or Beta Male or Beta Male Orbiters) The resources he has now is enough to gain mild attraction and give her a good impression of you. The date is made the moment you can afford it. With good high value attitude you’ll get laid the first night. However in the cases of not having such resources, the man with hunger for power and ambition can also give out these attractive qualities enough for her to want to sleep with him. This is the dead beat choosing women do for long term relationships. Men even in the Red Pill spectrum are foolish enough to actually believe that being good in bed is enough to get women in bed. Attributing these qualities to the physically attractive Chad and Tyrone, being them the ones being able to do so. This is only true if she has a stable male provider with no backbone or way to bail out. Otherwise if she is single and with high value options, or taken with a high value man – she will remain loyal for the most part depending on her already established moral quality. Being good looking is an important factor to get her into bed, however thinking that it’s the only way possible is part of the Red Pill rage mentality. Game is all about acting as if you had resources. If you don’t, and are not good looking enough, then the only option you have now for a relationship with her is from Relative Value. This means that for as much of an alpha you would like to believe your mentality is, it’s for the most part irrelevant given the standard rationale woman have these days. You’re a beta male even if you wouldn’t like to believe it, if that’s not the case that why does she even consider dumping you? Relationship as a Beta Male (from relative value) The mentality of a beta male provider and a woman are the same in matters of materials. They both genuinely believe that their place on earth is irrelevant the moment they lack enough resources to satisfy the perception of another beta male provider or another woman. Thus the moment they get married they both strive for these materials primarily to satisfy the woman. In this sense almost everyone can fall in the category of a Beta Male provider. Breaking Marriage (from relative value) On the surface these relationships are stable and well standing. However if the relationship had begun from “Relative Value” then the current economic situation of the man will have him working day and night to meet these expectations a woman has. Even then, the woman will know she has stabilized you the moment you sign the contract of marriage. Which is the moment she’ll be open to the Chad and Tyrone especially if she was a slut in her early years. When the man has grown tired of the situation he’ll start standing up for himself in the sense that he doesn’t want to be a working horse his entire lifetime. This is where the woman starts to grow unhappy. If you didn’t condition her behavior beforehand, she’ll definitely see the right to walk all over you the moment you don’t comply. And thus divorce you. The 40% who remain married had a man establish conditions beforehand and are mildly unhappy or with a forcibly humbled woman because of her lack of options. At least from the relationships that begun from Relative Value.
[-] tr4xworthy 1 Point about a year ago

I think that identity security is important as well. How secure is a mans perception of his own identity? Is he able to communicate how this impacts his decision to another female and does this pertain to her? How does a woman perceive another mans identity security? Does she see a man in a business suit or a man construction clothing? These are all questions that impact a woman's valuing of a man.