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- Hide Preview | 37 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by stephen_rex [Post Locked]

I just found out that one of the office cliques thinks I’m gay and are actively trying to find out stuff about my personal life all the time...

The woman who started it couldn’t do her job and I diplomatically told her to fuck off when she tried to get me to do it for her.

However, I was the only one. Women (or men) in that company are suckers for the “defenseless” girl, so they do the job for her, no questions asked. After a while, besides classifying me as an asshole, she tried to figure out what was “my deal” in terms of women.

She couldn’t figure out the fact I don’t have a girlfriend and don’t suck up to her. She literally comes into the office dressed all sexy and some of the men fall at her feet (and she’s fucking married). I couldn’t care less and still make her do her job lol, and she hates that. She cannot comprehend why the trick doesn’t work sith me, so I must be gay...

We had a union problem a few months back: those who didn’t want to work also wanted to work from home and get in or out of the office whenever they wanted to, so I sided with the company owners (they are all men) and shut it down, becuase there’s no way in hell I was going to work while bitches like these stayed in their pijamas at home using facebook...

They viewed it as “he clearly likes the dick”. I keep my private life private, so the small office clique is constantly watching my movements to find out where I live, who I live with, if I go to gay prostitues, if I have a boyfriend, etc.

I moved to another apartment a few months back and they have no idea. One of these women caught me two days ago going to the office from a “different direction”, so they started brainstorming about what I was doing there, if I finally found a boyfriend, she said I was embarrassed to see her, etc.

All this shit happens behind my back, but what the bloody fuck? Is this normal in any way? I don’t suck up to you because I’m not a pethetic loser who will do your job for you just because you have a pair of tits, not because I’m gay you fucking idiot...

note: they are all 35+ years old, I’m 30